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Chapter 9.6

Chapter 9.6 – The Bloody End

Tremayne decided to open up this chapter, since he had not been mentioned in the previous one.

tremaynefixingTo be fair, he was pretty much a household slave who had been forced to repair electronics over the past several generations. And also bathe their pets, since no one else bothered.

tremaynewashingBecause of this, Tremayne found himself shorting out regularly, just to avoid having any further involvement with this legacy.

shortingoutAs for Chilli, he was still as frustrated about his sexuality than ever.

gayloveHe buried himself into his hobbies to repress his feelings.


chillisculptingBasil and Tia tried to encourage their son to come out the closet on several occasions. They even attempted to lure the gay out of him by blasting out Madonna and Lady Gaga songs on the karaoke machine. Sadly, this did not work.

singasongBasil blamed Cari. She was as needy as ever, and growing more suspicious that Chilli was not all that into her. She even confided in Maple one New Year’s Eve, who quite frankly found the whole situation hilarious.

carimoaning‘At least I didn’t pin my hopes and dreams on a sausage jockey,’ Maple blissfully thought as she reflected on her bad life choices.

maplenotgivingafuckRealising Maple had stopped listening to her almost an hour ago, Cari decided to go and take matters into her own hands. Eventually, she found Chilli in the dining room chatting to Tia and two other Baileys.


partytalk‘Oh, fuck me sideways,’ Tia sighed when she saw Cari glaring at her. Chilli desperately tried to hide behind his mum as Cari came marching over to them.fuckyoucari‘Godammit, Cari! Take the hint!’ Basil said.
But Cari refused to listen and made Chilli dance with her and kiss her all night.   takethehintSoon, things got too much for Chilli. The poor guy just wanted to be with someone who understood him.raarHe always felt relaxed and at ease whenever he was with Sonny. After all, Sonny knew about his fetish for cutting bodies up.lovesonnyAlthough, after the time Sonny had encouraged him to murder and feast on a homeless sim the local park, Chilli started to suspect that Sonny may actually be a vampire. Or a cannibal.nomnomhumansDeciding to fuel his curiosity, he outright asked Sonny if he was a vampire.areyouavamp‘Haha, err, what made you think that?’ Sonny asked, his eyes glowing brighter than usual, and his fangs partly exposed.errwtf‘Ya kinda like flesh and blood,’ Chilli explained. ‘A lot.’fleshaddict‘Oh, no, I’m just a cannibal,’ Sonny replied. ‘Definitely not a vampire.’liesSatisfied with his explanation, Chilli suggested they should go scouting for more homeless people.
‘Fucking idiot,’ Sonny sighed under his breath.StupidboyThat day, they had their fill of homeless sims until Sonny got a stomach ache, and Chilli threw up.stomachache

puketimeSoon, it was time for Chilli to celebrate his eighteenth birthday. Being their only child, Basil and Tia splashed out for his party. The millions they owned was hardly going to be needed for any future generations after all.bigpartyThey even hired a DJ, who had a crush on Tremayne.DjloveAnd a magician, who accidentally on purpose fried Tremayne’s circuit board because she was jealous of this.jealousSurprisingly, no one dramatically died during this special celebration, although Cari did turn up, despite Chilli not inviting her.heycarigoawaySonny was there though, so Chilli did not really care about Cari’s existence in general. excitedchilli

Making a wish, probably involving bending Sonny over the buffet table, Chilli blew out his candles in almost one attempt.makeawishMoments later, he transformed into a very dishy young man.wellhellothereHe definitely had potential to become one of the top five attractive males in this legacy, but first he would have to sort out his hair and clothing, and his life in general.changethoseclothesSometime later, he managed to sort out the first two things.
‘Move aside, Fudge Bailey. A new type of awesome has been born.’sexychilli‘Puuuurlease, you’ve got nothing on me, boy.’fudgesass‘Wait, is this the end?’ Ricky asked. ‘Are we free to leave now?’yesrickyIndeed, the legacy had come to an end. Well, at least the main chapters. What a ride it’s been! ¬†I’m going to wrap things up with two more bonus chapters from Chilli’s POV. These will basically be his university chapters, although he’s not going off to university. After that, I’ll do an epilogue type chapter.

