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Chapter 5.8

Chapter 5.8 – These kids have the smarts

Soon enough, young Earl grew up into a child.Screenshot-3955 - CopyHis birthday party was memorable, only for all the wrong reasons.  The main one being that Hayley Bailey decided it was the perfect time to finally join her twin sister, Coco, in the afterlife.Screenshot-3927 - CopySoon after his transition into childhood, Earl started to spend most his time with Saffron playing chess, what with them both being geniuses and all.Screenshot-3976 - CopySaffron, who was fast approaching her teenage years, also enjoyed messing around with her great-great grandfather Fudge’s old chemistry set, making strange potions.Screenshot-3910 - CopyOccasionally, the results of playing with severely dangerous chemicals were not good.Screenshot-3924 - CopyHer twin sister, Peach, was more into creating painting animals and food, mainly because she had not developed any real interesting traits over the years.Screenshot-3969 - CopyAs for the younger set of twins, they had grown up into cute looking toddlers, although Cointreau was still evil and had recently learnt how to twist nipples.Screenshot-4001For this reason, Jameson much preferred holding Frangelico, as per his joyful facial expression. Screenshot-4003Although happy that most of his children were growing up to be fine little specimens, Jameson did not like the fact that he was getting slightly older each day and that the amount of wrinkles appearing on his face seemed to be slowly increasing every passing week.Screenshot-3904 - CopyMika, on the other hand, did not look a day over twenty, thanks to her apparent Asian genes.  Screenshot-3999Still, Mika found Jameson attractive, and the poor children had to put up with the obvious fact that their parents were still very much sexually active, since they were still not married.Screenshot-3987Cointreau and Frangelico soon started asking questions as to why Mummy and Daddy were not wedded (they caught onto things quickly thanks to the influence of their older siblings).  Mika tried to explain things in the best way possible.

‘You see, sometimes mummies and daddies want to enjoy their lives before tying themselves down to the commitment of marriage.’ Screenshot-3984‘Then why have you had five children?’ Frangelico asked, looking up from her picture book, watching as a “that’s a good point” expression appeared across her mum’s face. Screenshot-3983This chapter will end with Fudge eating a moldy plate of cheese, since he can make anything look awesome (and yes, that’s Judd in the background playing pool).Screenshot-3988

Chapter 5.7

Chapter 5.7 – They’ll grow into them

Soon enough, Jameson had almost reached the top of his acrobat career, which meant he had received a new costume during that time, which Mika appeared to love a little too much.Screenshot-3772Screenshot-3773Anyways, main household aside, Mew the old family cat was getting along just fine now that she was living with Murphy and his family (including his Aunt Hayley, who was still kicking around despite being ancient).Screenshot-3780She had developed a phobia of flip-flops, however.Screenshot-3781Judd, who had not remarried or anything since Coco had died, would often pop round for a visit, particularly to see how his grandchildren, Francisco (who was approaching teen-hood) and Wanda, were doing. Screenshot-3785Sadly, on one specific visit, Judd suffered from a fatal heart attack whilst he was cuddling Wanda.Screenshot-3786The result of this was not good.Screenshot-3793Amaretto and Aaron (who were also visiting at the time) could only watch on in horror as Judd awaited his obvious fate.Screenshot-3795Even Mew was devastated.  She had quite liked Judd as he used to the be the only one who really bothered to feed her when she had originally lived with him.Screenshot-3800When old Grimmy finally bothered to show up, Judd dropped down to his knees and begged.  He had not completed his life time goal of rescuing thirty people from death, so felt somewhat unfulfilled with his life.Screenshot-3810‘Get up, you,’ the Grim Reaper said in response.  A small smile then flashed across his face. ‘I’m feeling slightly generous today, so maybe I’ll let you live.’Screenshot-3811Unfortunately, it turned out  that he was lying.Screenshot-3814As always, everyone got over Judd’s death as time ticked by and Mika fell pregnant yet again.Screenshot-3859By this point, Earl was a toddler with a pretty awesome looking haircut.Screenshot-3848And the twins, Peach and Saffron, were now children who were yet to grow into their noses. Screenshot-3858At least from a distance no one could tell they had unfortunate looking honkers.   Screenshot-3873Mika fell into labour a few weeks earlier than anticipated.  Jameson was out and about securing acrobat gigs at the time, and Tremayne was teaching Earl how to walk and talk, so the only person who could physically take her to the hospital was Irish, who was temporarily haunting the house.Screenshot-3875‘Screw that,’ Irish said, before she vanished back into the spirit world.Screenshot-3876Needless to say, Mika was not a very happy bunny.Screenshot-3877Eventually Mika got to the hospital where she gave birth to another set of twin girls.  Her and Jameson named these ones Cointreau and Frangelico.Screenshot-3883Screenshot-3884Jameson and Mika soon quickly learnt that there was something slightly off about Cointreau by the way she constantly kept trying to strangle and pinch them.  Screenshot-3885It was as if she had developed an evil trait of some kind…

