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Result Time – Generation 6

Result Time – Generation 6

Many thanks to those who voted.  The results are in and I can reveal that the lovely Cointreau Bailey will be fronting Generation 6!Gen 6 Results CroppedCointreau Bailey - Voting Pic

Too bad for Peach, but at least her and Milo can leave the household with their heads held high (if horses are even capable of doing such a thing).  Now, as I’m off on holiday next week (hooray!), the first chapter for Generation 6 will be posted up on my return at the start of October (I’m back on the 1st, so anytime after that really).

In the meanwhile, here is a screenshot of the Bailey’s current gnome collection for your viewing pleasure.Screenshot-5202

Franny Pie (Part 2)

Franny Pie (Part 2)

I didn’t expect much to happen after returning to University after the Christmas break.  We were getting a new room mate to replace Riley Woods who had been hospitalized with a severe case of food poisoning.  Still, I expected this person to be as boring as Riley had been.Screenshot-5728How wrong I was.  And, to top it all off, he was cute.  I had to be the first person he saw when he walked in to, didn’t I?Screenshot-5730‘Hey, I’m Jerry, the new guy,’ he introduced, whilst I just stood there like a lemon staring at his vibrant blue eyes.Screenshot-5731Screenshot-5737‘Err, I’m guessing you’re the weird housemate I’ll have to avoid?’ Jerry said after an awkward silence had elapsed.Screenshot-5735Instantly I snapped out of my trance.

‘Crap, no, I’m sorry!’ I said, placing a hand against my chest, whilst I dug around in my mind for an explanation which wouldn’t sound too stalker creepy-like.  Hot panic burnt against my skin as I wrestled with the right words, then he stepped towards me, eyes clouded with concern.Screenshot-5734‘No, I’m sorry,’ Jerry spoke, his voice softening, ‘I tend to put my foot in it and times and… I hope I haven’t offended you.’

When he placed his hand on my shoulder, I felt my heart flutter against my chest.

‘No, not at all,’ I replied, briefly tapping my hand against his waist.Screenshot-5741Jerry shut his eyes and breathed a small sigh of relief.  Likewise a weight from my shoulders had been lifted.  Thank the heavens this guy was neither an arse or a smooth talker.Screenshot-5739Despite we had almost got off on the wrong foot, it wasn’t long before Jerry and I became firm friends. He was quite the enthusiast, particularly when it came to music and arts.  It was a surprise when I found out he was studying business, just like Cointreau, although the modules he had picked differed to hers so they didn’t share many classes together.Screenshot-5828He was a talented bassist though, and we started to jamming together whenever we could.Screenshot-5826I didn’t want to admit it, but I was slowly falling for him.Screenshot-5827Of course I told Cointreau, she was my sister after all… and Earl was too busy frolicking around with Tiff and studying for his final exams.  I expected Cointreau to deter me from asking Jerry out, after all, she had never approved of Earl dating Tiff, or any of the other guys I had been on dates with, but I just wanted her to know how much Jerry meant to me.Screenshot-5812‘Jerry’s an alright guy,’ Cointreau said, ‘I know he wouldn’t do anything which would make me want to snap his neck, so you’ve got my seal of approval.’Screenshot-5809That was all the encouragement I needed.  Mustering my courage up that afternoon, I poured my heart out to Jerry and a look of relief gradually washed across his face.Screenshot-5822‘There’s me all worried that I’d been friend-zoned,’ Jerry said, a warm inflection to his words.  ‘I feel the same way too.’Screenshot-5821As his hand reached up to stroke my cheek I grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him in for a much anticipated kiss.Screenshot-5824Screenshot-5818A month or so later, we were inseparable.    Screenshot-5902 Screenshot-5903Graduation day only came too quickly, but in all honesty I was eager to start the next chapter in life with Jerry by my side.Screenshot-5893My only true concerned rested with my twin, Cointreau.  Although, on the outside, she appeared to be sweet and innocent, Evil had always rued her somewhat ever since we were little and I was terrified that one day it would consume her completely.Screenshot-5876

Voting Time – Generation 6 – Tie-break

Voting Time – Generation 6 – Tie-break

Thanks for your votes!  We have a bit of a tie-breaker situation, so I thought the best thing to do would be to throw up another voting poll so you guys can vote between Peach and Cointreau.  This poll will only be active until Friday 20th September, so make sure you cast your vote 🙂  Happy tie-break voting!