I’m off travelling for a few months from today, so all these bonus chapters will be posted up on my return (probably in about 3-4 months time). Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and stay tuned for those ūüôā

Chapter 9.3

Chapter 9.3¬†It’s a bit Chilli

Sometime in December, Tia and Basil became parents to a typically tanned Bailey baby.Screenshot-13514The story behind his birth was one rather amusing tale.  Tia had been repairing the bathtub, which Tremayne had broken in a fit of rage after one of his favourite X-Factor contestants had been voted off during the semi-final.Screenshot-13477Ten minutes into tightening up the taps, Tia felt a sharp twinge in her stomach, which caused her to spring to her feet.Screenshot-13488At first she thought she had picked up food poisoning from the leftover pancakes she had licked off a plate that morning, but after a few more minutes, it became apparent this was a very different sort of pain and she started to cry for help.Screenshot-13483Fortunately, Basil heard the commotion from downstairs and rushed up to see what the problem was.

‘Oh my Rod!’ He exclaimed.Screenshot-13493‘Look at all this mess! ¬†I knew we should have got an actual mechanic to come in and…’Screenshot-13491‘Say another word and you die.’Screenshot-13489Chilli was born a delightful twenty-six hours later. ¬†They actually did not intend to name him that. Tia had planned to call him Ash, but unfortunately Basil thought the nurse was asking him what the weather was like outside when she was filling out the birth certificate.Screenshot-13512Still, Chilli was a delightful baby, and Basil was a very smitten father.Screenshot-13574Screenshot-13576Unfortunately,¬†Maple, who had started to develop arthritis and goodness knows what else, was not very good when it came to holding¬†Chilli.Screenshot-13593No matter what she did, she could not quite grasp¬†the concept of holding him correctly.¬†Screenshot-13592‘Oh bother!’ She would¬†sigh¬†whenever she dropped him. ¬†With her still about, it was a miracle he lived beyond the age of two.Screenshot-13594Since it was Christmas time and all, the Baileys decided to throw a party. ¬†Almond and Pistachio even turned up with food, which meant no would have to bother cooking for the next several days.Screenshot-13549It also turned out that¬†Rolo and Niki were expecting their own bundle of joy. ¬†For some reason they had not bothered telling the rest of the family, despite they only lived next door, which also showed how often they saw them. ¬†¬†Screenshot-13554Speaking of rarely seeing people (or robots),¬†Tremayne’s love interest for the past few hundred decades, Dawn, also made an appearance to this party.Screenshot-13558He was desperate to talk to her.Screenshot-13556Sadly, even with Orion’s support,¬†he¬†lacked the confidence to approach her, especially when he heard she was dating yet another elderly rich man, thus he remained sad and lonely for the foreseeable future.¬†¬†Screenshot-13557In time, Chilli grew up to be a cute toddler, a luxury that still currently went unknown in the Sims 4.Screenshot-13682Tia was a fantastic¬†mother, and even had the genius idea of potty training Chilli outdoors, where the smell would not cause anyone to throw up slightly in their mouths.Screenshot-13685Screenshot-13687Basil also doted on his baby boy, who was practically his clone.Screenshot-13631‘Goodnight Son. ¬†Daddy’s got to go out to work and con people.’Screenshot-13632He¬†still also found the time to dote on Bongo, who had grown up from this…Screenshot-13211…into an awesome big dog. ¬†¬†¬†Screenshot-13675‘If you break into our house, I will eat you.’ Bongo warned.Screenshot-13677


Roly Poly (Part 1)

Roly Poly (Part 1)

