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Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3 – Never trust a Fireman’s pole

It didn’t take too long for Frangelico to become a local celebrity thanks to her questionable awesome singing / whistling ability.Screenshot-6028Using their wealthy expenses, Frangelico and her boyfriend, Jerry Wheeler, bought a lovely three bedroom house on the nice side of town and decided to get married a few months later.Screenshot-5987After that, it wasn’t long at all before Frangelico became pregnant.Screenshot-6040Eventually, she ended up having a baby boy, whom Jerry named after his favourite Pokemon character.Franny is a mummy

As for Saffron, for once her love life actually existed.  She had met a strapping young man on a night out with a few of her co-workers.  His name was Max Grant and naturally he was the biggest douchebag who worked at the local fire station.  He had a reputation of bedding a different girl pretty much every week.  He also had two children from two different woman, one of these ladies being his older brother’s wife (true in game story).Screenshot-6034Completely smitten, Saffron quickly moved in with him and also often stopped by to visit him after she had finished work, despite at first he refused to let her kiss him, his excuse being that it wasn’t a professional thing for him to do in front of his work colleagues.Screenshot-6036Screenshot-6037Saffron sensed that this wasn’t normal behaviour, particularly because his co-workers were not in the same room as them half the time she visited.Screenshot-6038Eventually Saffron had enough.  One afternoon, she marched straight up to Max and forced her lips against his, right in front of his best friend, Peter Ferris.Screenshot-6054Being a bit of a sex maniac, Max went with the flow.Screenshot-6055‘I want you,’ Max panted, breath hot against her mouth, ‘let’s take this to the sofa.’Screenshot-6059‘Dude, I’m still in the room!’ Peter exclaimed, although Saffron did not give a flying fuck.Screenshot-6056This opinion was cemented when she proceeded to pole dance on the fireman’s pole. Then she had sex with Max on the sofa, with Peter still sitting there, too terrified to move.Screenshot-6053Literally days later, Saffron decided to propose to Max.  She thought she had tamed the beast, you see.Screenshot-6090Being a materialistic arsehole, he accepted her proposal.Screenshot-6091‘I wonder how much cash I can get from this at the pawn shop?’ Max said, accidentally out loud instead of thinking it.Screenshot-6093‘What?’ Saffron said, before Max quickly pulled her into a warm embrace.

‘I was joking,’ Max laughed, before adding that she was the love of his life and that he would treat her like a princess forever and ever.Screenshot-6096Unfortunately he was lying.God dammit MaxTheir engagement had lasted barely a week.  It turned out that he’d also been seeing some girl he’d met at the laundromat who had strange looking breasts.Screenshot-6152Check them out!Screenshot-6156To add insult to injury, Saffron’s ex from University, Garry, proudly announced, a few days later, that he was now a father.Garry is a daddy lolFortunately, Saffron decided that suicide was not the answer and put all her focus into her career, swearing to never let another man mess her around again.  To cement her new found independence, she moved out from Max’s apartment and bought her own place using her awesome salary.  

Naturally, Cointreau and Jeffery, who had moved into the Bailey household a few months ago, had a laugh and joke when they heard about Saffron’s misadventures with love. Screenshot-6003Jeffery then reminded Cointreau that he was all hot and awesome and would never hurt her like Max had done to Saffron.Screenshot-6013Screenshot-6009Cointreau was pleased with this.  She also hoped that since all her siblings had now moved out and stuff that she would be mentioned more in the next few chapters, what with being the founder of this generation and all. Screenshot-6012 

Saffron’s Spice (Part 2)

Saffron’s Spice (Part 2)

