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Hershey’s Kisses (Part 2)

Hershey’s Kisses (Part 2)

University soon became the same old routine.  My typical weekend was spent studying with Twix whilst we lounged about in our underwear, as brothers do.  We were hardcore like that.Screenshot-8494was studying for a degree in technology, so I had to prove I knew a thing or two.  One of my lecturers just loved to make us do presentations, pretty much every week, so I soon became rather awesome at public speaking.Screenshot-8435Between all this, I spent time with Allyson whenever I had a spare moment, although frustratingly we had barely gone further than kissing, after almost six months together.  Naturally, I was looking to change this, particularly after knowing the sort of wild and kinky stuff Twix got up to with Whitney.Screenshot-8451One snowy day, I brought the subject up, as casually as I could.Screenshot-8446‘If you can find somewhere around here, I’ll do it with you.’

‘That’s easy,’ I said, eyes peering over at the University building next to us.  Allyson slowly shook her head, and I arched an eyebrow in bemusement.

‘It can’t be within University property,’ she explained, eyes twinkling.Screenshot-8449I took her words as an actual challenge and used two simple tools; my creativity and the snow to meet her criteria.Screenshot-8439It took a couple of hours to build, but it was totally worth it and Allyson was genuinely impressed with the result.Screenshot-8441And so, I finally lost my virginity, in an igloo of all places.Screenshot-8454Was I smug?  Just a little…  It was definitely worth it for the frostbite.Screenshot-8464I must have done a good job because Allyson actually stayed with me throughout the rest of my University days.Screenshot-8514And through all that I learnt one valuable lesson…       Screenshot-8528Nailing a first was certainly easier than trying to nail Allyson.Screenshot-8537

Twix’s Mix (Part 2)

Twix’s Mix (Part 2)

As the months went by, Hershey and I managed to maintain our brotherly bond, despite our mum insisting that it was impossible for any siblings to stay close forever.  I guess she was just bitter because it had been a while since she had saw her sisters and brother.Screenshot-8416I was determined to stay close to Hershey, and to look out for him along the way.Screenshot-8381There were a few people I did not trust at University.  Allyson Robins was one of those.  Not particular a looker, but undeniably clever, somehow she had managed to win over Hershey’s heart.  I did not like her one bit.Screenshot-8380‘You really need to start considering taking up some form of exercise.  Hershey’s started running with me and it’s doing his body wonders!’ Screenshot-8377Her bluntness was one of the reasons why I could not stand her.Screenshot-8378Still, Hershey was very much in love with her, so there wasn’t much I could do to convince him to find someone better.  Instead, I just tried to keep him away from her as much as possible.  I even suggested we should team up together to work on a joint-project for extra credit.Screenshot-8407‘Enough of the geek talk, bro, we’ll sort out the proposal for the project on Friday.  Now tell me, what are your plans for Whitney’s birthday tomorrow?’Screenshot-8408‘Oh shit!’ I gasped as I came to the horrific conclusion that I had completely forgotten to buy her a present, and that the shops were only open for another half an hour.Screenshot-8424Fortunately we got there in time, and I managed to find the ideal present, a new pair of earrings which she never wore despite saying she loved them.  I guess it also didn’t change the fact I was an awful boyfriend at times.Screenshot-8426Still, Hershey and I continued to work hard together to ensure our project was a singing success.Screenshot-8467Screenshot-8468And after, as Hershey went off to party, I took a well deserved rest in the hot tub.Screenshot-8484A couple of months later the results were in, and I was the first of this generation to achieve a first class degree.Screenshot-8525Holding up my diploma up high and proud, I vowed to work hard upon my return to Setra, and do my best to carry the torch of the Bailey legacy through another generation.Screenshot-8541With Whitney, obviously.Screenshot-8522 

Hershey’s Kisses (Part 1)

Hershey’s Kisses (Part 1)