I never particularly wanted to go off to University.Screenshot-11989My life ambitions were already pretty clear; become an awesome composer and make a fortune doing something I loved.Screenshot-11965When Orion, my alien half-brother, and my girlfriend, Niki, announced their plans to go off to Sim State University and study, I felt like I had no choice but to join them.Screenshot-11984Naturally, I was worried about Orion settling in. I thought he would get bullied, what with being half-alien and all.Screenshot-12049Turned out everyone loved him and his quirky sense of humour. ¬†He soon became more popular than I ever would.Screenshot-12019Screenshot-12016Screenshot-12017Good for him, I thought.Screenshot-12018The weeks rolled by. ¬†Niki became buried in her business degree. ¬†She had plans to start her own online empire, just to prove she wasn’t just a pretty face.Screenshot-12142As for me, I spent most my time playing computer games. ¬†Hell, I was doing a Fine Arts degree! ¬†I didn’t think it required much effort. ¬†Screenshot-12153One evening, after a pretty hefty gaming session, I caught two of my room mates, Bobby Butler and Clark Gant, having a sneaky smooch in the kitchen. Screenshot-12099‘About time you two got together,’ I said. ¬†In truth, it was clear from day one that they had the hots for each other, which I personally found endearing.Screenshot-12098Unfortunately, not everyone shared the same views. ¬†It was a shame that one of these people turned out to be my friend at the time, Elvis.Screenshot-12091Screenshot-12092‘I can’t believe those two queers,’ Elvis sneered as he dug into his dinner. ‘I’m still feeling queasy just thinking about them playing tonsil tennis.’Screenshot-12106At first I was shocked; a natural reaction to someone who you thought wasn’t a twat when it came to these things. ¬†That’s why, to begin with, I thought, or rather hoped he was pulling a really tasteless joke.Screenshot-12105‘Relax, it’s not as if they were kissing you.’Screenshot-12108‘They might have well been; they were practically stood right next to me!’ His reply was¬†reassurance that he was not joking around. ¬†This was the real deal.Screenshot-12112‘I find it amusing that you’re so accepting of my brother, yet you can’t stand the sight of two men kissing,’ I explained, doing my best to keep a straight face.Screenshot-12110‘Being gay is a completely different matter,’ Elvis retorted, his voice sharp. ¬†‘It’s not as if your brother chose to be an alien.’Screenshot-12114By that point, I was done. ¬†To refrain from throwing my plate into his face, I stood up.Screenshot-12115‘Come on, Rolo, you know it’s true,’ Elvis said, shoveling another mouthful of carbonara into his vile little mouth. ‘ You chose to be with Niki, didn’t you?’Screenshot-12109I didn’t answer him as, by that point, I had already walked away. ¬†There was no point trying to¬†convince him otherwise; he was too stuck in his ways.Screenshot-12117I apologised to Clark on Elvis’s behalf. ¬†He had still been in the kitchen at the time of Elvis’s outburst.Screenshot-12229‘You have nothing to be sorry about!’ Was Clark’s response, horrified that I had felt the need to track him down in the science labs just to say what I felt was needed.Screenshot-12223‘No, I owe it to you. I associated myself with him.’Screenshot-12224‘And you ditched him as soon as you realised he was a dick,’ Clark said, before I could continue my speech. ¬†‘That’s good enough in my books.’Screenshot-12230I was glad that Clark didn’t seem all that fazed by what had happened in the kitchen. Still, it¬†really pissed me off how¬†narrow¬†minded Elvis¬†was. ¬†The fact that he was the same age as me made it worse; I thought our generation had evolved past all that immature bullshit. ¬†It also annoyed me that I had to¬†compile a sketchbook for one of my degree units. ¬†How was that meant to help me become a successful¬†composer?Screenshot-12132I soon learnt the hard way that it wasn’t. Despite my confidence, I didn’t do as well as I anticipated when it came to exam time.Screenshot-12183As for Niki, well, naturally she smashed her exams.Screenshot-12185‘You need to buckle up and study harder next term,’ she¬†lectured. ¬†She never did want to be with a waster. ¬†I doubt I would have even gone to Uni without her encouragement.Screenshot-12053Determined to do her and the Bailey name proud, I decided I couldn’t rely on the nature of my degree. ¬†I had to go out there and earn it.Screenshot-12054

Hershey’s Kisses (Part 1)

Hershey’s Kisses (Part 1)