Honestly, I should have seen it coming.  Love and relationships are nothing like a simple game of chess; they’re far more confusing and complicated.  Screenshot-4643When Garry Cinder dumped me straight to the curb after we had been seeing each other for almost eighteen months, just because I had suggested our “relationship” should become Facebook official.Screenshot-4911Needless to say, I was livid.  Luckily my twin took care of things, and Garry consequently dropped out from his degree.  I don’t know what she did, or what she said to Garry, and quite honestly I didn’t care, I was just glad he was gone.Screenshot-4654The next few months were a crazy blur, filled with drinking.Screenshot-5123Making new nerdy friends.Screenshot-5108And of course learning new things. Screenshot-4724Peach even encouraged me to start dating again.  Screenshot-4743I had a slight crush on the guy who worked in a vintage style cake shop on the University’s campus who wore over-sized glasses.  He looked like the sort of guy who would never get into trouble, which was perfect.Screenshot-4747Screenshot-4745‘Say something!’ Screenshot-4744‘Erm, hey, I’m Saffron.’Screenshot-4746Despite his shyness, we started hanging out, and it didn’t take long at all for me to discover that he was camper than a row of tents, and that he had a bigger crush on Hugh Jackman than I did.  Still, we remained good friends.Screenshot-5058Although I didn’t quite find love again at University, I did manage to graduate with first class honors, much to my and my family’s delight.  Even my Uncle Murphy, who had studied the same subject at the exact same University, was a very proud man when he heard the news.Screenshot-5166Unfortunately my parents or younger siblings were unable to make my graduation ceremony; travelling to Sim State University from Sunlit Tides was quite a journey after all.  Still, I was thrilled when I received a call from my Father that afternoon.  That was until he started talking. Screenshot-5176When he finally paused momentarily, awaiting a response from me, I hung up without saying another word.  Staring blankly at my phone, like it was a strange growth on my hand,   Screenshot-5174Sunlit Tides would no longer be our home town.  We were moving.  Dad hadn’t gone into details as to why… well, I hadn’t exactly given him the opportunity by prematurely terminating our phone call.  All I knew was that we were moving to Setra.Screenshot-5175And Setra was where Garry lived.

Saffron’s Spice (Part 1)

Saffron’s Spice (Part 1)

I couldn’t wait to go to University; the opportunity to expand my knowledge, experience new people and things, and, of course, the freedom.Screenshot-4719It didn’t take long for me to make an impact on my lecturers and fellow peers.  I’d always been known as a rational thinker, thus it was in my nature to challenge others, particular when it came to their views on scientific theories or medial studies.Screenshot-4675Heated debates were where it was at;  I loved nothing more than a good in-depth discussion.Screenshot-4678This, however, usually ended up driving the rest of the class insane after several minutes.Screenshot-4676And, at times, I could sense that even my lecturers were not best pleased with my assertive attitude.Screenshot-4677Leaving class one afternoon, I vented my frustrations to Garry Cinder, a guy Peach and I had met on a night out.  Although we weren’t studying the same degree, we’d often bump into each other at the student union between or after classes.Screenshot-4689Screenshot-4690Screenshot-4687I liked him because he was one of those rare breeds of men who actually listen to what you have to say, not just glaze over and pretend they know what your garbling on about. Screenshot-4688Still, I wasn’t naive.  I knew he wanted more than friendship, but back then I was wary of everyone and anything who could have potentially distracted me from my studies.Screenshot-4702The following morning, over breakfast, I spoke to Peach about Garry and how overly friendly he seemed to be.  I knew that she got on well with him too, but as I’d never known her to date any guys back at high school I assumed she wasn’t interested in him in the same way I was.Screenshot-4843‘He’s like that with most people… I think he’s a little lonely.  We should invite him over afternoon,’ Peach replied, a smile etching across her face.Screenshot-4841‘Good idea,’ I said, setting my fork down onto the table, butterflies dancing in the pit of my stomach.Screenshot-4846Gazing back across at Peach, I noticed that her expression had changed; she looked more distant, like something was plaguing her mind.

‘Probably worried about Milo,’ I concluded.  She loved her pet horse to bits.Screenshot-4845Screenshot-4844That afternoon, from the moment Garry stepped foot into our halls, he couldn’t keep his hands off me.  It didn’t take me too long to cave in and allow our hormones to run wild.Screenshot-4864Perhaps I was being a bit hasty, but hey, screw it.  You only live once, right?Screenshot-4866

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