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Chapter 9.5

Chapter 9.5 Don’t fear the Repo Man

‘So, who thought this legacy had been abandoned like a puppy on boxing day?’ One of the graduation gnomes asked at the latest gnome committee meeting.gnomemeeting
But now things were back on track. Chilli has grown up to be a good looking teenager with a slightly lopsided face. Probably the side-effects of the poison Tia had been feeding him over the years.
Fortunately, surgery rectified that issue.fixed
Chilli often spent time in the hobby room with a chainsaw. Chillichainsaw
For ‘sculpting’ obviously. Nothing to do with the students that seemed to keep disappearing from his school.Totallynotmurderingthem
Somehow he had ended up with a girlfriend as well. Cari Ferris. Her face was a bit pudgy, but overall she was ok looking. closeup
Basil thought he could do a lot better though.
‘Not gonna lie, son, but she is a bit of a butterface.’
Fortunately, Chilli had no romantic interest in her whatsoever. Or any other girls in general. Cari just had a high tolerance to rohypnol. When she had awoken in his arms whilst he was carrying her upstairs to the hobby room, she had naturally assumed he was taking her up to his room for sexy fun time.
Ever since that day, she had become completely smitten with him.
touchchilli‘Promise you’ll never leave me,’ she would say as she clung onto him for dear life.
‘I’ll be with you until your dying breath,’ Chilli replied, chillingly.hegonnamurderyou
As for Basil and Tia, they were doing alright. They were still married and committed to one another.
‘We can look just as cute as our son and his girlfriend!’ Tia exclaimed as she attempted to replicate the above screenshot with her hubby.copycats
They were still annoyed at Maple for dying during their wedding, so were constantly thrusting their wedding photos at anyone who dared visit their household, such as the picture below.
One evening, Basil was chilling on the bed, waiting for Tia to join him for a bit adult action, when a sinister looking stranger strolled into the room.basilandrepo
‘Honey, when you said you wanted to spice up our marriage, this isn’t what I was expecting!’ Basil called to Tia, who was taking a poo in their en-suite.Poo
It turned out the guy was just the Repo Man and he proceeded to quite rightly take some of their belongings, since they had neglected to pay their bills, despite they could easily afford them. Naturally, he decided to be a dick and announced he would be taking their toilet.
‘If you must,’ Tia sighed, hopping off the porcelin throne.
‘Ugh, on retrospect, you can keep it…’
Bongo then made an entrance, curious as to what all the ruckus was about.
‘Imma steal your dog,’ the repoman, called, say, Ian, decided.
After Bongo had horrifically heroically torn out Ian’s throat, Chilli eagerly assisted with destroying the rest of the evidence.cleanup
A few weeks later, once they had evaded various police investigations, the Baileys threw a party. The reason for this party is long forgotten since it has been two or more years since these screenshots were taken. Maybe it was someone’s birthday, or maybe Ricky had finally come out of the closet. Who knows.
RickeeehTia was asked not to prepare the food, following their last party where she had served up “invisible cheese platters”.  Orion and Kraig had not approved of this.
Fortunately, Fudge turned up and rectified the food situation that day. He had finally graduated to being super-awesome so it seemed.
Ricky also helped out.
‘I’m helping!’
rickyfeltleftout1Anyways, it turned out that this party was to actually celebrate Christmas. Cari, being a bit of a gold-digger, was excited to see what Chilli had bought her.
Opening the present
In hindsight, perhaps buying her a knife shaped vibrator was not the best of moves. wtfisthis
Still, Chilli was displeased when she dragged him off into the kitchen for a stern word. He pondered taking her upstairs to the hobby room, but decided against it when he realised she would probably just assume he wanted to have sex with her.nosexplease
Fortunately, Chilli’s best friend, Sonny Reeder, was at the party, so things were not too miserable. Sonny was his best friend at school, a dishy young chap with a lovely bone structure. His pale complexion and bright yellow eyes were what jumped out the most, as well as the strange tattoo on his neck. Some people thought he was a vampire, but that was a silly accusation since vampires did not exist.watchthisspace
I mean, in a world of aliens, ghosts and Maple, it seemed like a really stupid concept.toomuchgoingon
Orion accused Sonny of being a tri-hard, a comment which did not go down too well giving the Baileys liking for Stephanie Myers. twilight fans
As Basil stood by the window to try and calm down, he looked over at Chilli, then at Sonny, before turning his attention back to Chilli.sulking
Suddenly, everything clicked into place. Waitasec
This young chap was the true object of Chilli’s affections. Cari was just a cleverly disguised beard.prettyvamp
Secretly, Basil had always wanted a gay son, especially one with a vampire fetish, so he decided to fully support what was to come.
Basil drank heavily that night. He was too drunk to make it upstairs to bed, so he ended up camping in a sleeping bag on the kitchen floor, because, screw using the sofas in the living room. kitchenkip
He awoke with a start at around 7am.
‘Bongo, go get Tia!’ Basil screamed when he realised he was somehow infused with the fibres of the sleeping bag.
All in all, it was a pretty standard Bailey party.

