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Chapter 4.10

Chapter 4.10 – Oh, so animals don’t bend that way

Still looking to become a better parent, Coco decided it was about time to learn how to cook .  Screenshot-1568After all, the children were not exactly getting a nutritious and well-balanced diet with the crap she usually fed them.Screenshot-1569Screenshot-1551Unfortunately, Coco’s cooking did not go down too well.Screenshot-1487As for Murphy, he was growing up fast and was about to embark on his prom night.  Unfortunately the dapper little dude had no date (goodness knows why!), but still, he planned to have a jolly good time like his Great-Granddad Fudge had (please refer to Chapter 1.5.)Screenshot-1547‘Have a great time, Murphy!  Remember, if you don’t end up  kissing anyone don’t worry, I’m more than triple your age and  haven’t even had my first kiss yet, but look how happy and emotionally stable I am!’Screenshot-1549Screenshot-1550A few days later, Malibu found a lovely stray cat when the family went on an outing to the spring festival.Screenshot-1506Scooping the warm bundle of fluff up into her hand, she showed him off to the rest of the family, including Tremayne.  He screeched in excitement and asked if he could hold her.Screenshot-1507Sadly, Malibu learnt the hard way that Tremayne was not programmed to handle animals.Screenshot-1504What was worse was that the cat was actually not a stray… nor was he very much alive after breaking his neck and spine rather severely.  Screenshot-1505After this little incident, Tremayne paid Amaretto a lot of money for her to build him a module for his innards which would allow him to play and nurture animals without brutally killing them.  Screenshot-1562With his secret money stash from his military job, Tremayne purchased a sweet little pet ratty.  He figured it was best to test the waters with a smaller critter before going for a puppy or something.  Screenshot-1542Screenshot-1541‘You’re my best friend, Lenny,’ Tremayne said, gazing down at his rat’s beady little eyes.  ‘Nothing is ever going to tear us apart.’  Screenshot-1553‘Ever.’Sad Lenny

Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3.3 – One in, Two out

As time went by, Irish became more and more pregnant each day.   Screenshot-517Eventually, the inevitable happened.Screenshot-522She named her baby boy Cookie, because, quite frankly, she just wanted to.Screenshot-525Fudge was a brilliant Grandfather to Cookie and was thrilled whenever he held him.Screenshot-526Oh, and yes, by then Fudge had managed to become a super-awesome detective.  Sadly, he had still not mastered the art of subtlety.Screenshot-519Crissy, who had given birth to twins, decided to move out the house after realising that she could no longer go through with murdering and/or torturing Irish.  Several years later, she was arrested for a series of arson related deaths and was jailed for life.  A few months after that, the jail burnt down.

It was said that Crissy perished in the flames, but actually she just moved to a different neighbourhood to wreak havoc there.Screenshot-545Anyways, a few months after Cookie’s birth, the island found out that Fudge was a super-awesome detective and held a super-awesome celebration in his honor outside the island’s Town Hall, with balloons and everything.Screenshot-530‘This is so fricking awesome. Would really suck if I died now or something,’ thought Fudge.Screenshot-528Screenshot-532‘Shit.’Screenshot-533‘Your time is up,’ the Grim Reaper announced, pointing his bony finger at Fudge’s ghost.  ‘Plus, your wife, Pippy kept nagging me to bring you to the spirit world.  Damn that woman’s persistent ‘  Screenshot-535‘Yeah, she could nag at the best of times,’ Fudge confessed, with a smile on his face.Screenshot-536‘But, I suppose it’s only fair.  I did have an awesome life, so I guess it’s now time to give those in the afterlife a chance to experience my awesomeness,’ Fudge said.Screenshot-537And, with that, he shook old Grimmy’s hand and requested if he could have a nap before he journeyed to the afterlife.  The Grim Reaper said no.Screenshot-538Clearly, Irish was devastated when she found out about her father’s death, she had been such a Daddy’s girl after all.  Screenshot-541What was more frustrating was that she and Stacey now had to look after Fudge’s clone, Caramel, who was currently going through a phase of thinking he was a pink Yoshi.Screenshot-527Irish and Stacey decided to let Caramel invite a few of his school friend’s over for a sleepover to try and help him forget about Fudge’s death.Screenshot-548That night, Caramel has traumatic nightmares based on the stories Irish had read to him from Ricky Bailey’s books.Screenshot-547So did the kids, who decided to sneakily watch TV in the middle of the night, when Ricky switched the Disney Channel over to a documentary about childbirth.

