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Chapter 4.12

Chapter 4.12- Who to pick?

One delightful autumn morning, the Bailey teens were all sat around the breakfast table munching away on some delicious pancakes Murphy had prepared.Screenshot-1810‘I can’t help but notice that Mum or Dad haven’t picked one of us to take over the Bailey legacy,’ Amaretto said, tapping her fingers against the palm of her hand, ‘and it isn’t long until Murphy turns eighteen.’Screenshot-1808‘They’ll make a decision soon enough,’ Jameson reassured, concentrating to balance his plate on his hand despite his body was shaking from alcohol withdrawal, ‘that or they’ll decide to get someone else to decide.’Screenshot-1809‘Obviously it’s a choice between Malibu and I,’ Amaretto responded, turning to her sister.  ‘Women just make better inheritors.’Screenshot-1806‘I beg to differ,’ Murphy cut into the conversation.  ‘I hear that our Great-Grandfather Fudge was the most awesome man in existence   Most Bailey men are in fact.  Even Uncle Cookie has his own art gallery set up.’Screenshot-1812‘Whatever, I have a cat,’ Malibu said, after getting up from her chair with Mew tucked under her arm, as the other teenagers followed suit, ‘so if I don’t become heiress, I’ll just become an evil genius instead and live in that volcano lair on the island.’Screenshot-1815Now, since Jameson knew his Mum was the ultimate decision maker and that she did not really like him, he decided to try to warm her heart by taking an interest in his health and fitness.  Turned out that Jameson was a natural athlete, so exercise came easy to him.  Screenshot-1785‘Don’t think that working out with me is going to get you any brownie points, kid.  You’ll never make a worthy heir, and even if you were, I wouldn’t pick you,’ Coco announced, voice all high and mighty, despite she did not even have the “snob” trait.Screenshot-1786Bitch, please, it doesn’t matter who you pick to be heir.  In ten years time you’ll be old and forgotten about.  You’ll have saggy tits, so no one will want you, not even Dad.’ Screenshot-1787Coco pretended that Jameson’s comments did not get to her, however, the following weekend she decided to throw a costume party.  This was partly because it was Halloween, but mostly because she was now slightly paranoid about being portrayed as a boring old bag of wrinkles.Screenshot-1780Murphy decided to recycle the costume he used one Halloween as a child, only now it made him look somewhat smexy and not a Johnny Depp rip-off / potential lawsuit.Screenshot-1821Malibu decided to do something different and dressed up as a scuba-diver, somehow managing to pull it off pretty well.Screenshot-1822Amaretto opted for a cowgirl outfit since it was usually a safe bet.Screenshot-1820And Jameson dressed up as a hot-dog, as you do.Screenshot-1819The guests soon arrived, and instantly Jameson was drawn to a rather tanned looking individual called Nina.Screenshot-1828Jameson quickly decided that this girl would become his girlfriend.Screenshot-1830And so Jameson proceeded to woo her with funny cat videos.  Yes, really.   Screenshot-1826Malibu and Amaretto were not particularly impressed by the male talent (such as the man below), so they kept their knickers firmly on that night.  Screenshot-1824Murphy, who ditched his costume because Mew the cat threw up all over him after eating a piece of chocolate, was pleasantly surprised when he went to answer the door to one particular trick-or-treater. Screenshot-1833She was a couple of years younger than him and had wide innocent Bambi eyes which literally just gave Murphy the instant horn.  Screenshot-1836Screenshot-1835Well now, a pretty girl like you deserves a treat,’ Murphy smoothly said, dropping a few packets of Haribo into her basket (oi oi).Screenshot-1837He then promptly invited her to attend his 18th birthday party, which was to be held in a few months time at the venue the Bailey family were renowned for booking their parties.Screenshot-1839Sadly, Murphy’s crush turned out to be a bit of an evil bitch and completely ignored him on the day of his party and ended up getting off with a random fat bloke.Screenshot-1863Murphy ended up spending most the night with an annoying guy who had not even been invited to the party.Screenshot-1850The main thing was that Jameson enjoyed himself, so naturally nothing else mattered.Screenshot-1852Well, that’s the end of Generation 4!  For the first time in this legacy, the choice of the next generation heir/heiress is completely yours.  There will be a few bonus chapters of all the candidates going to University during the next week or two, and the poll to vote for who you want to front Generation 5 will be posted up somewhere during this time, so stay tuned.

We end this generation on a picture of Mew the cat, because she is rather awesome and there was not enough screenshots of her in this chapter.Screenshot-1769

Chapter 4.6

Chapter 4.6 – Pumpkins and further Tremayne abuse

Decision making was usually a difficult trial for Coco.  She could barely settle on what to have for breakfast most mornings.  Screenshot-1164However, when it came down to listening to her oldest son, Murphy, and her brother-in-law, Dale Peacock, doing a duet of ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ on the karaoke machine, she was quick to make her mind up.

‘You guys suck, get off the stage!’ Coco yelled, perhaps judging them a little too harshly.Screenshot-1166Anyways, the reason why Murphy was dressed up like a mixture between Jack Skellington, Beetlejuice and and Captain Jack Sparrow was because it was Halloween, believe it or not.Screenshot-1153Self-confidence completely knocked by his own mother, Murphy set out in the pouring rain on his bike to do a bit of trick-or-treating.  Screenshot-1154All was ok though since Murphy had an awesome multi-coloured striped umbrella to help delay the inevitable arrival of pneumonia.Screenshot-1155Once he returned home, and Tremayne and Ricky had stolen all of his candy, he decided to divulge in a bit of pumpkin carving action, alongside all the other family, besides the triplets (who were obviously too young), and Hayley and Dale because they were probably having sexy time somewhere in the house.  Most likely the shower.Screenshot-1172Screenshot-1169Screenshot-1171Tremayne also decided to join in, just because he could.Screenshot-1170Murphy ended up carving out a cute cat face.Screenshot-1176Coco ended up carving the expression had made when she had found out about the horse meat scandal.Screenshot-1177Judd went down the boring generic path since he was already a hot fireman, so it would have been unfair if he had been ultra-talented at pumpkin carving too.Screenshot-1178As for Tremayne, he created something that looked like, if it had actual brains and self-awareness, it would beg to be put out of its own misery.Screenshot-1175There, there Tremayne.  Maybe one day you won’t be such a failure.Screenshot-1174

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