A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Twix’s Mix (Part 1)

Twix’s Mix (Part 1)

‘How much did you drink last night?’ I asked my little brother, Hershey over a delightful salad dinner.Screenshot-8152‘You were reciting the phonetic alphabet, backwards!’Screenshot-8155‘You shouldn’t worry about what I did… you streaked in front of everyone!’ Hershey snorted, almost choking on his food as he clearly relived the moment in his head.Screenshot-8161Screenshot-8144‘No regrets bro, no regrets.’Screenshot-8156Ok, before your image of me is completely tarnished, let me make it clear that I wasn’t a drunken lout who would rip his clothes off at any presentable opportunity.  I had other interests.  Science, for example.Screenshot-8246It fascinated me.  I guess the science station I had set up in my University dorm room made that more than apparent.Screenshot-8236Still, it was the best way to make new discoveries.   Screenshot-8235And there was gardening.  There was just something therapeutic about it…Screenshot-8229Of course, I had a special lady in my life.  I met Whitney during my first year at University.  We ended up seated next to each other during our first lecture and immediately hit it off.  Within a month we were dating, and making sure the internet was fully aware of this.Screenshot-8285Screenshot-8286Even better was that Hershey got on well with her.  I’d often come back to our dorms after hanging out with friends on campus to find them chilling on the sofa together, playing computer games.Screenshot-8149‘Let’s find Hershey a girlfriend!’ Whitney suggested one day, almost out of the blue.            Screenshot-8194‘By “let’s” I’m assuming you mean “me?”‘ I deciphered, remembering the time when Whitney had suggested that we should tidy her room.Screenshot-8190It was then that I noticed that Whitney was wearing nothing more than her underwear.  That was enough persuasion for me.Screenshot-8196‘Let’s do it!’Screenshot-8193A few days later we threw a party, and I made sure to invite Sylvia, a hard-working pretty girl I had met through mutual friends who was studying Communications.  I was convinced she’d be Hershey’s type.Screenshot-8253As it turned out, they had nothing in common and their conversation dried up after a couple of minutes.Screenshot-8255‘This was a bad idea,’ Hershey sighed.  However, I was unwilling for him to give up so easily.

‘Leave it with me, bro.’Screenshot-8271And so, as Hershey stood on the sidelines, I swooped in to save the day.  I mentioned that it would mean the world to my brother if she could feign even an ounce of interest in him.Screenshot-8265It didn’t take much convincing.  Just minutes later they were guzzling down mouthfuls of beer out of the keg.Screenshot-8254Unfortunately, it also didn’t take much alcohol for Sylvia to overdo it.Screenshot-8275Screenshot-8272As the early morning beams of light shone through the window whilst we ate a rather belated dinner, Hershey expressed his views.

‘I’m never letting you set me up on a date ever again.’Screenshot-8277

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