A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Twix’s Mix (Part 2)

Twix’s Mix (Part 2)

As the months went by, Hershey and I managed to maintain our brotherly bond, despite our mum insisting that it was impossible for any siblings to stay close forever.  I guess she was just bitter because it had been a while since she had saw her sisters and brother.Screenshot-8416I was determined to stay close to Hershey, and to look out for him along the way.Screenshot-8381There were a few people I did not trust at University.  Allyson Robins was one of those.  Not particular a looker, but undeniably clever, somehow she had managed to win over Hershey’s heart.  I did not like her one bit.Screenshot-8380‘You really need to start considering taking up some form of exercise.  Hershey’s started running with me and it’s doing his body wonders!’ Screenshot-8377Her bluntness was one of the reasons why I could not stand her.Screenshot-8378Still, Hershey was very much in love with her, so there wasn’t much I could do to convince him to find someone better.  Instead, I just tried to keep him away from her as much as possible.  I even suggested we should team up together to work on a joint-project for extra credit.Screenshot-8407‘Enough of the geek talk, bro, we’ll sort out the proposal for the project on Friday.  Now tell me, what are your plans for Whitney’s birthday tomorrow?’Screenshot-8408‘Oh shit!’ I gasped as I came to the horrific conclusion that I had completely forgotten to buy her a present, and that the shops were only open for another half an hour.Screenshot-8424Fortunately we got there in time, and I managed to find the ideal present, a new pair of earrings which she never wore despite saying she loved them.  I guess it also didn’t change the fact I was an awful boyfriend at times.Screenshot-8426Still, Hershey and I continued to work hard together to ensure our project was a singing success.Screenshot-8467Screenshot-8468And after, as Hershey went off to party, I took a well deserved rest in the hot tub.Screenshot-8484A couple of months later the results were in, and I was the first of this generation to achieve a first class degree.Screenshot-8525Holding up my diploma up high and proud, I vowed to work hard upon my return to Setra, and do my best to carry the torch of the Bailey legacy through another generation.Screenshot-8541With Whitney, obviously.Screenshot-8522 

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