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Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2 – Tremayne in love

Throughout the decades Tremayne had never really had his chance to shine, mostly because he was a bit boring.Screenshot-5950However, since his upgrade, he had become more of a party animal and had no reservations when it came to shaking his booty on the dance-floor.Screenshot-5259The macarena was one of his specialties.Screenshot-5263Despite all the upgrades, his processing chip still indicated to him that there was something missing, which he discovered one evening when he was at the local library.Screenshot-5285Her name was Dawn, and she was the first simbot he had ever met since his creation.  Although she had lego-style hair, he thought she looked amazing.Screenshot-5282Tremayne had not been programmed to act flirty, so was too shy to greet her and did that awkward thing where you pretend you haven’t noticed the other person despite it’s very obvious you’ve been staring at them for the past five minutes.  Yeah, that thing.Screenshot-5283Luckily, the fem-bot, whom was called Dawn, had a significantly better communication chip than him and eagerly suggested that they shared and compared lubricants.Screenshot-5284Unfortunately, Tremayne managed to misinterpret Dawn’s blatant innuendo and took her back to his place to play beer pong, despite none of them could really consume liquids, nor get drunk.  All in all, it was a mediocre night.Screenshot-5310Unlike Tremayne, Earl was not a failure with women.  Things had heated up so much with Tiffany over the past several months that he decided it was time to pop the question.Screenshot-5994As he dropped to one knee she questioned his motives, until he produced the ring.  After that she was content and accepted his proposal. Screenshot-5998Screenshot-5993Jameson was thrilled about their engagement, so thrilled in fact that there are no pictures to convey this.  Mika was also please for them, although she was still skeptical about Tiffany and her erratic mood-swings what with her suffering from bipolar and all.Screenshot-5981‘Hurt my son and I’ll break your neck,’ Mika quite clearly explained to her daughter-in-law one evening.Screenshot-5983Shortly after that, Tiffany suggested to Earl that they should move into their own place.  And they did, only all could afford was a questionable sized one bedroom house on the dodgy side of town.Screenshot-6069‘At least it has character!’ Earl said, ever the optimist.Screenshot-6071It took a look of strength, but that night Earl did not end up being a murder victim, all thanks to the threat Mika had made to Tiffany a few screenshots ago.Screenshot-6070To conclude this chapter it is paramount to know that Pooka, the Bailey’s first pet dog, is still alive.  Very old, but still alive.  As for Venus the cat, well, she refused to move from Sunlit Tides, so she no longer resided with the family. Screenshot-5956In all honesty, she had never particularly liked them in the first place.Screenshot-4330

Earl’s Court (Part 2)

Earl’s Court (Part 2)

On top of my studying, all the arguing, accusations and unpredictability, it was wearing me out.Screenshot-5125I loved Tiff to bits, but her mood swings and erratic behaviour were never easy to deal with.Screenshot-5417Tiff would flip over the smallest things, such as if I’d put two kisses on the end of a text message instead of three.Screenshot-5413Screenshot-5414I remembered a while back when I had first confided in Fran about Tiff’s bipolar disorder and how I was struggling to cope with it.  She stood there listening to me rant for a good while before she spoke her usual words of wisdom.Screenshot-5605‘It’s something she can’t control, Earl.  If you choose to be with her, it’s something you have to understand and accept.’Screenshot-5604Snapping back to reality, Tiff was still at my throat.

‘Are you even listening?  You’re the worst boyfriend ever…’ she continued on, listing everything I had apparently done wrong during the last several days.Screenshot-5416Fran was right, Tiff couldn’t help her outbursts, but I could try and help her at least.
‘You’re right, I’m a terrible boyfriend sometimes.’Screenshot-5412Tiff’s eyes popped wide open and her lips parted.  For once in her life, she was speechless.  I’d disarmed her in one of the best ways possible.Screenshot-5411‘But I’m always here if you need me, whether it is to shout at me, cry on my shoulder, or if you just need someone to talk to.’ Screenshot-5410Stepping forwards, I embraced her in my arms, kissing her softly.  For a moment her muscles stiffened, but then she relaxed into me, kissing back me back hard and furious. Before long clothes were discarded and we were in the bedroom making as much noise as possible.Screenshot-5409By the time graduation was looming, Tiff and I were stronger than ever.  We’d even planned to move in together once we were both back on our feet after University.Screenshot-5584I nailed my final exams and presentations, one of which was to elaborate on the ways art can influence different moods and dictate the decisions people make.Screenshot-5352Like Peach and Saffron, I graduated with first class honors.Screenshot-5679After graduation, Tiff and I spent a couple of weeks hanging around our University town together, relishing the time we had left together.Screenshot-5606When it was time to head back to our respective home towns, I eagerly awaited for the day when we would see each other again, not realising it would come quicker than I anticipated…Screenshot-5183

Earl’s Court (Part 1)

Earl’s Court (Part 1)

My name is Earl.  Sorry, had to be done!  My mum, in fact, had an obsession with herbal tea, hence my name.  I noticed from a young age how all my siblings had faintly ridiculous names relating to either food or alcohol.  It’s most certainly a Bailey thing, one I knew I’d grow to understand one day.  Or at least I hoped.Screenshot-5066I joined my older sisters at Uni when they were in their final year.  By then they had seen and experienced it all, so needless to say they were protective over me, Saffron in particular, worried I’d delve down all the wrong avenues.  Screenshot-5119I behaved though, to an extent.  Tiffany Angles was one of my housemates, cute and fun to be around.  We hung out a lot together.Screenshot-5094Tiff was studying Physical Education, so often volunteered to lift me whenever we were faced with a juice keg situation.Screenshot-5095Unfortunately, she wasn’t as strong as she made out to be…Screenshot-5096Screenshot-5098Screenshot-5099Needless to say, I was angry the first time she dropped me, but after the bruise on my head had eventually cleared I saw the funny side.Screenshot-5100When Saffron invited herself over for dinner one evening, I told her about how Tiff and I had gone bowling together with a few other jocks and how we had both blitzed the other team.Screenshot-5063‘Tiff’s amazing,’ I confessed, a small smile tugging at the corner of my lips.Screenshot-5062‘It’s sweet that you’ve found a girl you like,’ Saffron replied, eyes fixed across the room at one of my male roomies, who had just happened to walk into the room topless.  ‘Just be careful,’ she continued,  ‘Tiff hasn’t always been friendly to you, has she?’Screenshot-5064Saffron had a point.  Tiff and I hadn’t exactly got off on the right foot to start off with.  I’d stepped out into the hallway one afternoon, playing on my guitar when a door swung open at such a force it slammed against the wall, leaving a small indent in the plasterboard.Screenshot-5047‘One hour!  That’s all the sleep I’ve had since yesterday; one hour!  So shut the hell up and shove your stupid little guitar up your arse!’Screenshot-5157Screenshot-5156I can’t remember how it happened, but a day later we ended up sitting side by side in the living room playing computer games together, laughing and joking like we had known each other for years.Screenshot-5144I guess her mood-swings should have been a warning bell from the start, but since I had grown up a laid-back family (somewhat), a little bit of spice and conflict was actually somewhat refreshing.Screenshot-5147Quite simply, I knew from very early on that I wanted to marry this girl, warts and all.Screenshot-5146 

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