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Chapter 6.8

Chapter 6.8  He can’t be ours, surely?

As Twix developed into a toddler, Cointreau and Jeffery became aware of a certain factor which made him stand out from their other children, and all other Baileys for that matter.Screenshot-6711Screenshot-6710Screenshot-6712There were pretty much no blonde haired members in the Bailey family tree, so it was quite the mystery how Twix had ended up with such fair hair.

‘Jeff, did you cheat on me?’ Cointreau asked, jumping to the only conclusion she could think of.Screenshot-6708For a girl who was meant to be an evil genius, Cointreau was not 100% there all the time.Screenshot-6713Eventually, Jeffery and Cointreau gave Tremayne another chance to prove his parenting ability.Screenshot-6795This only lasted three days.Screenshot-6798As for Bounty, the only girl of this generation so far, she had developed into an “OK” looking child with the potential to become an “alright” looking teenager.Screenshot-6668The young girl was known as a bit of a drama queen, despite not physically possessing the trait.  She had just learnt to be that way thanks to her mother.Screenshot-6727‘Oh toilet, why don’t you flush?’Screenshot-6726Her dramatic ability naturally meant she had a natural flair for writing and had started writing her first novel way before the age of ten.Screenshot-6718Aero, now a teenager, was still pretty much into the same music related stuff.   He also had oddly muscular arms.Screenshot-6723All the better for playing the bass with, supposedly.Screenshot-6715Anyways, the months continued to fly by, and as nature (and Jeffery intended), Cointreau fell pregnant once more.  Still, this did not stop her from carrying out the “Bring Sally Up” chin-up challenge on a daily basis, determined that Aero would not have bigger guns than her.Screenshot-6728It turned that she did not have to worry about this though as a few weeks later Aero started to try and win over a girl from his school called Adrianne Carpenter.Screenshot-6736He used the same tactic Jameson had used in Chapter 4.12 when wooing Nina.Screenshot-6754Surprisingly, Adrianne fell for this and found Aero to be both hilarious and endearingly sweet.Screenshot-6753Soon enough, Aero decided to take the risk and swooped in gracefully to make his move.Screenshot-6759However, Cointreau decided to be selfish and stole the attention away from Aero’s moment of glory by going into labour.Screenshot-6741Her fourth and final baby was another lad and they named him Hershey as this is obviously another brand of chocolate, primarily sold in the USA. Screenshot-6747This chapter must end somewhere, so what better than to end on a picture of a ghost Pooka?  Apparently pet ghosts are red, which is weird, but hey, that is The Sims for you!Screenshot-6697

Chapter 6.5

Chapter 6.5 – This generation is progressing, honestly!

Naturally, Cointreau threw an awesome hen do and even wore a wig for the occasion because the hat she wanted to wear did not go with her current hairdo.  All her sisters showed up, including Peach despite not being displayed in this picture.Screenshot-6209She spent most the night allowing Tremayne to spurt liquid all over her face.Screenshot-6220Her party was certainly more epic than Jeffery’s stag do.Screenshot-6194The stripper maids Earl had hired were not all that attractive, nor were they enthusiastic about their jobs.Screenshot-6190Overall, they were not as awesome as the firemen and magacian that appeared at Cointreau’s hen night.Screenshot-6210‘Boo!’ Jerry said, to reflect this.Screenshot-6191Their actual wedding was lovely, and made a change from the traditional backyard weddings the last few generations had celebrated during the Sunlit Tides era.Screenshot-6282Screenshot-6272Screenshot-6276‘We are now totally married,’ Cointreau said, patting Jeffery on the shoulder, as if he were a child who could barely comprehend things. Screenshot-6289Then they did the traditional cutting of the cake thing, whilst random strangers and gatecrashers stood round in hope they would be given a slice.Screenshot-6300Screenshot-6311Sadly, for Cointreau, the cake did not go down to well.Screenshot-6323And, well, it literally came back up.Screenshot-6327As it turned out, Cointreau was actually pregnant, which was great news for this generation as it had almost reached the halfway point, in relation to chapters.Screenshot-6341Unfortunately, with most chapters, this one would not end happily.  A few months after the wedding and pregnancy revelation, old Grimmy made an appearance in the kitchen, but not to serve breakfast.Screenshot-6357‘Pooka Bailey, your time in this legacy is up, as well as your life in general really.’Screenshot-6358Pooka gazed back at the cloaked figure standing before him, clearly not able to comprehend the situation, being a dog and all that jazz.Screenshot-6359‘Aw, come here and give us a hug!’ The Grim Reaper cooed, realising just how fluffy and awesome looking this dog was.Screenshot-6360Pooka’s eyes lit up and he galloped into Grimmy’s arms, quite literally.Screenshot-6362‘Ok, enough of that.  Fetch, boy, fetch!’Screenshot-6365Screenshot-6366And so, for the third time in Pooka’s life, he flew up into the ceiling, only this time into a green vortex which hopefully led to some sort of afterlife and not everlasting torture or a world with no cake (which is pretty much the same thing in all honesty).Screenshot-6367‘Nooo! Pooka was the only family member who truly understood me!’ Tremayne sobbed when he walked in, just in time to see Pooka’s arse disappear through the portal. ‘Please, bring him back!’  Screenshot-6370The Grim Reaper stood there, and although his face was concealed by his hood, it was obvious he was contemplating something.  Finally, after a few more seconds of silence he spoke.