‘Trolololo!’ Screenshot-549

Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3 – The wedding and pregnancy chapter

Fudge and Pippy wedded on a lovely Spring evening, in their own back garden, because they were classy like that (well, actually, they were too stingy to hire out a fancy venue).  Of course, Fudge donned his awesome blue tuxedo he had worn on his prom night.  Screenshot-234Here is a closeup for your viewing pleasure. Screenshot-236Pippy was happy that Fudge relented and let her cut the lovely cyanide lemon flavoured wedding cake, made by the ghost of Ricky Bailey.Screenshot-246 Screenshot-245It was a smashing wedding, although there was one thought  that kept going through Pippy’s mind throughout the entire ceremony;

Is Fudge wearing make up?’   Screenshot-243‘Damn I’m sexy.  Guyliner rocks!’Screenshot-241Once the guests had left, Pippy and Fudge totally had their own little private celebration in bed.  If ya know what I mean 😉 Screenshot-224And in what felt like a day later, Pippy discovered she was totally pregnancy.  Like, totally.Screenshot-247Although she was pleased, she had to put her acting career on hold as her pregnancy progressed since she struggled to carry out the stunts in her action scenes.Screenshot-253Whilst Fudge was out doing his detective business, Pippy decorated the baby’s room; with help from Tremayne the simbot.  He suggested a space theme for the cot and the mobile hanging above it.  Fudge was responsible for picking out the logic building toy, and the doll’s house.  Screenshot-252Fudge could not get enough of Pippy’s baby bump.  He was fascinated by how she was carrying around a little human being inside her.  Being an inquisitive man, he was constantly investigating the development of her bump.Screenshot-256And he often made jokes about how edible it looked…Screenshot-250 …although he had to reassure her that, unlike his father, he had no intentions of actually trying to do so.

‘He was just an idiot, darling.’Screenshot-251Pippy’s water broke in the middle of the night a few weeks later.Screenshot-257Fudge remained calm and collected.Screenshot-258Several hours later, at the hospital, Pippy gave birth to a little baby girl whom Fudge insisted they called Minty.  Naturally, Minty Bailey was a delight to all.  Screenshot-260 When Fudge picked up the soft bundle of joy for the first time, after leaving the hospital, he stared blankly into her bright greens (inherited from Ricky, obviously) and puffed out his pouty lips.

‘I have no idea what to do with you.’Screenshot-267

Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 – Too sexy for his hat

A year later, Fudge was promoted to Gumshoe.  Despite the increase in his pay packet, all Fudge was really chuffed about was finally having his very own magnifying glass.  Screenshot-201Naturally, Fudge bought a rather dashing looking lab coat with his extra money so he could learn more about forensics and all that stuff, whilst looking stylish.Screenshot-204Of course, he could not be serious and studious all the time.

‘Wheeeeeeee!’ Screenshot-203From reading several other legacies on various blogging websites, Fudge knew he had to propose to his wonderful lady, Pippy at some point so their children would bear his surname.  That was why, one evening at one of their favourite haunts, he got down on one knee.

‘Is your foot ok?’ Pippy asked, her eyes focusing on the toes of Fudge’s right foot, which appeared to be bent back at an angle with suggested that he had very much broken them, horrifically.Screenshot-205Fighting back his tears of agony, Fudge whipped out a purple jewelry box, lined with luxurious velvet, out from his pocket.  Screenshot-208‘Quite frankly we are the most awesome couple ever.  It’s a sin, and it’s against the law, if we don’t get married, which is why I want you to be mine,’ Fudge announced, eyes shining bright with repressed pain.  Pippy hopped up and down, hands cupped over her face, as if her nose was about to fall off due to the pure excitement of the situation.Screenshot-206She promptly snatched the ring out from the box and, after sliding it on her finger, wrapped her arms tightly around her soon-to-be sexy husband.  Screenshot-210The soon-to-be-wed couple threw an engagement bash the following weekend, instead of looking to do something about their invisible kitchen walls.Screenshot-200Pippy thought it would be a great idea to mix a few drinks up, using an old top-secret recipe of Alice’s; it did save spending money on hiring a trained mixologist after all.Screenshot-216Regretfully, she did not anticipate that cyanide was pretty much fatal when consumed.  Screenshot-217Ricky Bailey’s death was a sad one, particularly because his hair appeared to change in ghost form to something rather hideous.Screenshot-215Not like it mattered.  He was shortly replaced by a Simbot called Tremayne anyways, since he had requested for such to happen in his will.

Hey Tremayne!Screenshot-218After grieving, Fudge was happy to discover that his friends from the police station had organised a bachelor party for him.  It was this day that Fudge discovered he looked bloody awesome in a top hat.   Screenshot-213That evening, when a baby pink limo arrived outside his door, Fudge was suspicious, particularly after his friends had protested they had ordered a bright green limo.  Still, he went along with it.  He liked the colour pink anyways, it brought out the colour of his eyes.Screenshot-222However, at the venue, as the party was in full swing, a male stripper showed up at the venue.  Once again, Fudge’s friends swore that they had hired  female lap dancers for him, so were baffled as to why a Baywatch wannabe had shown up.Screenshot-212Turned out that before Ricky had died, he had secretly made a few “alterations” to the bachelor party since he had never had his own, so was jealous.

Once a troll, always a troll.