Peach Bailey - Voting Pic Cointreau Bailey - Voting Pic

Quite Contrary Cointreau (Part 2)

Quite Contrary Cointreau (Part 2)

I tried not to cringe as her teeth gnashed together whilst Riley devoured the plate of roast turkey and vegetables in front of her.Screenshot-5675I chewed silently on my food, plate resting in my hand.  Every now and again her eyes would dart across at me, then away before mine could lock with hers.  So cowardly.Screenshot-5676‘Why do you keep staring at me?’ I finally asked when she had glanced over at me for the twentieth or so time.  Truth was, I suspected the reason, but if I hadn’t I would have been convinced she was a lesbian, just like my Aunt Amaretto.Screenshot-5670‘I’ve finally got you, Cointreau,’ RIley said, delight surrounding her voice before she broke into a strange high-pitch cackle.  ‘It’s taken months, but I’ve finally done it!’Screenshot-5672My eyes instantly stared down at my plate before my fork slipped out from my hand.  As I looked back up, Riley laughed with glee.  Sadly for her, I was about to rain on her petty parade.

‘Riley, it’s probably best that I tell you now about me swapping our plates over when you popped into the kitchen to grab the salt and pepper, which careless old me forgot…’Screenshot-5673Screenshot-5671Funnily enough, that was the first and last time Riley ever tried to poison me.Screenshot-5674Just as well, I had other dilemmas on my plate.  Boys, to be more precise.  Over the recent months I’d been socializing with a group of people I’d befriended at the University campus gym, participating in the usual keg-stand challenges at various house parties.Screenshot-5521Two guys in particular took a shine to me; Mahmoud Yavari and Jeffery Dean.  I usually I ended up crashing on their sofa, too drunk to even consider making my way back to my own home.  Maybe that’s why they assumed they were in with a chance.Screenshot-5553‘Off already?’ Mahmoud asked, voice all deep and suave, like a dapper grizzly bear.

‘Lecture,’ I said, maintaining my chilled composure as I momentarily paused by the stairwell to analyse both boys.Screenshot-5548‘Really?’ Mahmoud said as he raised an eyebrow.  ‘Why not skip class and join me for breakfast in bed?’

Jeffery glared at Mahmoud, his apparent best friend who I heard was already in a relationship despite he openly flirted with other girls.Screenshot-5549‘I’ll pass,’ I replied.  Then, without looking back or without saying my goodbyes, I left.Screenshot-5552I thought that would be the last I’d hear from either of them, but it turns out that some boys happen to be more persistent than others.  Funnily enough, it wasn’t Mahmoud who rang me up the following day asking if I wanted to go on a date.Screenshot-5862I cringed as Jeffery apologised for Mahmoud’s inappropriate breakfast in bed comment the other day.  Being woman who wasn’t raised in the 1940s, I hadn’t taken the slightest bit of offense from it.  I explained this to Jeffery.  In return he laughed then suggested we meet up sometime, just the two of us.Screenshot-5863After telling him I’d think about it, I hung up the call and stared at the display screen on my phone as an assortment of thoughts raced through my mind.  I’d never really been out with anyone before, believing that love was a waste of time and emotion.   Jeffery seemed alright though.  One date couldn’t hurt though, surely?Screenshot-5864It took me just over a week to cave in.  We met up outside the only legit burger bar in town.  Honestly, I gasped like a schoolgirl when he pulled a boutique of pink roses out from behind his back.  I hated flowers, but somehow I didn’t mind them as much coming from him.Screenshot-5629My mind warned me to take things slow and to get to know him, not just base my attraction on his looks and frustratingly irresistible nature.Screenshot-5628Screenshot-5622Screenshot-5627Unfortunately, a few pints of cider later, that plan went completely out the window and landed straight into bed.  His to be precise.Screenshot-5795Screenshot-5796The following morning, whilst Jeffery was in the shower in preparation for his 9am lecture, I climbed out from under the warmth of the covers and tugged my clothes back on before I made my exit.  I couldn’t stand the thought of making unnecessary small talk with Jeffery.  We’d obviously both got what we wanted, so why not just leave it at that?