‘You have a Playstation 3, right?  Can I play some Burnout?  Haven’t played that game in years.’Screenshot-6371Alas, The Grim Reaper played Burnout for many hours, whilst Tremayne hysterically wailed in the bathroom until his sounder card shorted out.  All in all, it was an average day.   Screenshot-6374

Chapter 6.4

Chapter 6.4 – Cake or Death?

Cointreau focused heavily on her fitness, after all, it was hard to look good and be evil without putting any effort into it.Screenshot-6182Pooka still did not approve of Cointreau and her evil ways, but now he was too old to do anything about it.Screenshot-6180All he could do was stare at her, in hope to distract her enough so that she’d fall off the treadmill and break her neck.  One day he hoped to succeed.Screenshot-6179As Autumn approached, Jeffery decided to propose to Cointreau, and chose to do so at a swanky gay bar downtown.Screenshot-6168‘Marry me, I’m delicious!’Screenshot-6170Naturally his proposal was met with a very warm reception.Screenshot-6169Cointreau was very fond of sparkly things, so she was very pleased with the ultra sparkly ring Jeffery had picked out.Screenshot-6171It matched the diamonds she had stolen the other night in a raid at the local jewelers.Screenshot-6173They hugged for a bit then headed off to the bar to get crazy drunk on fancy cocktails.Screenshot-6175Mika and Jameson were ecstatic to hear that this generation was finally making progress.  They were eager to watch Cointreau wed Jeffery and were even more excited to meet their future grandchildren, as and when they came along.  Nothing could prevent that.Screenshot-6098‘Oh, hey, Mika Moore, right?’ Screenshot-6115Well, nothing besides death.Screenshot-6105‘God dammit.’Screenshot-6108  Screenshot-6109‘Yoink!’Screenshot-6120Meanwhile, at the front of the house, Jameson was showing the guests inside as he and Mika had organised a party to celebrate how awesome live was, that and it was also Christmas time, which meant lots of lovely presents and cake.Screenshot-6131‘Wait, do I hear dramatic organ music and bells?’Screenshot-6121‘Oh, come on, really?’Screenshot-6123‘This has to be the most inconvenient time to die!’Screenshot-6125‘Yo, Jameson Bailey, your wife is waiting,’ The Grim Reaper said.Screenshot-6132‘But, what about the cake?’ Jameson whined.  Irish also agreed that this was a tragedy, but then quickly remembered that there was lots of cake in the afterlife and told Jameson about this.Screenshot-6127After that he willingly went off with Grimmy to learn the basics of being a ghost, and to also get some cake.Screenshot-6135And so, the gravestone collection grew once again.Screenshot-6150Even though Cointreau was evil, she was devastated.  Her parents had been rather cool after all, and now she had very little support to help raise her future babies.Screenshot-6143On top of all that, a few days later, Cointreau learnt that Jeffery had been secretly modelling for Calvin Klein.  Admittedly though, this cheered her up immensely and soon enough life resumed as normal.Screenshot-6158Minus the fact that Cointreau insisted that Jeffery did all the house chores in his underwear from that day on.Screenshot-6103

Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2 – Tremayne in love

Throughout the decades Tremayne had never really had his chance to shine, mostly because he was a bit boring.Screenshot-5950However, since his upgrade, he had become more of a party animal and had no reservations when it came to shaking his booty on the dance-floor.Screenshot-5259The macarena was one of his specialties.Screenshot-5263Despite all the upgrades, his processing chip still indicated to him that there was something missing, which he discovered one evening when he was at the local library.Screenshot-5285Her name was Dawn, and she was the first simbot he had ever met since his creation.  Although she had lego-style hair, he thought she looked amazing.Screenshot-5282Tremayne had not been programmed to act flirty, so was too shy to greet her and did that awkward thing where you pretend you haven’t noticed the other person despite it’s very obvious you’ve been staring at them for the past five minutes.  Yeah, that thing.Screenshot-5283Luckily, the fem-bot, whom was called Dawn, had a significantly better communication chip than him and eagerly suggested that they shared and compared lubricants.Screenshot-5284Unfortunately, Tremayne managed to misinterpret Dawn’s blatant innuendo and took her back to his place to play beer pong, despite none of them could really consume liquids, nor get drunk.  All in all, it was a mediocre night.Screenshot-5310Unlike Tremayne, Earl was not a failure with women.  Things had heated up so much with Tiffany over the past several months that he decided it was time to pop the question.Screenshot-5994As he dropped to one knee she questioned his motives, until he produced the ring.  After that she was content and accepted his proposal. Screenshot-5998Screenshot-5993Jameson was thrilled about their engagement, so thrilled in fact that there are no pictures to convey this.  Mika was also please for them, although she was still skeptical about Tiffany and her erratic mood-swings what with her suffering from bipolar and all.Screenshot-5981‘Hurt my son and I’ll break your neck,’ Mika quite clearly explained to her daughter-in-law one evening.Screenshot-5983Shortly after that, Tiffany suggested to Earl that they should move into their own place.  And they did, only all could afford was a questionable sized one bedroom house on the dodgy side of town.Screenshot-6069‘At least it has character!’ Earl said, ever the optimist.Screenshot-6071It took a look of strength, but that night Earl did not end up being a murder victim, all thanks to the threat Mika had made to Tiffany a few screenshots ago.Screenshot-6070To conclude this chapter it is paramount to know that Pooka, the Bailey’s first pet dog, is still alive.  Very old, but still alive.  As for Venus the cat, well, she refused to move from Sunlit Tides, so she no longer resided with the family. Screenshot-5956In all honesty, she had never particularly liked them in the first place.Screenshot-4330

