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Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2 – Farewell, Irish

Eventually Coco fell pregnant.  With the amount of sex she was having with Judd, it was no surprise really.Screenshot-946Judd took the news well.  With their sexy faces and “winning” personalities, he was confident they were going to produce delicious Bailey babies. Screenshot-940Sadly, Irish did not take the news as well.

‘Grandchildren?  Screw that, I’m out of here!’Screenshot-947Screenshot-949Naturally, Stacey was devastated when he discovered Irish had died, and in the bathroom of all places.  Screenshot-953The poor guy hadn’t been this upset since last Christmas when all he received was an empty box.Screenshot-910Irish’s death particularly hit Hayley and Coco very hard.  Deciding to seize the day after realising that life was too short, Coco invited Judd out to their favourite local cocktail bar so she could initiate the next stage of their relationship, over a couple of mocktails obviously.  Screenshot-974Propping herself down on one knee with a seven month baby bump was not the easiest of trials.  Despite her intentions were obvious, Judd still acted clueless.Screenshot-989And feigned surprise when she popped the question, as if the jewelry box she was holding up was going to spew out acid all over his face when she opened it. Screenshot-990He chuckled and felt like a complete moron after she had slipped the engagement ring onto his finger.Screenshot-994After that, they hugged and proceeded to drink mocktails, until the fruitiness got too much and they both threw up EVERYWHERE.Screenshot-995A couple of months later, Coco paid a visit to her brother, Cookie, who was living in the house of their Aunt Minty, who had died a few years ago.

‘Wow, you’re fat!’ Cookie commented as he pressed a hand against Coco’s stomach.Screenshot-997As they having lunch and were talking about how crazy Irish was, Coco felt a sharp sensation pierce through her belly, which immediately caused her to stand up and wince.

Whether it was Cookie touching her bump, or the chili hot-dog which she had started to eat, Coco did not quite frankly give a damn what had triggered her labor because she was quite easily in the worst pain she had ever experienced.Screenshot-998Cookie naturally kept his cool.Screenshot-999After a grueling labor, Coco ended up having a baby boy, whom they named Murphy since it was a very Irish name.  Coco and Judd were aware that he would no doubt grow up to be an alcoholic.Screenshot-1001

Chapter 1.5

Chapter 1.5 – There’s hope yet…

As planned, Fudge’s party went swimmingly, although there was not enough pizza to go around.  Still, it was an enjoyable occasion for Fudge since he managed to get a date with the girl who had caterpillars for eyebrows.  Her name was Leila, or at least that was what Fudge called her.Since they were too young to get into any bars, Fudge took her to an outdoor 24 hour juice bar.  Here they sipped mocktails out of martini glasses just so they could feel grown up and sophisticated.It turned out, however, that Leila was just using him to get a few free drinks, and shortly after this snapshot was taken on Fudge’s camera phone, Leila skipped away with a tall muscular guy who was her boyfriend.The following weekend, it was Prom night and because he had pinned all his hopes on taking Leila, poor Fudge had no date, despite he looked as dapper as a dog in a tuxedo.

As a last ditch attempt, Fudge had tried to win over “Ample Amy”, but not only did she have a date, she even had a date for each of her breasts.So Fudge climbed into his specially hired limo. Alone.And faced walking into school. Alone.

Despite being dateless, Fudge had a jolly good night.  He had his first kiss with Ample Amy (although her boyfriends were not very pleased) and he even won the title of Prom King.  It helped inspire Fudge to become even more awesome, and so he started to read up on ways to do so.

[A/N – I’m running out of pictures for Generation 1 xD  Chapter 1.6 shall be the last chapter for Generation 1!]

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