Approaching the door to my dormitory, about half an hour later, I spotted an unfamiliar guest standing by the door; a snowman dressed in a scraggly scarf and top-hat.  Screenshot-5506Whoever had built it must have spent hours doing so; what a waste of time.  Bloody thing, looked too cheerful to.Screenshot-5510Marching right up to it, I lent forwards, staring it straight in it’s lifeless coal eyes.

‘What are you smiling at?  Just wait until the weather warms up, you won’t be smiling then.’Screenshot-5509As I walked on past him, I realised that didn’t have the patience to wait for him to melt.  Within seconds I’d spun around and there was an explosion of glittery white powder.Screenshot-5511After that, poor snowman was no more than a muddled mess of snow chunks and assorted inanimate objects.  There was no doubt in me that I could do the same to an actual human being one day.  In fact, Jeffery was almost my first victim…  he didn’t contact me again until almost a week later.Screenshot-5514Fortunately the boy saw sense and continued to woo me until I proposed we go steady.Screenshot-5836Some while later I graduated.  First class honors, naturally…Screenshot-5886…and, after playing a few games of chess, began scheming how I would take over the world, starting with my home town, Setra.Screenshot-5892

Earl’s Court (Part 2)

Earl’s Court (Part 2)

On top of my studying, all the arguing, accusations and unpredictability, it was wearing me out.Screenshot-5125I loved Tiff to bits, but her mood swings and erratic behaviour were never easy to deal with.Screenshot-5417Tiff would flip over the smallest things, such as if I’d put two kisses on the end of a text message instead of three.Screenshot-5413Screenshot-5414I remembered a while back when I had first confided in Fran about Tiff’s bipolar disorder and how I was struggling to cope with it.  She stood there listening to me rant for a good while before she spoke her usual words of wisdom.Screenshot-5605‘It’s something she can’t control, Earl.  If you choose to be with her, it’s something you have to understand and accept.’Screenshot-5604Snapping back to reality, Tiff was still at my throat.

‘Are you even listening?  You’re the worst boyfriend ever…’ she continued on, listing everything I had apparently done wrong during the last several days.Screenshot-5416Fran was right, Tiff couldn’t help her outbursts, but I could try and help her at least.
‘You’re right, I’m a terrible boyfriend sometimes.’Screenshot-5412Tiff’s eyes popped wide open and her lips parted.  For once in her life, she was speechless.  I’d disarmed her in one of the best ways possible.Screenshot-5411‘But I’m always here if you need me, whether it is to shout at me, cry on my shoulder, or if you just need someone to talk to.’ Screenshot-5410Stepping forwards, I embraced her in my arms, kissing her softly.  For a moment her muscles stiffened, but then she relaxed into me, kissing back me back hard and furious. Before long clothes were discarded and we were in the bedroom making as much noise as possible.Screenshot-5409By the time graduation was looming, Tiff and I were stronger than ever.  We’d even planned to move in together once we were both back on our feet after University.Screenshot-5584I nailed my final exams and presentations, one of which was to elaborate on the ways art can influence different moods and dictate the decisions people make.Screenshot-5352Like Peach and Saffron, I graduated with first class honors.Screenshot-5679After graduation, Tiff and I spent a couple of weeks hanging around our University town together, relishing the time we had left together.Screenshot-5606When it was time to head back to our respective home towns, I eagerly awaited for the day when we would see each other again, not realising it would come quicker than I anticipated…Screenshot-5183

Voting Time – Generation 6

Voting Time – Generation 6

It’s that time again!  Like last time, please see below for the candidates and their reasons for fronting the 6th generation.  The poll (located at the bottom of the page) will close on 16th September 2013.  Happy voting 🙂

Peach Bailey - Voting Pic


1) Horses!

2) I happen to be master at pulling the best facial expressions.  Hours of entertainment ensured for all.  I’m also named after a fruit.

3) Did I mention, horses?

Saffron Bailey - Voting Pic


1) First career driven lady since Irish Bailey (Pippy Bailey does not count… “acting” is not a career).

2) Check out my eyes; purely from generation 1.  Don’t want these going extinct now, do we?

3) Trust me, I’m a doctor.

Earl Bailey - Voting Pic 


1) If you vote for me, the next generation will be an awesome explosion of musical charisma.