Ever since I could remember, I enjoyed tinkering with things.  The moment I was allowed to use a blowtorch, my parents struggled to drag me out of my room.Screenshot-8214Being good with my hands had its advantages, for example; not having to spend ridiculous amounts of money to hire out a repairman to fix the dishwasher which kept breaking pretty much every single week.Screenshot-8215I was pretty certain there was a reason why a few of the girls liked to stand around and watch me repair it.Screenshot-8217One girl quickly caught my eye, the lovely Whitney Harris.Screenshot-8178She seemed to lounge about the dorms wearing next to nothing half the time, much to my approval.Screenshot-8179Sadly, my brother, Twix, snapped her quicker than a tramp on a sandwich, and I was left spending my afternoon’s alone, playing chess.Screenshot-8177Twix and I did our best to spend time together too, although with our different degrees and circle of friends it was a difficult feat.  Still, Twix was always willing to offer his support, primarily with my love life.

‘I know a girl who’s perfect for you,’ he revealed over breakfast one morning.Screenshot-8321‘After last time, I’d rather try online dating.’Screenshot-8322‘Good luck with that.’Screenshot-8326‘Fine,’ I sighed, caving into Twix’s good intentions, ‘who’s the girl?’Screenshot-8323That evening, I spent the usual two to three hours getting ready to meet this girl Twix had set me up with.Screenshot-8299Allyson Robins was her name, and she appeared to be a nice looking lass.  Screenshot-8337We went for a stroll around the campus, making small talk as we made an attempt to get to know each other.  Typically, it started to pour down with rain, so I suggested we headed back to my dorms before we got soaked.Screenshot-8336‘As long as you don’t try anything on, I’m game,’ Allyson said, before we sprinted across the campus as the ran seemed to keep getting heavier.Screenshot-8339We were drenched by the time we reached my dorm.  Being the gentleman I was, I mentioned that she was more than welcome to grab a shower and borrow my dressing gown whilst her clothes dried on the radiator.Screenshot-8343‘Sure, I’ll strip off here if you want so you can see the goods,’ Allyson said, arching her body back, flaunting her slim frame deliberately.  I knew what she was doing, but whilst she was only dipping her toe into the water, I was ready to dive bomb into the ocean, so to speak.Screenshot-8344‘Perrlease, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. I can already see your boobs through your t-shirt.’Screenshot-8345For a second, she looked ready to slap me.Screenshot-8342But then, her expression lightened as a smirk crept across her face.

‘Let’s stop messing around here,’ Allyson sighed.  ‘Quite clearly we know where this is going, so let’s cut out the bullshit and kiss already.’Screenshot-8354I knew then that I liked this girl.  Blunt and assertive, she was already miles better than that other girl Twix had set me up with, whatever her name was.Screenshot-8350I took her up on her offer, I would have been insane not to.Screenshot-8360Screenshot-8368And, as they say, the rest was pretty much history.Screenshot-8392

Twix’s Mix (Part 1)

Twix’s Mix (Part 1)

‘How much did you drink last night?’ I asked my little brother, Hershey over a delightful salad dinner.Screenshot-8152‘You were reciting the phonetic alphabet, backwards!’Screenshot-8155‘You shouldn’t worry about what I did… you streaked in front of everyone!’ Hershey snorted, almost choking on his food as he clearly relived the moment in his head.Screenshot-8161Screenshot-8144‘No regrets bro, no regrets.’Screenshot-8156Ok, before your image of me is completely tarnished, let me make it clear that I wasn’t a drunken lout who would rip his clothes off at any presentable opportunity.  I had other interests.  Science, for example.Screenshot-8246It fascinated me.  I guess the science station I had set up in my University dorm room made that more than apparent.Screenshot-8236Still, it was the best way to make new discoveries.   Screenshot-8235And there was gardening.  There was just something therapeutic about it…Screenshot-8229Of course, I had a special lady in my life.  I met Whitney during my first year at University.  We ended up seated next to each other during our first lecture and immediately hit it off.  Within a month we were dating, and making sure the internet was fully aware of this.Screenshot-8285Screenshot-8286Even better was that Hershey got on well with her.  I’d often come back to our dorms after hanging out with friends on campus to find them chilling on the sofa together, playing computer games.Screenshot-8149‘Let’s find Hershey a girlfriend!’ Whitney suggested one day, almost out of the blue.            Screenshot-8194‘By “let’s” I’m assuming you mean “me?”‘ I deciphered, remembering the time when Whitney had suggested that we should tidy her room.Screenshot-8190It was then that I noticed that Whitney was wearing nothing more than her underwear.  That was enough persuasion for me.Screenshot-8196‘Let’s do it!’Screenshot-8193A few days later we threw a party, and I made sure to invite Sylvia, a hard-working pretty girl I had met through mutual friends who was studying Communications.  I was convinced she’d be Hershey’s type.Screenshot-8253As it turned out, they had nothing in common and their conversation dried up after a couple of minutes.Screenshot-8255‘This was a bad idea,’ Hershey sighed.  However, I was unwilling for him to give up so easily.