Ever since I could remember, I enjoyed tinkering with things. ¬†The moment I was allowed to use a blowtorch, my parents struggled to drag me out of my room.Screenshot-8214Being good with my hands had its advantages, for example; not having to spend ridiculous amounts of money to hire out a repairman to fix the dishwasher which kept breaking pretty much every single week.Screenshot-8215I was pretty certain there was a reason why a few of the girls liked to stand around and watch me repair it.Screenshot-8217One girl quickly caught my eye, the lovely Whitney Harris.Screenshot-8178She seemed to lounge about the dorms wearing next to nothing half the time, much to my approval.Screenshot-8179Sadly, my brother, Twix, snapped her quicker than a tramp on a sandwich, and I was left spending my afternoon’s alone, playing chess.Screenshot-8177Twix and I did our best to spend time together too, although with our different degrees and circle of friends it was a difficult feat. ¬†Still, Twix was always willing to offer his support, primarily with my love life.

‘I know a girl who’s perfect for you,’ he revealed over breakfast one morning.Screenshot-8321‘After last time, I’d rather try online dating.’Screenshot-8322‘Good luck with that.’Screenshot-8326‘Fine,’ I sighed, caving into Twix’s good intentions, ‘who’s the girl?’Screenshot-8323That evening, I spent the usual two to three hours getting ready to meet this girl Twix had set me up with.Screenshot-8299Allyson Robins was her name, and she appeared to be a nice looking lass.¬†¬†Screenshot-8337We went for a stroll around the campus, making small talk as we made an attempt to get to know each other. ¬†Typically, it started to pour down with rain, so I suggested we headed back to my dorms before we got soaked.Screenshot-8336‘As long as you don’t try anything on, I’m game,’ Allyson said, before we sprinted across the campus as the ran seemed to keep getting heavier.Screenshot-8339We were drenched by the time we reached my dorm. ¬†Being the gentleman I was, I mentioned that she was more than welcome to grab a shower and borrow my dressing gown whilst her clothes dried on the radiator.Screenshot-8343‘Sure, I’ll strip off here if you want so you can see the goods,’ Allyson said, arching her body back, flaunting her slim frame deliberately. ¬†I knew what she was doing, but¬†whilst she was only dipping her toe into the water, I was ready to dive bomb into the ocean, so to speak.Screenshot-8344‘Perrlease, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.¬†I can already see your boobs through your t-shirt.’Screenshot-8345For a second, she looked ready to slap me.Screenshot-8342But then, her expression lightened as a smirk crept across her face.

‘Let’s stop messing around here,’ Allyson sighed. ¬†‘Quite clearly we know where this is going, so let’s cut out the bullshit and kiss already.’Screenshot-8354I knew then that I liked this girl. ¬†Blunt and assertive, she was already miles better than that other girl Twix had set me up with, whatever her name was.Screenshot-8350I took her up on her offer, I would have been insane not to.Screenshot-8360Screenshot-8368And, as they say, the rest was pretty much history.Screenshot-8392

Result Time ‚Äď Generation 7

Result Time ‚Äď Generation 7

Thanks to those that voted! ¬†Seems like Twix was the favourite, so he’ll be gracing you all with his cute little self during Generation 7 ūüėČ

Poll Result Gen 7Twix Bailey Voting Pic_YA

I’ll get the last few University chapters up in the next week or so, and after that Generation 7 shall begin! ¬†Stay tuned ūüôā

Voting Time ‚Äď Generation 7 – Tie-break

Voting Time ‚Äď Generation 7 – Tie-break

Thanks for the votes! ¬†Like before, we have another tie-break. ¬†Once again the decision on who will be heir for Generation 7 (Twix or Hershey) is down to you! ¬†Voting ends on Monday 6th January 2014; good luck ūüėČ

Twix Bailey Voting Pic_YA  Hershey Bailey Voting Pic_YA

Aero Dynamic (Part 1)

Aero Dynamic (Part 1)

Honestly, I never expected University to change me. ¬†I’d heard the stories of my ancestors, how each one had learnt a life lesson whilst studying for their various degrees, but I couldn’t understand how a person could change so much in just the space of a few years.