2) Male heirs rock.

3) Tiffany Angles.  ‘Nuff said.

Cointreau Bailey - Voting Pic


1) This legacy is not evil enough.  Let’s change that.

2) I’m cute and deadly, a brilliant combination.  The world will be mine, and my children shall be my minions.

3) Vote for the dark side… we have cookies.

Frangelico Bailey - Voting Pic


1) Pop career, hell yeah!

2) Me and this guy plan to have beautiful babies.

3) I’ll be the best mother and wife, ever.


Franny Pie (Part 1)

Franny Pie (Part 1)

Ever since I was child, I’d loved music.  When my mother used to take my siblings and I to watch my father, the one and only True Jameson, perform at his acrobatic shows, it wasn’t his death-defying stunts which kept me entertained, it was more so the music that accompanied his performances.Screenshot-5434No surprise that when I was old enough I decided that I wanted to become a singer.  Soon after we moved to Setra I found part-time work as a sing-a-gram.Screenshot-5323I often sung to my family as way of practice, in hope that one day I would perform in front of a huge crowd.Screenshot-5322When I headed off to University, I instantly took on the role of Mother hen, cooking breakfast most mornings for my room mates and making sure they all headed off to their classes on time (even when they were hungover).Screenshot-5384Although I was creative, I wasn’t really into drawing.  Unfortunately, since I was studying a degree in Fine Arts, it was something I couldn’t avoid participating in.Screenshot-5420Still, my course mates were lovely.Screenshot-5439Particularly Jeffrey Dean.  He was three years older than me, and rather gorgeous.Screenshot-5441Screenshot-5440I decided to approach my brother, Earl, for a piece of advice.  I was certain that if he could balance his studies whilst being in a relationship I could do the same.Screenshot-5447‘You know he’s failed his first year twice, right?  That’s why he’s in all your classes,’ Earl explained, the concern in his voice mirroring the protective glimmer in his eyes, ‘definitely a no-go for you, Fran.’Screenshot-5445‘Why does it matter?  I’m not a brainbox like you, Earl.  You know I only applied for University so I’d have a safety net to fall back on,’ I said.  It was true, I would have much rather stayed in Setra to try and establish a singing career, but my parents persuaded me it was best to obtain a degree in case I struggled to obtain my ultimate lifetime wish.Screenshot-5444‘Tell you what, Fran, I may be able to find a suitable man for you,’ Earl revealed, ‘a man who won’t be a bad influence.’Screenshot-5443‘Oh really?  And where do you plan on finding him?’ I asked. ‘Narnia perhaps?’Screenshot-5446Screenshot-5450‘No, wait!  I actually know the perfect guy.’Screenshot-5451Somehow, I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like his suggestion.  Nevertheless, I went ahead with it.Screenshot-5452Bernie Butler was his name, and a lovely guy he was too despite he dressed like a thirty-something year old multi-millionaire driving a convertible with it’s top down (you know the sort!).Screenshot-5469We decided to go bowling since it was pouring down with rain outside.  He was more than happy to let me bowl first.  Truth was, I’d never even been to a bowling alley before.  As I fumbled to pick up the bowling ball from the dispenser machine thingy I could feel his judging eyes boring into me.Screenshot-5474Rolling my arm back behind me, I took a deep breath in before swinging it forwards.  Almost immediately I staggered forwards on my feet, and the ball flew not so gracefully into the gutter.Screenshot-5477Cheeks burning bright red, I slowly turned to face him, expecting him to be in hysterics.  Instead he was posed with one hand on his hip and with a finger against his lips, eyes appearing to be in deep thought.

‘Let’s work on your technique,’ Bernie suggested.Screenshot-5476Of course, he was awesome at bowling and spent most the night showing me how to hold the ball properly.  Afterwards, he was a true gentleman and ensured I got home safely by sharing the same taxi, despite he lived on the opposite side of town.