Chapter 5.6

Chapter 5.6 – Things may be manic, but please don’t panic  

In time, Mika fell pregnant again.  A few people frowned upon this because Jameson and her had not yet got married, but everyone else did not really care seeing as they knew the stone-age years had longed passed.Screenshot-3643In celebration of her 15th or so grandchild, Coco organised a pool party where she used the epic cooking skills she had somehow developed to grill up some horse meat pork sausages.    Screenshot-3647Mika and Jameson abused utilized this time to get some rest and relaxation in, knowing full too well that eventually their household would be overrun by snotty-faced children.Screenshot-3644Screenshot-3648To be honest though, Tremayne had pretty much raised and looked after the twins since they had been born, with the help of Malibu’s pet dog,   Toule, who for some reason enjoyed hanging out with Tremayne.Screenshot-3650After the party had ended, and Coco had partly cleaned up the mess, she started to feel a little bit strange and woozy.Screenshot-3670It turned out that it wasn’t indigestion, but actually that Death had finally decided to come collect her.Screenshot-3673Despite she’d had a good run, it was sad for the rest of the family (including Jameson) to see her perish.Screenshot-3689However, Coco was adamant that her time was not up, and promptly begged Old Grimmy, who had long ago given up on wearing robes and stuff, to give her a few extra years because she wanted to prove she could be an awesome grandmother (to make amends for being a terrible mother).   Screenshot-3696‘Bitch, please,’ the Grim Reaper said, ‘I couldn’t care less.  Your time is up, so deal with it.’Screenshot-3699And with that, Coco was sent off to the realm of spirits, and a shiny urn was all that remained.Screenshot-3684Despite receiving a cozy payout from the museum, Jameson realised that life was a lot shorter than he had originally anticipated, so made sure to spend as much time with Peach and Saffron as possible (mostly Peach as she was his secret favourite).Screenshot-3717Saffron did not mind this however, since she was a toddler, and could barely manage to eat her food properly without adult supervision anyway. Screenshot-3747Screenshot-3748A few months after Coco’s bones were donated to the science museum, Mika’s body decided it was time to go into labour.  She did her best to try and stay calm, and asked Jameson to do the same. Screenshot-3737‘Holy crap, we haven’t even packed your bag for the hospital, and the baby’s gonna rip you in half!’ Jameson cried out, after trying so hard not to cause a fuss for a full twenty seconds.Screenshot-3739His words did not fill Mika with much confidence or reassurance.Screenshot-3738Somehow, she managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy, who was later named Earl.  Not after the TV show, but because Mika had enjoyed drinking earl grey tea during her pregnancy. Screenshot-3744And so, Mika and Jameson ventured home, happy and content, ready and raring to raise another child.Screenshot-3745      