‘Leave it with me, bro.’Screenshot-8271And so, as Hershey stood on the sidelines, I swooped in to save the day.  I mentioned that it would mean the world to my brother if she could feign even an ounce of interest in him.Screenshot-8265It didn’t take much convincing.  Just minutes later they were guzzling down mouthfuls of beer out of the keg.Screenshot-8254Unfortunately, it also didn’t take much alcohol for Sylvia to overdo it.Screenshot-8275Screenshot-8272As the early morning beams of light shone through the window whilst we ate a rather belated dinner, Hershey expressed his views.

‘I’m never letting you set me up on a date ever again.’Screenshot-8277

Result Time – Generation 7

Result Time – Generation 7

Thanks to those that voted!  Seems like Twix was the favourite, so he’ll be gracing you all with his cute little self during Generation 7 😉

Poll Result Gen 7Twix Bailey Voting Pic_YA

I’ll get the last few University chapters up in the next week or so, and after that Generation 7 shall begin!  Stay tuned 🙂

Bounty’s Hunt (Part 2)

Bounty’s Hunt (Part 2)

Life continued on as normal at University.  I even started to dabble in cooking, although this was usually only after consuming a few drinks, but was still the only one sober enough to use the BBQ without harming anyone, or myself.Screenshot-7889Things with Nathaniel hadn’t turned out as anticipated, mainly because he turned out to be a bit of a creeper who invented any excuse to see me in my (rather awesome feathered) bikini.Screenshot-7893Still, we often spent our time together with a couple of other friends, listening to tunes and gossiping in the hot tub.  Of course the topic of sex or nudity would often crop up, usually in relation to my pretty bad tendency to strip off when drunk.  Screenshot-7892One night, Nathaniel commented that I wouldn’t have the guts to go skinny dipping.   In hindsight I guess it was his ploy to see me naked, but I couldn’t say no to a challenge.Screenshot-7891As I whipped my bikini off, the look on his face was priceless, like he’d never seen a naked girl before.  Of course, he wasn’t man enough to strip off himself, in fact, he and the others ran back to the dorm with my bikini and towel cradled in their arms, laughing like hyenas.Screenshot-7890I didn’t give a damn, however.  The tub was so warm and cozy, and I was still a little bit tipsy.  Staying there all night wouldn’t have been an issue.Screenshot-7852‘Bounty!’ A familiar voice greeted.  Peering up, a mix of disappointment and anger flowed through my veins when I saw Samuel’s smug face staring down at me.Screenshot-7855‘Get the fuck out of here,’ I sighed, closing my eyes once more.Screenshot-7859Hearing his shoes scuffing against the grass, I assumed he had turned to leave like I’d suggested.  That was why I immediately opened my eyes when I heard the sound of flies unzipping, and almost drowned right there and then when it dawned on me he was taking off his clothes.  Once fully nude, he crouched down and clambered into the water.Screenshot-7857During all this, I openly checked out his body, muscular and toned, as expected for a police officer really.  Then I reminded myself that he was an arsehole, and a slimy one at that.Screenshot-7860‘Listen, I’m sorry for being a dick.  I didn’t know you that well back then… actually, I didn’t know myself.’   Screenshot-7862‘Please, stop with the bullshit already,’ I sighed, standing up and ushering him along a seat so I could sit back down beside him.  I didn’t care that I had given him an eyeful, he’d seen it all before. ‘I’m not going to be your rebound just because your girlfriend’s dumped you or whatever.’Screenshot-7864‘How many apologies is it going to take?’ Samuel asked.