Chapter 5.12

Chapter 5.12 – Totally an accident

After a few more years of “hard work”, Jameson reached the top of his acrobatic career.  To celebrate he set himself on fire.Screenshot-4305And he hugged a giant ball.  Neither of these actions were part of his act, so he was swiftly escorted from the premises.Screenshot-4302Meanwhile, Cointreau and Frangelico celebrated the end of their childhood, with lots of a cake as was standard in the Bailey household.Screenshot-4336The family kept the celebrations simple by not inviting anyone else.  It was also a cunning ploy so they would have more cake to eat between them. Screenshot-4342Both girls wished to develop useful traits.Screenshot-4340Screenshot-4339Sadly, this did not happen.  Still, they grew up to be rather aesthetically pleasing, which is all that matters.Screenshot-4361Being musically inclined since the moment she had pretty much been born, Frangelico quickly took to playing her Grandfather’s (Judd’s) guitar and was actually quite good at it.Screenshot-4364Cointreau, who was yet another brain-box in the family, continued to focus on building up her logic skill.Screenshot-4369Of course, she was still very evil. Screenshot-4385She very much enjoyed trolling her family members, quite often by “accidentally” walking between them when they were having serious conversations in the bathroom.Screenshot-4402The only family member she was relatively kind to and supportive of was Frangelico, since they had shared the same womb and all.Screenshot-4397As for Earl, the middle child, he continued to study hard so he could look to go off to University when he was old enough.Screenshot-4388He also continued to work on raising his drum skills because he quickly learnt that chicks liked guys who could play instruments.Screenshot-4392Earl continued to be a bit of a dick to his older sister, Saffron.  On one particular occasion she had announced, to whoever was in earshot, how excited she was to dig into the last piece of cake in fridge, only to turn back around to find that Earl had claimed it as his.Screenshot-4379Screenshot-4380Saffron was not best pleased.Screenshot-4381Whilst Jameson and Earl dug into their slices of scrummy moist cake, Saffron was lumbered with leftover smoke salmon steak, which had started to go a little off.  Needless to say, she spent most that night glued to the toilet seat.   Screenshot-4383Saffron’s twin, Peach, had no real interest in cake but was still enthusiastic about horse riding despite constantly feeling terrified that Milo would buck her off at any moment.  It was a game he very much enjoyed playing with her.Screenshot-4390After a while, Milo grew to tolerate Peach and stopped arsing around with her as much.   Screenshot-4420Mika, who was starting to feel her age, and was partly jealous of her children’s youth and energy, started to exercise pretty much everyday as a bid to stay in shape.Screenshot-4400Jameson effortlessly managed to keep his physique in top condition with his career as an acrobat.  His confidence now at an all-time high, he decided during one fateful gig that it was time to pull off one of the most dangerous and deadly stunts of all, only known as “The Burning Inferno of Dangerous Stuff”.Screenshot-4423As he slowly made his way towards the hoop on the other side of the stage, his face was plagued with a deadly serious expression. Screenshot-4426His heart was racing as he positioned himself onto the flaming object.  However, moments later, his nerves dissipated as he started to roll around the stage, moving with the greatest of ease and with the grace of a ballet dancer.  Screenshot-4429All continued to go well, until he remembered that he had forgotten to record the latest episode of Dexter and lost control of the ring, consequently flying straight off the stage into the audience, flames spitting everywhere.  He managed to escape with a few minor burns, but unfortunately the audience weren’t so lucky, especially after the building collapsed on them.Screenshot-4428Jameson decided after that incident that it was safer to revert back to painting pretty landscapes and selling them on for extortionate amounts.  At least that way he could not be labelled as a mass-murderer.  Screenshot-4394


Chapter 5.10

Chapter 5.10 – Where did it all go wrong?

Before long Jameson received another promotion, which of course meant another coloured outfit and more “wacky” face paint.  Screenshot-4154To celebrate, the Baileys decided to adopt another pet.  This time they went for a cat, since cats are rather awesome.  They named the little bugger Venus, after the razor brand because of her insanely sharp claws.Screenshot-4144At first Pooka was a bit skeptical of her, until she suggested that they went hunting for birds.Screenshot-4145After that, a simple high-five sealed their friendship for eternity, or at least until one of them died.Screenshot-4146Sadly, one young individual in the family was not keen on Pooka the dog.  That young individual was obviously Cointreau.  Screenshot-4076Everyone knows dogs can smell evil from a mile off, so she was more than aware that Pooka was onto her regarding her plans for world domination.  Screenshot-4077For the time being she knew he could not prove she was up to no good, nor was she making trouble in the neighbourhood, so all she had to do was keep a watchful eye on him and avoid slipping up with her own evil schemes.Screenshot-4080Of course, Cointreau could not help but slip a few white lies to Earl, such as how Pooka had managed to destroy all the spare light bulbs in the house.  Needless to say, he struggled to believe her, considering he soon discovered that her fingerprints were all over the shards of glass.Screenshot-4152That night, to make herself feel better, Cointreau requested that Peach read her a bedtime story, something to do with a pink cat who befriended a blue dog.  The blue dog ended up getting hit by a car, and Peach could not understand how a children’s book could be so morbid.  Turned out, however, that Cointreau had written and published it.Screenshot-4139A few weeks later, it was prom time, therefore Peach and Saffron got their glad-rags out.  Screenshot-4164Unfortunately neither of them had dates, nor did they pull anyone that night, but Saffron was still chuffed that she won the title of Prom Queen.Screenshot-4162That very same night, Earl celebrated his transition into teen-hood. Screenshot-4175A few kids from school were invited along, two of which were unfortunate sufferers of alopecia… Or at least that’s what Mika and Jameson hoped.   Screenshot-4179After Earl blew out his candles, he became a not too bad looking teenager.Screenshot-4192Having developed a keen interest for music during his childhood, Earl was pleasantly surprised that his parents had got him his own drum set.  He proceeded to play “We Will Rock You” – a legal requirement for anyone who plays the drums.Screenshot-4213A few weeks later, Saffron was chucking her guts up in the toilet.Screenshot-4207Of course, Earl happened to walk straight in on her since he had not heard of knocking.Screenshot-4208‘I knew it was only a matter of time before you got pregnant,’ Earl said.Screenshot-4209‘You realise the baby’s head is going to stretch you wide open like this,’ Earl teased, gesturing with his hands to demonstrate the destruction the baby would do to her “lady parts”.

