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Saffron’s Spice (Part 1)

Saffron’s Spice (Part 1)

I couldn’t wait to go to University; the opportunity to expand my knowledge, experience new people and things, and, of course, the freedom.Screenshot-4719It didn’t take long for me to make an impact on my lecturers and fellow peers.  I’d always been known as a rational thinker, thus it was in my nature to challenge others, particular when it came to their views on scientific theories or medial studies.Screenshot-4675Heated debates were where it was at;  I loved nothing more than a good in-depth discussion.Screenshot-4678This, however, usually ended up driving the rest of the class insane after several minutes.Screenshot-4676And, at times, I could sense that even my lecturers were not best pleased with my assertive attitude.Screenshot-4677Leaving class one afternoon, I vented my frustrations to Garry Cinder, a guy Peach and I had met on a night out.  Although we weren’t studying the same degree, we’d often bump into each other at the student union between or after classes.Screenshot-4689Screenshot-4690Screenshot-4687I liked him because he was one of those rare breeds of men who actually listen to what you have to say, not just glaze over and pretend they know what your garbling on about. Screenshot-4688Still, I wasn’t naive.  I knew he wanted more than friendship, but back then I was wary of everyone and anything who could have potentially distracted me from my studies.Screenshot-4702The following morning, over breakfast, I spoke to Peach about Garry and how overly friendly he seemed to be.  I knew that she got on well with him too, but as I’d never known her to date any guys back at high school I assumed she wasn’t interested in him in the same way I was.Screenshot-4843‘He’s like that with most people… I think he’s a little lonely.  We should invite him over afternoon,’ Peach replied, a smile etching across her face.Screenshot-4841‘Good idea,’ I said, setting my fork down onto the table, butterflies dancing in the pit of my stomach.Screenshot-4846Gazing back across at Peach, I noticed that her expression had changed; she looked more distant, like something was plaguing her mind.

‘Probably worried about Milo,’ I concluded.  She loved her pet horse to bits.Screenshot-4845Screenshot-4844That afternoon, from the moment Garry stepped foot into our halls, he couldn’t keep his hands off me.  It didn’t take me too long to cave in and allow our hormones to run wild.Screenshot-4864Perhaps I was being a bit hasty, but hey, screw it.  You only live once, right?Screenshot-4866

Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1 – Make mine a double 

Thankfully, Crissy did not murder Irish in her sleep.  She got distracted by a nice young blonde man and claimed him as her own.Screenshot-475When she finally remembered, Crissy couldn’t believe that she had planned to kill Irish in her sleep.  Still, feeling a little bit bitter about Irish once wanting her dead, she decided to sneak into Irish’s room one night when she was sleeping and, somehow, surgically attached a plate of fish of chip to her hand.

Needless to say, Irish was not impressed when she woke up the next morning.Screenshot-481After having an extremely painful operation to remove the plate, Irish enjoyed a pleasant dinner of fish and chips, and a few weeks later she proposed to her boyfriend, Stacey, despite he clearly did not know how to dress or manage his hair.Screenshot-436‘Yeah, I like, don’t really want to sleep alone when I have a pyromaniac ex-imaginary doll thing that wants me dead, so please move in and marry me!’Screenshot-438‘Sure,’ Stacey said, ‘sounds legit to me.’Screenshot-439Irish swiftly gave him a makeover to make him more presentable to other human beings.Screenshot-442Being a bit of a loner, Stacey spent most of his time writing sci-fi stories.  He also liked painting, just so you know.Screenshot-470Shortly after Irish’s and Stacey’s engagement, Pippy had an unfortunate accident on the “slip ‘n’ slide” in the back garden after she and Fudge had been drinking rather heavily.Screenshot-449Sadly, it resulted in her death.Screenshot-455The Grim Reaper made an appearance.  He had hoped to join in with the drunken poolside mayhem, but was annoyed to find that he had to send a body off to the spirit world instead.

‘Curse thee!’Screenshot-456Needless to say, Fudge was devastated at the loss of his lovely wife.Screenshot-461Like, really devastated Screenshot-462Tremayne would have genuinely felt heartbroken for Fudge, if it was not for the fact he was a robot, so therefore lacked real emotions or a heart.  Screenshot-463The very next evening, Fudge decided to do something which he had always vowed to do if Pippy ever died before he did.  Screenshot-464No, not suicide… he actually went to visit the science research facility, and held the researchers at gun-point until asked the researchers to kindly clone him.Screenshot-465And thus, Caramel Bailey was produced, a child clone of Fudge. Screenshot-466‘Oh ma gawd!’ Fudge exclaimed, peering down at his younger self. ‘Pint-size awesomeoness!’Screenshot-468There was no doubt that Caramel was Fudge’s clone – not a random child that the researchers had snatched from the streets.  Caramel enjoyed being awesome, and also enjoyed sitting in the same armchair as Fudge.Screenshot-471(Yes, the one below is an old pic where Fudge still had his beloved waistcoat… RIP poor waistcoat)Screenshot-196

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