Now thinking about it, this had to be at least his fifth attempt of making amends.  Fifteenth perhaps if all the Facebook messages were applicable.  He didn’t seem like too much of a bad guy.  Maybe I was being a bit harsh…Screenshot-7865‘What will it take?’ He eventually asked.

‘Would you run to the bathroom naked to grab me a towel?’ I proposed, curious to see how far he would go to win back my trust.

‘Of course, even if I had to satisfy a pack of jocks to get to it,’ Samuel revealed, carrying out an accompanying gesture.Screenshot-7878‘I think I may be starting to forgive you a bit,’ I confessed, sliding my arm across his shoulder.  ‘But only just a bit.’Screenshot-7868Now, please, don’t judge me.  I’d now seen what Samuel was “packing” underneath his uniform, plus he had the guts to do what Nathaniel was afraid of.  I figured he would leave once he got what he wanted, but, to my surprise, it didn’t turn out that way.Screenshot-7869Several months later, I graduated, not with first class honors, but a with a well-earned upper second class degree.Screenshot-7901Samuel was still by my side.Screenshot-7907He promised to make arrangements to come live with me in Setra, although I would have to wait until my brother and Adrianne moved out as there was a distinct lack of space in our household.Screenshot-7910I wasn’t worried about him hurting me again.  He’d heard about my family, our history, so I think he realised he’d be a bit of a moron to ever do anything to upset them.Screenshot-7909  

Voting Time – Generation 7 – Tie-break

Voting Time – Generation 7 – Tie-break

Thanks for the votes!  Like before, we have another tie-break.  Once again the decision on who will be heir for Generation 7 (Twix or Hershey) is down to you!  Voting ends on Monday 6th January 2014; good luck 😉

Twix Bailey Voting Pic_YA  Hershey Bailey Voting Pic_YA

Bounty’s Hunt (Part 1)

Bounty’s Hunt (Part 1)

When it came to writing love letters, I must admit it wasn’t easy.  I was used to writing about the zombie apocalypse, crime noir, that kind of thing.Screenshot-7652Samuel McNeil was my current love interest.  A good-looking late twenty year old something who happened to be in the police force.  How I’d met him, I’d rather not divulge, but it basically involved me being a tad drunk, running across campus completely naked.Screenshot-7672My eldest brother, Aero, detested the idea of me dating an older guy, and a policeman at that.Screenshot-7654I figured, what was the harm in trying?  Samuel had pretty much seen all I had to offer, so I had nothing to be shy about.Screenshot-7655My confidence was the one thing I had pride in.  I knew I hadn’t been blessed with the greatest of looks (or at least my mum had managed to convince me of this), but my dad had often reassured me that beauty was skin deep.  That was why I enjoyed preaching across the airways about how discrimination was wrong, in any shape or form.Screenshot-7554Sometimes, the responses I received from some students were cruel.Screenshot-7555‘Fuck you!’ Were usually my words of choice in such circumstances.Screenshot-7556Since starting at University, I realised that I hadn’t really done my reputation many favours, particularly since Aero’s masquerade party.  To be fair, I was finding the party to be dull, with a distinct lack of decent men.Screenshot-7577That was until Cody Eisenberg showed up.Screenshot-7578I tried to play it cool, but he was so warm and friendly, I couldn’t resist flirting with him.Screenshot-7584Unfortunately, I was still new to the whole romancing thing.  In all fairness, I can’t quite remember where I’d found the bouquet of flowers, but I’m sure it was linked to the reason behind one of my roommates splitting up with his girlfriend for “forgetting” their anniversary.Screenshot-7589As expected, my attempt to win him over did not go down too well.Screenshot-7586His reaction was one of horror and utter repulsion, much to the amusement of the other guests.Screenshot-7590Screenshot-7591The result of this night is what led to me drinking more than I usually would, and stripping off my clothes, somehow ending up running across the University quad, where fortunately Samuel came to my rescue upon passing by in his patrol car.Screenshot-7671As anticipated, my love letter to Samuel went unanswered, and soon enough my heart felt as frozen as the snow outside.Screenshot-7720As a last ditch attempt, I confided into a close friend of mine, Nathaniel Wright.  We’d met at the student gym a while back where I’d discovered he was studying a degree in physical education.  Samuel was also his cousin’s best friend, so I figured he could help set us up.Screenshot-7705‘Anything for you sweetheart, but you don’t forget that you’ll owe me!’Screenshot-7709Whether he was implying sexual favours or not didn’t matter.  I thanked him for his assistance, all the while aware that he had quite nice eyes.Screenshot-7707Screenshot-7708That coming weekend, I had my first date with Samuel.  The classic dinner and cinema option.  Afterwards, he drove me back to my halls.  Out of politeness, I invited him in for a coffee.Screenshot-7757I didn’t want to go overboard on the flirting, not on our first date, so, I lent into him and confessed that I had really enjoyed our evening together.  Screenshot-7763‘I hope we can meet up again soon,’ I added, my heart was racing as I moved back, still resting a hand on his hip as I tried to gauge his reaction.Screenshot-7767It was something I didn’t have to worry about for too long.