Chapter 5.5

Chapter 5.5 – Bumps and Bulges

Mika eventually moved into the Bailey household, and before long her and Jameson were spending pretty much every Friday night at the local karaoke bar, what with Mika being partly Japanese and all.Screenshot-3494Neither of them were particularly talented singers, so eardrums were destroyed, and the venue soon enough became overrun by cats. Screenshot-3495It seemed appropriate one Friday for Jameson to propose to Mika, right after that had sung “Don’t go breaking my heart”.Screenshot-3504She happily accepted; the commute between her home-world and his was becoming a bit of a nightmare, not to mention the expenses were only raking up.Screenshot-3511They hugged, and then resumed butchering well-known songs. Screenshot-3515As time continued to pass on by, Coco decided it was time to retire from the professional sports field.  She celebrated with awesome sunglasses and lots of confetti. Screenshot-3564And then she proceeded to mediate in one of the bathrooms. Screenshot-3541From doing this she managed to locate her inner peace and finally decided to apologise to Jameson about being an awful mother.Screenshot-3556Jameson pretended to accept his mother’s apology since she was blissfully unaware that he was planning to donate her bones on to the local museum once she had died.Screenshot-3560Screenshot-3559As time went on, Jameson and Mika became comfortable with carrying out their daily bathroom business together.  Screenshot-3526That was until the day Jameson forgot to flush the toilet.Screenshot-3535Screenshot-3538 It turned out that Mika was pregnant (which explained some of the nausea), so she decided to throw a little party to celebrate the parasite new life in her stomach.Screenshot-3586However, wires were crossed, and Hayley, who had thought the party was hen-do, ended up hiring a stripper, with quite an unimpressive bulge. Screenshot-3576Screenshot-3570Needless to say, the other girls weren’t too impressed. Screenshot-3569Especially Amaretto, what with her being a lesbian and all that jazz.Screenshot-3578Jameson continued being an awesome acrobat and managed not to overwork himself.  Screenshot-3584He even managed to secure a permanent gig at the local karaoke bar, because the crowd loved him so much.      Screenshot-3592Screenshot-3591Eventually, as nature intended, Mika went into labour.  Screenshot-3608After a grueling day or two, Jameson and Mika left the hospital with twin girls, whom were promptly named Peach and Saffron.Screenshot-3612Screenshot-3611Ricky was so pleased with the birth of his great-great-great granddaughters that he made himself a strawberry snow-cone to celebrate, despite he couldn’t particularly taste it being a ghost and everything.Screenshot-3525‘Unlike me,’ Judd proceeded to brag, before taking a huge bite out from his chocolate Popsicle. Screenshot-3544

Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5.3 – Breakdown

As the months continued to run on by, Jameson had become so in demand that he had secured a permanent weekly gig slot at Flying V’s coffee house.  Clearly he was elated by this news.Screenshot-3322He continued to juggle things, particularly really sharp swords, and eventually managed to stop slicing his arms apart with them.Screenshot-3336Everyone loved his acrobatic skills, particularly his family members who did their best to turn up to his shows and support him.  Of course, Coco still refused to show up, but not like he cared. Screenshot-3335Things seemed to be going swimmingly until one evening, when Jameson was about to do a bit of furniture rearranging with the aid of his parents.  As he reached the foot of the bed, his head started to cloud and his vision blurred.Screenshot-3303Then, without so much as murmur escaping from his lips, he collapsed onto the rug.Screenshot-3308A gasp escaped from Judd as he stared down at his son.  He wondered for a few seconds if Jameson had started drinking heavily again, but then came to the conclusion that the poor young guy had just passed out due to exhaustion.   Screenshot-3306Coco reluctantly called for an ambulance, after she had made a pizza delivery order of course, knowing now that she would not have enough time to cook dinner. Screenshot-3307By the following morning, Amaretto had head about the news, and so she instantly cornered Coco and accused her of allowing Jameson to overexert himself.  Screenshot-3316‘Honey,’ Coco replied, ‘Jameson is grown up, like yourself, and so he’s responsible for every action he takes.  I can’t be blamed for his stupidity now, can I?’  Screenshot-3319Amaretto stared at her mother with a deadpan expression.  Clearly Coco was so disillusioned that she was unable to recognize that she was a terrible human being, so Amaretto knew she had to tackle this issue on her own.    Screenshot-3309So, once Jameson was out of hospital and back on his feet, Amaretto settled down with him as they ate dinner to have a little discussion with him regarding his current occupation, and how the strain of it was obviously causing him more harm than good.Screenshot-3356‘So, you know, maybe you should look for an alternative career path, like becoming a business man or something.’ Screenshot-3358Jameson gazed at Amaretto in disbelief.  As if he was going to give up his awesome career for the sake of his health!   He politely explained this to Amaretto, trying his hardest not to smash his empty plate across her pretty face.Screenshot-3359Although sullen, Amaretto refused to give up so easily.  Using the time machine which Tremayne had built many years ago, she traveled forwards in time in hope to discover what would be done to solve the issue in the next chapter so then she could make sure it would definitely happen.Screenshot-3223All she now had to do was put the ball into motion in time for the next chapter to pan out in the same way she had viewed it. Screenshot-3224

Chapter 4.12

Chapter 4.12- Who to pick?