Therefore, I was determined to stay on the straight and narrow, keep studying hard and practicing playing with my instruments (no pun intended).Screenshot-7307I was fortunate to have my girlfriend, Adrianne, as my room mate as well, studying for the exact same degree. ¬†My parents warned me to not let her be a distraction, which, as you can see was a difficult feat.Screenshot-7333Ironically, in the end, the true distraction came from a different source completely. ¬†¬† I met Skip Taylor at the Fresher’s fair, by the “Xtreme Sports” stand. ¬†As friends, we hit it off straight away.Screenshot-7277I had never really saw myself as a jock. ¬†Sure, I had a relatively sporty mum, and my dad was certainly no couch potato, but I had grown up to possess quite the rebellious streak. ¬†Maybe that’s why I caved into the partying lifestyle so easily.Screenshot-7289Screenshot-7281Rushing back home in the early hours of the mornings, head buzzing, soon became a regular occurrence.Screenshot-7285Like a good girl, Adrianne was always curled up in bed fast asleep, piles of books usually stacked next to her on the floor, her alarm ready to go off in a couple of hours time. ¬† ¬†¬†Screenshot-7295Still, this never discouraged me from doing the exact same thing the following night.Screenshot-7366Screenshot-7365Nothing could beat downing beer by the warmth of a bonfire, surrounded by fun people. ¬†Or so I thought at the time.Screenshot-7369Finally, the late nights and excessive drinking took its toll. ¬†Completely failing one of my core modules should have been my wake up call, but still even then I refused to see any sense. ¬†Screenshot-7371Even when Adrianne voiced her concerns about me, I took it as a personal attack rather than her attempt to help me out.¬†Screenshot-7377‘Aero, look,¬†I know how much you hate relying on others, but I’m always here for you if you need someone to talk to.’

Her arms outstretched, she stepped forwards to hug me.Screenshot-7375  

Angrily, I raised my hands and cringed away from her advances, refusing to let her touch me after insulting my friends and my party lifestyle.Screenshot-7374‘Why won’t you let me comfort you?’ Adrianne asked, her voice close to breaking, ‘Are your pride and reputation really worth so much that you’d push away¬†your¬†own girlfriend, throw away your degree?’Screenshot-7376Her words hit home, but it wasn’t until receiving my end of term results a few weeks later that I finally saw the extent of the damage I had brought on myself.Screenshot-7382I had vowed to not change,¬†and by doing so I had transformed into an utter idiot. And what for? ¬†To impress a few people who I barley knew,¬†who didn’t care for me in the same way my family and Adrianne did. ¬†Damn, did I feel foolish.Screenshot-7385Following on from that moment, I knew¬†it was time to pick my guitar back up and continue learning. ¬†Partying could wait.Screenshot-7282

Result Time ‚Äď Generation 6

Result Time ‚Äď Generation 6

Many thanks to those who voted.  The results are in and I can reveal that the lovely Cointreau Bailey will be fronting Generation 6!Gen 6 Results CroppedCointreau Bailey - Voting Pic

Too bad for Peach, but at least her and Milo can leave the household with their heads held high (if horses are even capable of doing such a thing). ¬†Now, as I’m off on holiday next week (hooray!),¬†the first chapter for Generation 6 will be posted up on my return at the start of October (I’m back on the 1st, so anytime after that really).

In the meanwhile, here is a screenshot of the Bailey’s current gnome collection for your viewing pleasure.Screenshot-5202

Voting Time – Generation 6

Voting Time – Generation 6

It’s that time again! ¬†Like last time, please see below for the candidates and their reasons for fronting the 6th generation. ¬†The poll (located at the bottom of the page) will close on 16th September 2013. ¬†Happy voting ūüôā

Peach Bailey - Voting Pic


1) Horses!

2) I happen to be master at pulling the best facial expressions. ¬†Hours of entertainment ensured for all. ¬†I’m also named after a fruit.

3) Did I mention, horses?

Saffron Bailey - Voting Pic


1) First career driven lady since Irish Bailey (Pippy Bailey does not count… “acting” is not a career).