‘Trololo, problem?’Screenshot-221

Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 – Keep calm and be awesome

The Bailey family quickly fell in love with Sunlit Tides; except for Alice Bailey because she had enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city, for some bizarre reason.  Still, they had no choice but to move because of Ricky flashing his willy to almost the entirety of Bridgeport.  The-Sims-3-Sunlit-Tides-LagoonFudge decided to do a degree in Law to aid with the Detective career path he wished to pursue.   He graduated with first class awesomeness.  Screenshot-174To keep his Detective identity a secret, Fudge decided to take up chess as a hobby and also worked towards become a master of the game.  Screenshot-197 As for Fudge’s dad, Ricky, he soon gave up his ambition to become filthy rich after moving to Sunlit Tides and realising they were the poorest family there.  He decided to focus on becoming a Professional Author.  He started out writing yaoi stories on Fanfiction.net, and eventually progressed onto publishing some e-books on Amazon.Screenshot-158Alice continued to make cocktails, she hoped to one day become the owner of a swanky gay cocktail bar.  Screenshot-159Unfortunately, this never happened. Screenshot-191After his mum died, Fudge emerged himself in his detective work to bury his grief.  His current case was trying to find out who was responsible for stealing his client’s favourite phallic-shaped sex toy.Screenshot-181Sadly, Fudge was still finding it hard to grasp the concept of subtlety, particularly as he snooped through nearby mailboxes for clues.  Screenshot-183The next few years flittered by quickly,much like the pages of a Twilight novel.  One Saturday night, during his usual pixelated bath, Fudge realised that he had become so absorbed in his career and chess that he had been forgotten that he was also responsible for carrying on the Bailey legacy, using the fruit of his lions loins.Screenshot-171Because of his busy lifestyle as a small claims investigator, he decided online dating was his best bet to find a nice lady friend.  He set up a profile online, with the help of Ricky, who had been online dating since Alice had passed away.

The next day, when Fudge received floods of messages from attractive well-groomed guys, he realised that Ricky had tampered with his profile so that his sexual preference was set to “men”.Screenshot-161 Screenshot-167After editing his profile, Fudge received a flirty message from a red-headed girl called Pippy Joker.   She had only recently moved to the island and was an aspiring actress who had briefly dabbled with the porn industry. Screenshot-166As smooth as his name, Fudge announced that she reminded him of his late mum.  Luckily Pippy found him hilarious and adorable, so asked him out on a date.Screenshot-165They ended up going to a delightful poolside club where they played darts.  Screenshot-175Screenshot-177And later on that evening, they played darts again.Screenshot-192Our babies shall be very smexy, Fudge thought as he sat in his favourite armchair, contemplating on the general awesomeness of his life –  ignoring the concerning gaping hole in the ceiling of his living room.Screenshot-196‘I couldn’t agree more!’ Ricky said, because he wanted to be part of the last sentence in this chapter.

Chapter 1.6

Chapter 1.6 – Detective Fudge ‘Caramel’ Awesome Bailey

After reading the entirety of his book – titled “How to be Awesome, without looking too Awesome”, Fudge thought that about becoming a superhero of some kind.  He did like the idea of saving damsels in distress, and wearing a fancy costume in the process.

As he out and about shopping for a costume, he heard screams coming from the nearby bookstore.  Rushing over, he saw a young lady from his school who had just graduated, clutching onto her rounded belly.  At first, Fudge thought she had eaten one too many pancakes, but he soon learnt that she was going into labour.  Being the noble woman man he was, he escorted her to the hospital.Screenshot-143Shenelle gave birth to a lovely boy.  Unfortunately, she was not sure who the father was.  Screenshot-144Fudge did feel a small sense of accomplishment helping Shenelle, but he did not think his stomach could take the sight of watching another woman give birth, ever again. Perhaps being a superhero was not quite the job for him.

A new curiosity had arisen within him though, besides wanting to know why all his friends and family seemed to wear the same clothes day in and out.  He had a strange urge to investigate and find out who Shenelle’s baby’s daddy was.Screenshot-145Fudge spent the rest of his teenage years trying to work out the riddle.  It was only when he blossomed into adulthood that he gained the perceptive trait and realised that the father was in fact the guy who Shenelle had married shortly after she had given birth. Screenshot-156Still, Fudge had solved a mystery and he was proud of himself.  Therefore, he started to solve more mysteries, until eventually the police contacted him and threatened to arrest him for partaking in illegal investigations.  However, using his charismatic charm – which he had developed as a teenager – he managed to sweet talk them into letting him into giving him a job as an Eavesdropper.  Screenshot-157And thus, Detective Fudge ‘Caramel’ Bailey was born.  He was so awesome, he even had a hat for his hat.  Screenshot-155 Ricky was so proud of son for choosing an awesome career path that he threw a party to celebrate and danced on a table.

You go, Ricky!Screenshot-152-editUnfortunately, that same night, Ricky got arrested for indecent exposure.  This meant that the Bailey family had to pack their bags and move away, since their reputation in Bridgeport was now tarnished.

They ended up in Sunlit Tides, which is where Generation 2 (and hopefully the rest) will be set.  Hooray!

P.S. For those who wish to download the awesome Fudge ‘Caramel’ Bailey, please click here.  I can not be held responsible for his actions within your game, sadly.

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