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Chapter 4.3

Chapter 4.3 – Don’t you, forget about me

As soon as Coco could after having Murphy, she was back to doing her martial arts, quickly achieving her blue belt in Kick Ass.Screenshot-1007Whereas Judd continued being a very smoldering hot fireman for her.Screenshot-1004Unfortunately, it was not all plain sailing.  Since Stacey had achieved whatever his lifetime wish was, and was still missing Irish more than anything, he decided it was a good time to hang in the towel and die.Screenshot-979The Grim Reaper promptly appeared to collect him, as he got lost on the way to the afterlife.Screenshot-980Taking hold of Stacey’s weedy arm, the Old Grim Reaper escorted him to the everlasting ghost party.Screenshot-984Once his body was buried in the garden, along with all the other dead Baileys, it was apparent just how quickly the number of gravestones out there was increasing.  Coco and Judd were aware that one day their gravestones would join this picture.Screenshot-987Therefore, two months after Stacey’s death, Coco and Judd had a pleasant summer wedding in the usual place of tradition, before anyone else they cared about, or themselves, decided to die.  Screenshot-1021 Screenshot-1022 Screenshot-1023Such a cute couple they were, it made everyone at the wedding vomit.Screenshot-1025After all the guests had headed home, Coco and Judd grabbed a taxi to the local park, where they sat in the rain, contemplating about how brilliant their day had been.        Screenshot-1039It was a grand day indeed, despite Coco’s dress got ruined from sitting on the wet grass for too long, and Judd ended up with a nasty cold that lasted for almost two weeks.  Screenshot-1041‘Hey, hey!  Check me out, I’m swimming!’ Ricky Bailey announced, abruptly changing the focus of the ending to this chapter, since he had not been mentioned for quite a while now and still wanted to have involvement with the legacy.Screenshot-1079

Chapter 3.4

Chapter 3.4 -Nothing wrong with gingers

It was not long before Cookie grew and it turned out he was a ginger.  Not like there is anything wrong with gingers.  Pippy had been a ginger after all, and that’s obviously why Cookie was a ginger.  Still, Irish loved him to bits.Screenshot-570So did Stacey.

‘Who’s my ginger ninja, huh?’Screenshot-574And Caramel (who had recently aged up).Screenshot-566Well, not always Caramel.  Not like he had anything against gingers.Screenshot-557Cookie and Caramel gained more of an understanding of one another once Cookie grew up and started school, mostly because they resented their ridiculous names.  They even became school bus buddies.  Irish was pleased that the two boys got along well.  Even though Caramel was technically her father, and brother in some sort of warped way, she saw him more as a son, which was even more disturbing to be honest.  Screenshot-593Not liked she cared.  After all, she had her cooking to keep her mind occupied to prevent her from delving to deeply into how Caramel was actually related to her.Screenshot-590Irish loved her job, particularly the awesome hat she got to wear.Screenshot-568Anyways, Irish and Stacey soon decided to try for another baby, just in case they needed back ups to carry on the Bailey legacy.  Screenshot-591And thus, Irish fell pregnant.  Literally.

‘Ow, my ankle.’Screenshot-594‘God, you’re an embarrassment, woman.’Screenshot-598For the next few months Stacey worked on his novels, whilst Irish read cookbooks and stuff.  Somehow, Caramel and Cookie managed to look after themselves during this time of neglect.    Screenshot-596Before long, Irish looked like she was ready to burst.  It did not stop her from having pleasant strolls outside, however.Screenshot-602That was until she went into labour one evening when she was picking Cookie up from ballet scouts.  Screenshot-604Stacey was even kind enough to bring a bowel of salad with him when he came to escort Irish to the hospital.Screenshot-606They returned home with twin girls, whom they named Coco and Hayley.  For a while they could not tell which was which, so they ended up writing their names on their foreheads with a marker pen. Screenshot-607This chapter shall now end with Tremayne stepping into the time machine he managed to build one day when he was bored.  What adventures await from him you ask?  Well, sadly you will never know, because by the next chapter a time transition shall have occurred, thus making this irrelevant to the “story”.  Screenshot-550

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