2) Check out my eyes; purely from generation 1. ¬†Don’t want these going extinct now, do we?

3) Trust me, I’m a doctor.

Earl Bailey - Voting Pic 


1) If you vote for me, the next generation will be an awesome explosion of musical charisma.

2) Male heirs rock.

3) Tiffany Angles. ¬†‘Nuff said.

Cointreau Bailey - Voting Pic


1) This legacy is not evil enough. ¬†Let’s change that.

2) I’m cute and deadly, a brilliant combination. ¬†The world will be mine, and my children shall be my minions.

3) Vote for the dark side… we have cookies.

Frangelico Bailey - Voting Pic


1) Pop career, hell yeah!

2) Me and this guy plan to have beautiful babies.

3) I’ll be the best mother and wife, ever.


True, Jameson (Part 2)

True, Jameson (Part 2)

It has been a recipe for disaster and I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t prevented it from happening in the first place. ¬†Obviously I’d been blinded by it all, happily sitting through my lectures with a silly little smile on my face.Screenshot-2677I assumed Mika was happy with our relationship; we hadn’t argued once, and she had never really said a bad word about me except that I sometimes snored a bit.Screenshot-2678Studying the same degree, we were together pretty much every day of the week, sharing the same lectures and seminars. ¬†Socially,¬†we hung out a lot with the same people, and made sure to have one on one time together too.

I didn’t mind spending practically all my time with her, however, I should have realised that Mika may have not felt the same.Screenshot-2671As the weeks went by, it must have all become too much for her. ¬†She soon¬†confessed that she needed some ¬†“time apart”, which was basically the polite way of telling me to stop being a clingy weirdo and jog on.Screenshot-2799Of course I was¬†devastated, but I refused to show it.Screenshot-2801Instead, I went on a wild rampage, dancing from party to party, drinking, dancing and chatting up other girls, anything to take my mind off her.Screenshot-2630One night, at the hottest nightclub in town,¬†I met Chloe Medenhall. ¬†She was a few years older than me and was studying a master’s degree in Business. ¬†So, not only was she smart, she also¬†had a body which most girls would die for as well;¬†ample and curvy in all the right places.¬†Screenshot-2698Whilst the other jocks piled around the bar to do tequila shots, Chloe and I danced together like loons.Screenshot-2703And, of course, took generic style photos to post up on Facebook. ¬†Partly as an attempt to make Mika feel a little bit jealous.Screenshot-2693Screenshot-2696I met up with Chloe a couple of days later at the Student Union. ¬†We returned back to my place after having a few drinks, with the intention to watch The Matrix together. ¬†To be honest, I was nervous because I knew we wouldn’t end up watching it, or any other film. ¬†Screenshot-2716In the end, I dove right in there with a safety kiss;¬†the sort that doesn’t look too eager, but suggests you’re not planning on playing any games either.Screenshot-2732For a moment, as I pulled way, I was apprehensive, unsure if I had misread the signs. ¬†However, a ¬†joyful smile appeared on her face, causing my cheeks to burn brighter and made my head feel somewhat lighter.

‘Don’t be shy,’ Chloe said, her tone lustful.¬†Screenshot-2733Her arms slid around me as she pulled me against her body and our lips locked.Screenshot-2736Moments later, we headed upstairs to my bedroom, allowing the inevitable to happen underneath the sheets.¬†Screenshot-2742Chloe left soon after the sun had risen, leaving nothing more than a quick kiss on my cheek. ¬†Unable to get back to sleep, I threw on some clothes and headed to the gym room and started my usual reps on the weight bench.

I felt so sickened with myself for tumbling into bed with a girl who had been so willing.Screenshot-2803Mika had made me wait for a good two months, and we first slept together, it was clumsy, awkward, but still incredible.  I really missed her sweet smile.Screenshot-2798And the cute way she danced.Screenshot-2797Damn, my heart hurt just thinking about it.  Not even exercise could distract me.Screenshot-2804It was no good.  In order to function properly again I realised I needed her back; something which would not easily happen, unless I played my cards just right and could offer her exactly what she wanted.

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