Overall, the date was far from being a disaster, but there was something there which made me reluctant to arrange a second date with him.  Bernie was just too perfect, that was the problem.  Perfection, in my eyes, was boring.Screenshot-5468

Quite Contrary Cointreau (Part 1)

Quite Contrary Cointreau (Part 1)

‘Cointreau?’ Riley asked, her high-pitched voice grating against my eardrums like nails running down a rusty cylinder of toxic waste.  As she grazed on her salad, I couldn’t help but notice how much she resembled my sister, Peach’s, horse, Milo.  That being said, even he was better looking.  ‘Why do you always hold your plate while you eat?’Screenshot-5362‘I have trust issues,’ I said, my trained eyes still staring at my food.  I really hoped she would say no more; it was bad enough having her try and help me prepare our dinner, asking me all sorts of silly questions about my life before University.  Honestly, what was with some of these people?Screenshot-5361‘Trust issues?’ Riley repeated.  She was gagging for a proper explanation, the little whore.  Holding back a sigh, and refraining myself from smashing my plate in her face, I decided to feed her greedy little mind.

‘Chances are, I’m going to end up saying something that’ll offend you,’ I explained,  ‘perhaps accidentally, but most likely deliberately.  Having had my food poisoned once before, it’s a feat I don’t want to go through again.  Now, shut up and eat your salad like a good foal.’Screenshot-5363Be honest and always speak your mind.  That’s what my parents said, so that’s what I’ve always done.  It was only natural that I chose Business as my degree.  That and I wanted to be the first Bailey to study the subject.Screenshot-5427Of course, I wasn’t just an evil genius.  I enjoyed having fun as well, particularly with my brother, Earl.  He was still studying for his degree when Frangelico (or Franny as I called her) and I had started ours, so he would often pop by our dorms to hang out with us, along with his on / off girlfriend, Tiffany.  Naturally, I hated Tiffany, and Franny knew this.Screenshot-5357Following another episode, where Tiffany had gone ballistic at Earl for showing up after one of her classes with a bouquet of flowers, I had started plotting ways to get Tiffany out of the picture once and for all.

‘You know why Tiff’s that way, don’t you?’ Franny said when we were sat having dinner.  Unlike when I ate around others, I could always relax around my twin. ‘She’s bi-polar.  Still, Earl loves her, so please don’t do anything reckless.’Screenshot-5372Keeping quiet, I knew it would only aggravate her further.Screenshot-5371‘I mean, you wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, right?’ Franny said, uncertainty wavering in her voice.  Truth was, she knew me all too well.  The amount of boys I had punched in her honor during high school was quite impressive. Screenshot-5370‘It’s simple, Franny,’ I said, after a few more moments of silence, ‘ regardless of her “illness”, If she hurts him, or shatters his heart completely, I’ll still kill the bitch.’

And that was the end of that discussion.Screenshot-5369The problem was, the rest of my family were too soft.  My only sibling who came close to being as evil was Peach, who had managed to convince one of Saffron’s ex-boyfriend’s to drop out of University.  Personally, I would have convinced him to have commit suicide, but there you go.Screenshot-5473Although I wasn’t studying science, I still often hung out around their testing grounds just so I could grab a sneak peek at the experiments they were carrying out, and the equipment they were working on.Screenshot-5425It was exactly the sort I could use when I took over the world one day.Screenshot-5423I had to take things one step at a time, however.  There was no use in getting ahead of myself, particularly with other issues which needed ironing out, so to speak.

‘I’m surprised you’re still so skinny considering all the junk food you eat,’ Riley said with a shit-eating smile on her face.  It was unbelievable that this girl still wanted to be my friend, particularly after all my previous attempts to deter her.Screenshot-5454‘I’m quite amazed with how brilliant cosmetic surgery is these days.  I wouldn’t have ever guessed that you used to be a man.’Screenshot-5457I continued to chew on my pizza, even as I heard the legs of her chair scruff loudly across the carpet, in order to give her the room to stand up and march off with a face like a slapped arse, more so than usual.Screenshot-5455‘Peace at last,’ my mind sighed.  No doubt Riley would come crawling back, they always did when you never really ever gave them an actual reason for disliking them.  She would look for ways to poison my food too, she had already stocked up on rat poison after all, bless her.  People like her are just so predictable, it hurts.Screenshot-5460

Saffron’s Spice (Part 2)

Saffron’s Spice (Part 2)