‘Really?  Are you serious?’Screenshot-7769‘What?’Screenshot-7770‘I thought you’d be up for it, that’s why I agreed to go out with you tonight.’

My heart stood still before a frown fell across my face.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Don’t play Miss Innocent,’ he sneered. ‘You’ve made it plenty clear that you want me, from the moment you thrust your naked body against me when you pissed out of your skull.  Christ, do you know how much willpower it took for me not to take advantage that night?’

Seriously, was this guy for real?  Trust me to pick the rotten apple from the tree.

 Screenshot-7768‘Wow, I guess I should be grateful you decided not to rape me, Mr Officer.’ 

Samuel’s face faltered, and for a moment he broke eye contact with me.  I guess the guilt had finally hit him.Screenshot-7773‘Look, I’m sorry, can we start over?’

Straightening my back, I held my head up high before delivering my final words to Samuel.

‘Forget it, you’ve blown your chance, get out.’Screenshot-7762Nathaniel was my shoulder to cry on, and I wished from the very start I had set eyes on him rather than that slimy arsehole of a cop.Screenshot-7735Whether Nathaniel would accept me in that way, I could only hope.Screenshot-7688  

Aero Dynamic (Part 2)

Aero Dynamic (Part 2)

Knuckling down proved to be quite a challenge.  Some subject matters were more difficult to grasp than others.Screenshot-7558Musical theory was one of these topics.Screenshot-7561It was also slightly off putting having your girlfriend sat besides you snoring away.Screenshot-7563To keep my brain ticking over between classesI used the handyman skills I had picked up from my youngest brother, Hershey, to start up a little laptop repair company to make a bit of cash; you’d be surprised with how many students end up with broken laptops.Screenshot-7529Of course, I couldn’t rule out having a bit of genuine fun once in a while.  After passing my mid-term exams, I threw a masquerade party to celebrate.Screenshot-7592And partly as an excuse to show off my guitar skills.Screenshot-7580I also made sure to spend quality time with Adrianne since I’d been a bit of a rubbish boyfriend in the past.   Beer pong was one of our favourite activities whenever we wanted to unwind.Screenshot-7686I enjoyed it, purely because I usually won nine times out of ten.Screenshot-7685This annoyed Adrianne greatly.Screenshot-7684Obviously there were less competitive activities Adrianne and I enjoyed participating in whenever we had a moment alone, particularly in the hot tub.Screenshot-7698Screenshot-7697Like most people, I also needed my alone time every now and again.  Again, the hot tub was a perfect place to get away from everyone and relax.Screenshot-7703A few months of studying, socializing and romancing later, the final results were in.  My hands were shaking as I unfolded the sheet of paper that would determine my fate.  I was convinced I had only scraped a 3rd class degree at best.Screenshot-7781However, when my eyes scanned across the words, my heart skipped a beat.  Somehow I had snagged myself an upper 2nd class degree (Aka. a 2:1).Screenshot-7782Naturally Adrianne had done well too, although, annoyingly, she was only a few marks of obtaining a 1st class degree.Screenshot-7795Our graduation ended up being held on one of the snowiest days of the year, and although I was too stoked to care about frost bite.Screenshot-7810I was so proud to receive my diploma, as was Adrianne.Screenshot-7817Screenshot-7816We celebrated in style, savoring the limited time we had left at University before we had to head home and find proper jobs.Screenshot-7676To be honest though, I didn’t mind the prospect of growing up and getting old.  With Adrianne and my crazy family around, I knew I could still have fun along the way.    