One delightful autumn morning, the Bailey teens were all sat around the breakfast table munching away on some delicious pancakes Murphy had prepared.Screenshot-1810‘I can’t help but notice that Mum or Dad haven’t picked one of us to take over the Bailey legacy,’ Amaretto said, tapping her fingers against the palm of her hand, ‘and it isn’t long until Murphy turns eighteen.’Screenshot-1808‘They’ll make a decision soon enough,’ Jameson reassured, concentrating to balance his plate on his hand despite his body was shaking from alcohol withdrawal, ‘that or they’ll decide to get someone else to decide.’Screenshot-1809‘Obviously it’s a choice between Malibu and I,’ Amaretto responded, turning to her sister.  ‘Women just make better inheritors.’Screenshot-1806‘I beg to differ,’ Murphy cut into the conversation.  ‘I hear that our Great-Grandfather Fudge was the most awesome man in existence   Most Bailey men are in fact.  Even Uncle Cookie has his own art gallery set up.’Screenshot-1812‘Whatever, I have a cat,’ Malibu said, after getting up from her chair with Mew tucked under her arm, as the other teenagers followed suit, ‘so if I don’t become heiress, I’ll just become an evil genius instead and live in that volcano lair on the island.’Screenshot-1815Now, since Jameson knew his Mum was the ultimate decision maker and that she did not really like him, he decided to try to warm her heart by taking an interest in his health and fitness.  Turned out that Jameson was a natural athlete, so exercise came easy to him.  Screenshot-1785‘Don’t think that working out with me is going to get you any brownie points, kid.  You’ll never make a worthy heir, and even if you were, I wouldn’t pick you,’ Coco announced, voice all high and mighty, despite she did not even have the “snob” trait.Screenshot-1786Bitch, please, it doesn’t matter who you pick to be heir.  In ten years time you’ll be old and forgotten about.  You’ll have saggy tits, so no one will want you, not even Dad.’ Screenshot-1787Coco pretended that Jameson’s comments did not get to her, however, the following weekend she decided to throw a costume party.  This was partly because it was Halloween, but mostly because she was now slightly paranoid about being portrayed as a boring old bag of wrinkles.Screenshot-1780Murphy decided to recycle the costume he used one Halloween as a child, only now it made him look somewhat smexy and not a Johnny Depp rip-off / potential lawsuit.Screenshot-1821Malibu decided to do something different and dressed up as a scuba-diver, somehow managing to pull it off pretty well.Screenshot-1822Amaretto opted for a cowgirl outfit since it was usually a safe bet.Screenshot-1820And Jameson dressed up as a hot-dog, as you do.Screenshot-1819The guests soon arrived, and instantly Jameson was drawn to a rather tanned looking individual called Nina.Screenshot-1828Jameson quickly decided that this girl would become his girlfriend.Screenshot-1830And so Jameson proceeded to woo her with funny cat videos.  Yes, really.   Screenshot-1826Malibu and Amaretto were not particularly impressed by the male talent (such as the man below), so they kept their knickers firmly on that night.  Screenshot-1824Murphy, who ditched his costume because Mew the cat threw up all over him after eating a piece of chocolate, was pleasantly surprised when he went to answer the door to one particular trick-or-treater. Screenshot-1833She was a couple of years younger than him and had wide innocent Bambi eyes which literally just gave Murphy the instant horn.  Screenshot-1836Screenshot-1835Well now, a pretty girl like you deserves a treat,’ Murphy smoothly said, dropping a few packets of Haribo into her basket (oi oi).Screenshot-1837He then promptly invited her to attend his 18th birthday party, which was to be held in a few months time at the venue the Bailey family were renowned for booking their parties.Screenshot-1839Sadly, Murphy’s crush turned out to be a bit of an evil bitch and completely ignored him on the day of his party and ended up getting off with a random fat bloke.Screenshot-1863Murphy ended up spending most the night with an annoying guy who had not even been invited to the party.Screenshot-1850The main thing was that Jameson enjoyed himself, so naturally nothing else mattered.Screenshot-1852Well, that’s the end of Generation 4!  For the first time in this legacy, the choice of the next generation heir/heiress is completely yours.  There will be a few bonus chapters of all the candidates going to University during the next week or two, and the poll to vote for who you want to front Generation 5 will be posted up somewhere during this time, so stay tuned.

We end this generation on a picture of Mew the cat, because she is rather awesome and there was not enough screenshots of her in this chapter.Screenshot-1769

