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Chapter 8.4

Chapter 8.4 Green Affairs

Life with the fridge people did not turn out as anticipated, so Whitney returned to reality and decided to focus on her own flesh and blood.Screenshot-10942This meant disposing of the things which did not fit this criteria.Screenshot-10988Screenshot-10991Fortunately, Tremayne booted up in time before he and Orion were recycled.  After that the two little misfits were inseparable.Screenshot-10951‘Enough of those misfits!  It’s Christmas, let’s partaaaay!’ Maple announced, ruining  the sentimental opening  to this chapter, and terrifying the poor blond guy standing in front of her.Screenshot-10912‘One of those misfits is my son,’ Sunnup said.  She had been invited to the party by Cory as he thought it would be a good idea for Orion to know that Maple was definitely not his mother, and also because Cory hoped he could participate in a bit of alien intercourse.Screenshot-10911Anyways, Maple had also invited a certain someone along to her party; Devon Hoff, the older brother of a guy she had dated during high school, and also one of her fellow work colleagues.Screenshot-10914This guy if you have to know (Morris Hoff).  Sadly he was married with children.Screenshot-10909Devon was not, thus making him a suitable man.
‘So, err, do you like stuff?’Screenshot-10936‘Devon, Maple is depressed with her current life and wants to bang you in attempt to feel better about herself,’ Almond translated.Screenshot-10937‘Erm, I’m not sure if I want that,’ Devon replied.Screenshot-10935‘It’s you or your brother, and in her current state she would definitely sink that low.’Screenshot-10939So, the following night, Maple ended up setting foot into Devon’s flat.Screenshot-10996‘You promise you won’t break up my brother’s family, right?’ Devon asked, body trembling in fear.Screenshot-11001‘As long as you promise to love me and take me away from my prison of a life!’ Maple chirped.Screenshot-10997‘Of course.’Screenshot-10998Spolier: He did not.Screenshot-11000A few months later, Cory was still being a doting father, despite circumstances had changed once more.Screenshot-11034Screenshot-11035Yes indeed, another little bundle of joy was on the way.Screenshot-11046Cory would have been thrilled, if it had not been for the fact he had not made woohoo with Maple for well over a year.Screenshot-11036Because of this, he had a small suspicion that this baby was not his.Screenshot-11038‘Ya think?’ Fudge sighed, before he continued to munch on the rotten food placed before him.Screenshot-11114Classy as ever.

Murphy’s Law (Part 3)

Murphy’s Law (Part 3)

Embarrassing confession; I had never kissed a girl before.  Her lips were so soft, I felt my entire body light up from head-to-toe.  After a couple of seconds I wasn’t entirely sure what else to do without completely sabotaging the situation, so I pulled away, most likely grinning like an idiot.  Screenshot-1970As I moved my arm away from her hip, I’d hoped for a smile from her, or at least a flushed expression.  Instead, Raquel looked completely terrified, as if I’d whispered in her ear that I was planning on butchering her family.Screenshot-1971‘What the hell?  I’m engaged, Murphy!’ Raquel announced, as if I’d been aware of this from the moment we had first met.  ‘My fiance may not be at University with me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep around like a slut!’Screenshot-1972The look on my face said it all.  The girl was crazy; there was no other way around it.  Screenshot-1974‘You boys are all the same,’ she added before marching out the room, leaving me with the judgmental stares of a few other party-goers.  I furrowed my brow and did my best to hold back my own frustrations.  I couldn’t comprehend why the hell she had she chosen to fall asleep on my bed in the first place if she was supposedly “engaged” and committed to someone, and why she had never mentioned it until now.  She didn’t even have an engagement ring to say otherwise either.Screenshot-1975The following night, as I did some research for an essay which deadline was due in less than three days, I told Zoe about how much of a tease Raquel was (I had concluded she was one of those girls who reveled in male attention) and how much I disliked the saddening truth behind “Murphy’s Law”.

‘You know, it’s your law, Murphy, it’s what you make of it,’ Zoe explained, thumbing through the pages of her own textbook.

I couldn’t help but think she had a good point, although it didn’t stop “Murphy’s Law” being an actual thing which I couldn’t exactly defy.Screenshot-1939After a blur of lectures, last-minute cramming and crazy parties, somehow, I passed my first year with flying colours.Screenshot-1977I celebrated in style, avoiding Raquel as best I could.  Thankfully, with the beauty of social media, I could keep tabs on her whereabouts most of the time.Screenshot-1959Soon it was time for me to leave campus, much to my dismay.  Despite my unlucky attempt with finding a girl who didn’t think I was gay, or one who would manipulate and lie to me, my first year had been pretty damn awesome, and I’d learnt that perhaps it was time to abide by my own law, so to speak, and reach for things even if they were bound to slip out from my grasp and smack me in the face (thanks University library books!).Screenshot-1984Zoe was the only housemate to see me off since Margaret had already headed off home and the rest of my roomies were out partying.  I later learnt that she had the biggest crush on me, ever, but to be honest I had never been really interested in blondes.  Brunettes all the way, sorry Zoe!Screenshot-1986

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