Aero Dynamic (Part 1)

Aero Dynamic (Part 1)

Honestly, I never expected University to change me.  I’d heard the stories of my ancestors, how each one had learnt a life lesson whilst studying for their various degrees, but I couldn’t understand how a person could change so much in just the space of a few years.

Therefore, I was determined to stay on the straight and narrow, keep studying hard and practicing playing with my instruments (no pun intended).Screenshot-7307I was fortunate to have my girlfriend, Adrianne, as my room mate as well, studying for the exact same degree.  My parents warned me to not let her be a distraction, which, as you can see was a difficult feat.Screenshot-7333Ironically, in the end, the true distraction came from a different source completely.    I met Skip Taylor at the Fresher’s fair, by the “Xtreme Sports” stand.  As friends, we hit it off straight away.Screenshot-7277I had never really saw myself as a jock.  Sure, I had a relatively sporty mum, and my dad was certainly no couch potato, but I had grown up to possess quite the rebellious streak.  Maybe that’s why I caved into the partying lifestyle so easily.Screenshot-7289Screenshot-7281Rushing back home in the early hours of the mornings, head buzzing, soon became a regular occurrence.Screenshot-7285Like a good girl, Adrianne was always curled up in bed fast asleep, piles of books usually stacked next to her on the floor, her alarm ready to go off in a couple of hours time.     Screenshot-7295Still, this never discouraged me from doing the exact same thing the following night.Screenshot-7366Screenshot-7365Nothing could beat downing beer by the warmth of a bonfire, surrounded by fun people.  Or so I thought at the time.Screenshot-7369Finally, the late nights and excessive drinking took its toll.  Completely failing one of my core modules should have been my wake up call, but still even then I refused to see any sense.  Screenshot-7371Even when Adrianne voiced her concerns about me, I took it as a personal attack rather than her attempt to help me out. Screenshot-7377‘Aero, look, I know how much you hate relying on others, but I’m always here for you if you need someone to talk to.’

Her arms outstretched, she stepped forwards to hug me.Screenshot-7375  

Angrily, I raised my hands and cringed away from her advances, refusing to let her touch me after insulting my friends and my party lifestyle.Screenshot-7374‘Why won’t you let me comfort you?’ Adrianne asked, her voice close to breaking, ‘Are your pride and reputation really worth so much that you’d push away your own girlfriend, throw away your degree?’Screenshot-7376Her words hit home, but it wasn’t until receiving my end of term results a few weeks later that I finally saw the extent of the damage I had brought on myself.Screenshot-7382I had vowed to not change, and by doing so I had transformed into an utter idiot. And what for?  To impress a few people who I barley knew, who didn’t care for me in the same way my family and Adrianne did.  Damn, did I feel foolish.Screenshot-7385Following on from that moment, I knew it was time to pick my guitar back up and continue learning.  Partying could wait.Screenshot-7282

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