Chapter 4.11

Chapter 4.11 – Cats and Alcoholism

To celebrate the triplets transition into teen-hood, Judd and Murphy organised a beach party.  The turnout was not too bad considering Judd had managed to murder half of the island through his negligence during emergency call outs. Screenshot-1578Coco, as always, took an interest in her children and certainly did not spend the entire day reading the same book … Screenshot-1572A few more years slipped by and soon the triplets were budding into mini-adults.  Malibu even developed an orientation trait of the family variety. Screenshot-1630Amaretto inherited her father’s “brave” behaviour she was even capable of using the bathroom after Murphy had been in there to expel food from his system.  Screenshot-1627And Jameson, after years of torment from Coco, gained an immunity to any form of humor, and now took every little bloody thing seriously.Screenshot-1619Anyways, because Coco and Judd thought Malibu was now old and responsible enough, they allowed her to adopt a cat from the local animal shelter.  She picked an adult La Perm whom  she named Mew, short for Mewton Mewingtonworth.Screenshot-1646She was an adorable, playful animal, and Mew enjoyed spending time with her. Screenshot-1692Screenshot-1695As for Amaretto, she was still enthusiastic about inventing things.Screenshot-1677She had always become a bit of DIY expect around the house, fixing all the stuff that Tremayne had not bothered to repair since the start of the third generation.Screenshot-1748Sadly, Jameson had developed a bit of alcohol addiction.  He was often found passed out on the floor before 9pm.Screenshot-1656Judd, being all super fit, did not approve of this. Screenshot-1655It often made him reflect on some of the emergencies he had to handle at work. Screenshot-1657‘Silly woman.  Had to go and get yourself trapped under some rubble, didn’t you?’Screenshot-1737One afternoon, when Jameson returned home from another heavy drinking session, throwing up all over the place, Judd stormed out from the house and marched right up to him.Screenshot-1720‘I will not have an alcoholic son!’ Judd shouted, finally at breaking point from Jameson’s drunken behavior, and the awesome tan he had seemed to have obtained from the recent sunny weather.  ‘It’s so embarrassing, people are laughing at me at the fire-station and everything.’Screenshot-1722‘The hell?  You and mum have never understood me!’ Jameson protested back, his voice a little slurred, before turning away sharply.  ‘Maybe it’ll be better if I just left!’Screenshot-1721‘Yeah, that taught him,’ Judd muttered as he watched Jameson stumble off, luckily not into the path of any oncoming traffic, only towards their nearby drinking hole.Screenshot-1725‘Man, I’m a great parent,’ Judd thought.Screenshot-1724However, Captain Admiral, who was obviously telepathic, did not agree at all.Screenshot-1696

Chapter 4.10

Chapter 4.10 – Oh, so animals don’t bend that way

Still looking to become a better parent, Coco decided it was about time to learn how to cook .  Screenshot-1568After all, the children were not exactly getting a nutritious and well-balanced diet with the crap she usually fed them.Screenshot-1569Screenshot-1551Unfortunately, Coco’s cooking did not go down too well.Screenshot-1487As for Murphy, he was growing up fast and was about to embark on his prom night.  Unfortunately the dapper little dude had no date (goodness knows why!), but still, he planned to have a jolly good time like his Great-Granddad Fudge had (please refer to Chapter 1.5.)Screenshot-1547‘Have a great time, Murphy!  Remember, if you don’t end up  kissing anyone don’t worry, I’m more than triple your age and  haven’t even had my first kiss yet, but look how happy and emotionally stable I am!’Screenshot-1549Screenshot-1550A few days later, Malibu found a lovely stray cat when the family went on an outing to the spring festival.Screenshot-1506Scooping the warm bundle of fluff up into her hand, she showed him off to the rest of the family, including Tremayne.  He screeched in excitement and asked if he could hold her.Screenshot-1507Sadly, Malibu learnt the hard way that Tremayne was not programmed to handle animals.Screenshot-1504What was worse was that the cat was actually not a stray… nor was he very much alive after breaking his neck and spine rather severely.  Screenshot-1505After this little incident, Tremayne paid Amaretto a lot of money for her to build him a module for his innards which would allow him to play and nurture animals without brutally killing them.  Screenshot-1562With his secret money stash from his military job, Tremayne purchased a sweet little pet ratty.  He figured it was best to test the waters with a smaller critter before going for a puppy or something.  Screenshot-1542Screenshot-1541‘You’re my best friend, Lenny,’ Tremayne said, gazing down at his rat’s beady little eyes.  ‘Nothing is ever going to tear us apart.’  Screenshot-1553‘Ever.’Sad Lenny

Chapter 4.9

Chapter 4.9 – But I love you, Kate…

A few years later, Murphy managed to morph into a rather handsome looking teenager.  He even decided to change his hairstyle since he had not changed his style since being a toddler. Screenshot-1412Coco was now a brown belt in whatever martial art it was that she did.Screenshot-1525

It was amazing she had accomplished this, considering how “special” she could be at the best of times.

