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Chapter 5.4

Chapter 5.4 – And then his face caught on fire

Amaretto’s plan was to simply invite Mika Moore over, with the promise of fun sunny weather and plenty of entertainment.  She hoped that her presence would influence Jameson to out less time and dedication into his career, in favour of making lots of woohoo with his lovely lady.Screenshot-3348She prayed that the future would pan out the way it had when she had visited it.  Jameson’s overexertion was becoming more of an issue, particularly during his most recent show when he somehow managed to catch his face on fire.Screenshot-3416Screenshot-3417Luckily most of the crowd were Michael Jackson fans, so assumed that it was some kind of tribute to the King of Pop.  Screenshot-3418Judd was the first to greet Mika when she arrived, since he was already outside to collect the mail, and to build a snowman.  Seeing her shivering (she had not quite braced herself for the arctic weather due to Amaretto’s lie about the island being sunny all year round), he decided it was best to invite her in. Screenshot-3363Hearing a bit of fuss going on by the front door, Jameson ventured out the kitchen, only to be literally pounced on and devoured by Mika, who quite honestly had not seen him in many months.Screenshot-3381His expression was one of shock, particularly after the kiss had ended.Screenshot-3382Mika giggled, before she explained to Jameson that she had decided to pay him a surprise visit on the whim.Screenshot-3371‘I may need some warming up,’ Mika heavily hinted, ‘I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold here!’Screenshot-3373It only took Jameson a record-breaking two minutes to clock on to what Mika was actually implying.   After that, all he had to do was give her one smoldering look before she was more than ready to follow him upstairs to bed. Screenshot-3368Later that evening, Amaretto decided it was time to pop the question to Cade, who had been living with the Baileys pretty much since Malibu and Aaron had moved out. Screenshot-3428Cade was a little bit peeved because she had hoped to be the one to do the whole proposal malarkey, but she soon did not mind when she saw just how shiny and expensive the engagement ring that Amaretto had got her was.Screenshot-3429Clearly Cade was not shallow in the slightest. Screenshot-3433They had a very grand winter lesbian wedding, complete with snow and pretty clothes (as the following pictures dictate).Screenshot-3451Screenshot-3457Screenshot-3461And then, a couple of months later, they moved out and started to research into ways of having children who would inherit both their genetics, using in-game cheats crazy scientific methods (note: they went on to have five children between them).Screenshot-3493This chapter shall end on a picture of Murphy and Margaret’s firstborn child, Francisco.  Naturally, he’s quite cute, although his choice of attire is questionable…Screenshot-3427

Amaretto on Ice (Part 3)

Amaretto on Ice (Part 3)

I wondered for quite some time how I could get Jameson and Mika back together.  Clearly he was a mess without her, and I had heard she’d been regretting her decision ever since seeing him pictured on Facebook snuggling up with other girls.Screenshot-2983Of course I had spoken to Malibu, but since she firmly believed that Mika didn’t deserve a guy like Jameson, she didn’t support my idea of getting them back together.Screenshot-2978Not like I let that stop me.  I even discussed potential plans with, Dan, one of our housemates.  Between us we eventually came up with an ingenious idea; or at least we thought it was.Screenshot-2986A few days later, I headed out to the main quad on the University campus shortly before the sun was due to set, ready to put the wheels in motion.Screenshot-2609I didn’t have to wait long before I heard the sound of approaching footsteps, which belonged to Steve, one of Jameson’s closest friends.

‘Finally giving into my charms and good looks?’ Steve asked, waggling his eyebrows.  I prayed he was joking.  Screenshot-2608‘Shut it, Brackney,’ I sighed, staring him straight in the eye.  ‘I need your help with something.’

Immediately his eyes lit up, and I quickly scolded him for having his mind in the gutter.

‘I have a plan to get Jameson back with Mika,’ I revealed.Screenshot-2610The idea was simple, yet effective.  Steve would text Mika, inviting her out to a awesome party being thrown at the town’s hottest nightclub.  Then, he would call up Jameson and tell him the same thing, enticing him with the scenario that Mika would be there.  Of course, the awesome party would not exist, so if all went according to plan, they would be the only two from their circle of friends to be there and bump into each other and would consequently fall back in love.Screenshot-2864Steve was a bit skeptical of the idea, but I convinced him it would work.  And so, now that everything was set, I headed off  on another journey to meet Cade at the comic book store.Screenshot-3046That night, as the rain poured down, Cade and I sat outside our favourite burger bar like crazy (and perhaps slightly drunk) people, discussing what our plans were for the future.  We still had a fair amount of time at University left, yet we both were aware it would go by quickly.  Time had a funny way of doing that. Screenshot-2996Noticing my somber expression, Cade lent over and quickly perked me up as she whispered a perverted suggestion into my ear.  Screenshot-2997Soon enough, I forgot all about time and embraced the moment where we would naturally be together forever, and I would be content that my siblings would be satisfied with the ones they loved.Screenshot-3011

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