‘Shut it, douche-bag, I’m not pregnant,’ Saffron replied, unimpressed by her brother’s childish assumptions. Screenshot-4210‘I caught Dad napping on the sofa completely naked earlier,’ Saffron explained, a small shudder shooting down her spine as she relived the moment, fortunately with a pixelated blur, which helped her cope with the stress and trauma somewhat.Screenshot-4131‘As you can imagine, it made me feel rather nauseous, especially when he admitted, after he got dressed, that he’d also napped that way on my bed countless times whilst I’d been at school.’ Screenshot-4206Satisfied that his older sister was not pregnant or had some form of eating disorder, Earl shooed her out of the room so he could flush the remains of the bag of cocaine in his pocket down the toilet, whilst Saffron went on her laptop to chat to men she didn’t know on the internets who were several years older than her.Saffron and PedobearThat night, Ricky sat alone on the sofa, wondering where his legacy, and his life, had all gone wrong.  He later concluded it was pretty much since the day he had agreed to marry Alice Bailey.  In hindsight, he would have much rather eloped with one of the youthful male customer’s at the bar he had worked in back at Bridgeport.Screenshot-4140

Chapter 5.9

Chapter 5.9- Winter Tails

Frangelico and Cointreau celebrated their leap into childhood a few winters later. Screenshot-4025Screenshot-4075Screenshot-4027Screenshot-4042Even Nina from Chapter 4.12 showed up to celebrate, although as soon as she realised how sexy Jameson had become, she regretted not being wooed by his cat videos and promptly proceeded to sob hysterically on his shoulder.Screenshot-4034She could not be blamed though.  He was more successful than ever, and had even managed to secure a gig at one of the biggest venues on the island.Screenshot-3982 - CopyHe was convinced there was a little something “wooden” about the audience, however.Screenshot-3977 - CopyStill, he didn’t care, and continued to play with fire, much like his grandmother, Irish, had done.Screenshot-3980 - CopyAs for Saffron and Peach, they  were now teenagers and had managed to grow into their noses somewhat.Screenshot-4085Anyways, since it was obviously Christmas, Jameson thought it would be a grand idea to invite all the other Baileys round for an awesome get together.  Even one-legged Paul made an appearance.Screenshot-4054Like father and daughter, Peach and Jameson kept an eye out for anything strange happening, or anyone acting inappropriate.Screenshot-4049Mika, however, questioned their abilities when, just a few hours later, she found a stray dog stood by the Christmas tree.Screenshot-4099The dog then proceeded to chew up all the presents still under the tree, one of which was a rather personal present Jameson had purchased for Mika.Screenshot-4069Turned out that Earl had somehow adopted the dog, named Pooka, from the pound, so naturally she gave him a good telling off.Screenshot-4089Still, they kept Pooka as he looked rather awesome and it had been a while since there had been any pets in the house.     Screenshot-4083Naturally, Earl was a very happy boy, and the evening only got better for him when he had pumpkin pie for dinner.Screenshot-4119Unfortunately, he quickly found out, after a couple of mouthfuls that the pie was no longer in date, so, as he spent the entire night glued to the toilet, he decided that his day had been mediocre, not awesome. 

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