‘Yum, rain!’Screenshot-1369Judd had turned all badass and, after a few more promotions, decided he had the skills to pull off wearing “bad boy” shades for work.  Screenshot-1370He even mastered the disapproving scowl to go with it.Screenshot-1371However, Judd was quick to learn that sunglasses do not particularly help you put out a fire any faster, so a few buildings and lives were lost sadly.Screenshot-1420The Bailey family also had their first robbery in what felt like decades (aka since the first generation).  Screenshot-1422‘The hell are you?’ Amaretto questioned whilst she made her morning march towards the kitchen.Screenshot-1425‘Clearly not the tooth fairy, am I?’Screenshot-1424Moments later, the door flung open, and in ran the rather belated policewoman, considering the alarms had been going off for over two hours.Screenshot-1426‘God damn it, Kate, stop running off like that!  I love you!’Screenshot-1428‘I’m sorry, Rachel,’ Kate sobbed, turning her back on Rachel, guilty expression washed across her face.  ‘You know that I’m terrible when it comes to romance and relationships.  I just wish…’Screenshot-1430‘Not interested.  Take your dramas and get the hell out of our legacy!’ Malibu interrupted the attempted side-story.Screenshot-1431‘I has a new favourite child!’ Tremayne thought, doing his best to smile without looking too creepy.   Screenshot-1434After that Tremayne decided to start following Malibu everywhere.  All well and good, until she finally noticed he was stalking her just as she was about to use the toilet.Screenshot-1443‘Get the hell out.’Screenshot-1444Screenshot-1441Meanwhile, Coco was looking to address her issues and started to read a book called ‘How to be an Awesome Parent’, which had actually been written by Ricky Bailey many moons ago.Screenshot-1356‘You’re a terrible mother, that book is not going to help you become any better,’ Irish ever so kindly informed her daughter as she floated by her in spirit form, holding a delicious looking snow cone.Screenshot-1357This chapter will end with a picture of Jameson looking solemn and alone, because this is how he feels due to Coco’s bad parenting ability.  Thanks for that, Coco.Screenshot-1447

Chapter 4.8

Chapter 4.8 – ‘Class A’ Child Abuse

Coco and Judd continued to work out to aid with their lifetime wishes, and to keep their looks and bodies in mint condition since neither of them really had likable personalities (given one was robophobic, and the other was a complete and utter troll).  Screenshot-1332The children were starting to grow more into their own personalities and faces.  Malibu would literally approach and play with every cat she came across, which meant she often returned home covered in fleas and smelling of catnip.Screenshot-1318She also enjoyed painting, although she mostly only painted cats.Screenshot-1322Amaretto was not really into cats like Malibu was, but she still owned a pair of cat pajamas, because she believed she was the cat’s pajamas, plus Malibu had got them for her as a Christmas present so it was rude not to wear them really.  They were best friends after all…

‘If you don’t wear them, I’ll cut you!’Screenshot-1337Amaretto was also fairly creative.  She thoroughly enjoyed building things with oversized Lego bricks and was actually considering becoming an inventor when she was older.Screenshot-1321The boys, Murphy and Jameson, had a less catty relationship than the girls.  Although Murphy was nearing his teenage years, he still enjoyed spending time with his younger brother, attempting to guide him along the right path in life.

‘So, when you drown someone, you want to push down hard, like this.’Screenshot-1333He then proceeded to show Jameson how to dispose of a body, using a single pillow case.Screenshot-1328‘Just make sure you dump it before rigor mortis kicks in,’ Murphy advised.Screenshot-1330Although Coco loved all her children, like most mothers she had her favourites.  Unfortunately, Jameson was not one of these.

‘Amagawwwd, that Jameson is such a loser!’ Coco announced over breakfast one morning. ‘And he sometimes smells a bit funky.’Screenshot-1349‘Oh, hey, Jameson.’ Screenshot-1347‘So, yeah, he’s a bit of a strange kid really, unlike you, Murphy.’

‘I’m still here, Mum,’ Jameson said, although his voice went unheard since Coco was still continuing to slate him, Judd also joining in as he grabbed his breakfast cake from the fridge.Screenshot-1348If there was any child who would be likely to grow up into a serial killer, Jameson was probably your number one candidate with this sort of parenting and upbringing in general.  Screenshot-1352Meanwhile, upstairs, Tremayne was dancing, because he was practicing to enter “Strictly Come Dancing”.  Sadly, he would later find out that robots were not allowed to participate on the show.  Plus he did not have a  dancing partner, so that did not really do him a lot of favours either.  Better luck next time, old chap.Screenshot-1340

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