Malibu’s Muse (Part 2)

Malibu’s Muse (Part 2)

Once there’s something playing on my mind, I’ve always found it difficult to ignore.  Screenshot-2706Even when I tried to indulge myself in my artwork, my concentration would remain elsewhere, worrying about something that was beyond my control.Screenshot-2682It was not secret or anything that I was seeing Aaron.  He was lovely, and things were going great.Screenshot-2773Although no one battered an eyelid around the University campus, I couldn’t help but begin to wonder what things would be like if we were to live together in Sunlit Tides.  Despite it’s tropical climate, my home world was not particularly famed for its diversity.  I actually couldn’t think of one family who lived there that were dark skinned or were of any other ethnic minority.Screenshot-2769I’d even overheard a few families complain about tourists visiting from China and various other places, and even Tremayne, our Simbot, had taken his fair share of abuse over the years.   I dreaded to think about the comments they would make about Aaron if he ever moved to the island with me.Screenshot-2777Settling down for breakfast one morning, I picked at my food with my fork, dissecting my waffles in hope to find some form of reassurance deep within their doughy sweetness.

‘Morning Bu-face,’ a lively voice greeted, followed by the clunk of a plate settling against the empty table spot besides me.  Screenshot-2750Looking up and over at Jameson, who was eagerly digging into his waffles, I wondered if he would understand my irrational concerns, being my triplet and all.  Screenshot-2752We were often so busy caught up in our own University schedules that we hardly found the time to hang out together or talk about our issues.Screenshot-2753Deciding to grasp this rare opportunity, I found myself  revealing my woes to my (just about) younger brother about inviting Aaron back to Sunlit Tides to meet our family and the rest of the residents.  Being the great listener he was (and always seemed to be particularly with girls), he did not mutter a word until I had stopped talking.Screenshot-2748‘Malibu, I thought you of all people wouldn’t worry about the insignificant,’ Jameson said, a strangely philosophical edge to his voice.  ‘Sure, some people may whisper and stare, but so what?  Those repressed twats are a dying race.’

Ok, so it wasn’t as if the entire island was racist, but there were a few families in-particular who were strongly against immigration, same-sex marriage and the such.

‘I’m just worried about how those twats will treat Aaron,’ I explained, rubbing my hand against my temple.

‘Why don’t you talk to Aaron about it?’ Jameson advised. ‘Find out his actual opinion.’Screenshot-2754So, that very  evening when I met up with Aaron outside The Grotto, I broached the subject with him, although I tried not to sound like a clingy girlfriend who couldn’t wait to move in together with him and start a family.

At first I frowned when Aaron burst into hysterics, but the words which followed soon had me smiling and my heart swelling.Screenshot-2710‘Darling, there’s nothing they could say that I’ve haven’t heard before,’ he spoke with a defiant glint in his eyes.  ‘Anyone that discriminates others for their appearances are idiots.  I’ve never given them the time of day and never will, and they’ll certainly never overthrow our happiness.’Screenshot-2712That was all I needed to hear.  After that, I had no need to fret.  There’s no reason to worry about other people’s ignorance.  The answer had been that simple all along.  As cheesy as it may sound, I guess sometimes it just takes another person’s voice and strength to affirm something.Screenshot-2680

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