Honestly, I should have seen it coming.  Love and relationships are nothing like a simple game of chess; they’re far more confusing and complicated.  Screenshot-4643When Garry Cinder dumped me straight to the curb after we had been seeing each other for almost eighteen months, just because I had suggested our “relationship” should become Facebook official.Screenshot-4911Needless to say, I was livid.  Luckily my twin took care of things, and Garry consequently dropped out from his degree.  I don’t know what she did, or what she said to Garry, and quite honestly I didn’t care, I was just glad he was gone.Screenshot-4654The next few months were a crazy blur, filled with drinking.Screenshot-5123Making new nerdy friends.Screenshot-5108And of course learning new things. Screenshot-4724Peach even encouraged me to start dating again.  Screenshot-4743I had a slight crush on the guy who worked in a vintage style cake shop on the University’s campus who wore over-sized glasses.  He looked like the sort of guy who would never get into trouble, which was perfect.Screenshot-4747Screenshot-4745‘Say something!’ Screenshot-4744‘Erm, hey, I’m Saffron.’Screenshot-4746Despite his shyness, we started hanging out, and it didn’t take long at all for me to discover that he was camper than a row of tents, and that he had a bigger crush on Hugh Jackman than I did.  Still, we remained good friends.Screenshot-5058Although I didn’t quite find love again at University, I did manage to graduate with first class honors, much to my and my family’s delight.  Even my Uncle Murphy, who had studied the same subject at the exact same University, was a very proud man when he heard the news.Screenshot-5166Unfortunately my parents or younger siblings were unable to make my graduation ceremony; travelling to Sim State University from Sunlit Tides was quite a journey after all.  Still, I was thrilled when I received a call from my Father that afternoon.  That was until he started talking. Screenshot-5176When he finally paused momentarily, awaiting a response from me, I hung up without saying another word.  Staring blankly at my phone, like it was a strange growth on my hand,   Screenshot-5174Sunlit Tides would no longer be our home town.  We were moving.  Dad hadn’t gone into details as to why… well, I hadn’t exactly given him the opportunity by prematurely terminating our phone call.  All I knew was that we were moving to Setra.Screenshot-5175And Setra was where Garry lived.

Princess Peach (Part 2)

Princess Peach (Part 2)

A Bailey always put their family first, that’s an actual fact.  I’d noticed that Saffron had been feeling down recently, and it was only whilst we were at the student union playing on the arcade machines that she revealed the reason why.Screenshot-5049Naturally it had everything to do with Garry Cinder.  When she’d proposed to him that they should change their relationship statuses on Facebook considering they had been seeing each other for way over a year, he winced and apparently shot her a look as if she had suggested they should go drown a bag of kittens at the local swimming pool.Screenshot-4911My body shook with anger when I heard the despair wrapped around her words.  She had adored Garry to bits, and he was clearly the biggest douchebag on earth.Screenshot-5051That evening, I marched straight round to his place and, well, let’s just say I didn’t hold back with what I had to say to that dick.Screenshot-4704A couple of weeks later, Saffron was beaming from ear to ear when we met up after our classes for a catch up.

‘Garry’s dropped out of University,’ Saffron revealed, ‘something to do with personal issues.’

‘Aw, what a shame,’ I replied, my grin perhaps giving the game away that I had just a tiny bit of involvement in the matter of Garry flunking out of his degree.Screenshot-4648Although I felt sad for my sister, I was glad that my boyfriend, Danny, was still as lovely as ever and not a complete idiot.Screenshot-4816Even Saffron recognized that he was awesome.  For his 21st birthday party she picked out one of her little black dresses for me to wear, a revealing little number to say the least.  I had never worn anything like it before in my life; not because I was shy or anything, I just preferred clothes that made me feel comfortable and warm.  Perhaps I would have worn something different if I’d known beer pong would be involved.Screenshot-4770As expected, Danny loved my dress, and by dress I mean my obvious assets that were partly on display.Screenshot-4766He could be such a kid in a candy store at times.  It was lucky I wasn’t hot-headed else he would have ended up with my high heel jammed where the sun doesn’t tend to shine for the amount of ogling he did that night.Screenshot-4767As usual, the months continued to roll by, and finally, after three years of learning about facts and life, I graduated with 1st class honors somehow.Screenshot-5161Despite I knew I wouldn’t be using my degree to its full potential, I couldn’t wait to return home to start a little kingdom of my own… hopefully.Screenshot-5160

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