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Hershey’s Kisses (Part 1)

Hershey’s Kisses (Part 1)

Ever since I could remember, I enjoyed tinkering with things.  The moment I was allowed to use a blowtorch, my parents struggled to drag me out of my room.Screenshot-8214Being good with my hands had its advantages, for example; not having to spend ridiculous amounts of money to hire out a repairman to fix the dishwasher which kept breaking pretty much every single week.Screenshot-8215I was pretty certain there was a reason why a few of the girls liked to stand around and watch me repair it.Screenshot-8217One girl quickly caught my eye, the lovely Whitney Harris.Screenshot-8178She seemed to lounge about the dorms wearing next to nothing half the time, much to my approval.Screenshot-8179Sadly, my brother, Twix, snapped her quicker than a tramp on a sandwich, and I was left spending my afternoon’s alone, playing chess.Screenshot-8177Twix and I did our best to spend time together too, although with our different degrees and circle of friends it was a difficult feat.  Still, Twix was always willing to offer his support, primarily with my love life.

‘I know a girl who’s perfect for you,’ he revealed over breakfast one morning.Screenshot-8321‘After last time, I’d rather try online dating.’Screenshot-8322‘Good luck with that.’Screenshot-8326‘Fine,’ I sighed, caving into Twix’s good intentions, ‘who’s the girl?’Screenshot-8323That evening, I spent the usual two to three hours getting ready to meet this girl Twix had set me up with.Screenshot-8299Allyson Robins was her name, and she appeared to be a nice looking lass.  Screenshot-8337We went for a stroll around the campus, making small talk as we made an attempt to get to know each other.  Typically, it started to pour down with rain, so I suggested we headed back to my dorms before we got soaked.Screenshot-8336‘As long as you don’t try anything on, I’m game,’ Allyson said, before we sprinted across the campus as the ran seemed to keep getting heavier.Screenshot-8339We were drenched by the time we reached my dorm.  Being the gentleman I was, I mentioned that she was more than welcome to grab a shower and borrow my dressing gown whilst her clothes dried on the radiator.Screenshot-8343‘Sure, I’ll strip off here if you want so you can see the goods,’ Allyson said, arching her body back, flaunting her slim frame deliberately.  I knew what she was doing, but whilst she was only dipping her toe into the water, I was ready to dive bomb into the ocean, so to speak.Screenshot-8344‘Perrlease, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. I can already see your boobs through your t-shirt.’Screenshot-8345For a second, she looked ready to slap me.Screenshot-8342But then, her expression lightened as a smirk crept across her face.

‘Let’s stop messing around here,’ Allyson sighed.  ‘Quite clearly we know where this is going, so let’s cut out the bullshit and kiss already.’Screenshot-8354I knew then that I liked this girl.  Blunt and assertive, she was already miles better than that other girl Twix had set me up with, whatever her name was.Screenshot-8350I took her up on her offer, I would have been insane not to.Screenshot-8360Screenshot-8368And, as they say, the rest was pretty much history.Screenshot-8392

Murphy’s Law (Part 3)

Murphy’s Law (Part 3)

Embarrassing confession; I had never kissed a girl before.  Her lips were so soft, I felt my entire body light up from head-to-toe.  After a couple of seconds I wasn’t entirely sure what else to do without completely sabotaging the situation, so I pulled away, most likely grinning like an idiot.  Screenshot-1970As I moved my arm away from her hip, I’d hoped for a smile from her, or at least a flushed expression.  Instead, Raquel looked completely terrified, as if I’d whispered in her ear that I was planning on butchering her family.Screenshot-1971‘What the hell?  I’m engaged, Murphy!’ Raquel announced, as if I’d been aware of this from the moment we had first met.  ‘My fiance may not be at University with me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep around like a slut!’Screenshot-1972The look on my face said it all.  The girl was crazy; there was no other way around it.  Screenshot-1974‘You boys are all the same,’ she added before marching out the room, leaving me with the judgmental stares of a few other party-goers.  I furrowed my brow and did my best to hold back my own frustrations.  I couldn’t comprehend why the hell she had she chosen to fall asleep on my bed in the first place if she was supposedly “engaged” and committed to someone, and why she had never mentioned it until now.  She didn’t even have an engagement ring to say otherwise either.Screenshot-1975The following night, as I did some research for an essay which deadline was due in less than three days, I told Zoe about how much of a tease Raquel was (I had concluded she was one of those girls who reveled in male attention) and how much I disliked the saddening truth behind “Murphy’s Law”.

‘You know, it’s your law, Murphy, it’s what you make of it,’ Zoe explained, thumbing through the pages of her own textbook.

I couldn’t help but think she had a good point, although it didn’t stop “Murphy’s Law” being an actual thing which I couldn’t exactly defy.Screenshot-1939After a blur of lectures, last-minute cramming and crazy parties, somehow, I passed my first year with flying colours.Screenshot-1977I celebrated in style, avoiding Raquel as best I could.  Thankfully, with the beauty of social media, I could keep tabs on her whereabouts most of the time.Screenshot-1959Soon it was time for me to leave campus, much to my dismay.  Despite my unlucky attempt with finding a girl who didn’t think I was gay, or one who would manipulate and lie to me, my first year had been pretty damn awesome, and I’d learnt that perhaps it was time to abide by my own law, so to speak, and reach for things even if they were bound to slip out from my grasp and smack me in the face (thanks University library books!).Screenshot-1984Zoe was the only housemate to see me off since Margaret had already headed off home and the rest of my roomies were out partying.  I later learnt that she had the biggest crush on me, ever, but to be honest I had never been really interested in blondes.  Brunettes all the way, sorry Zoe!Screenshot-1986

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