A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 6.12

Chapter 6.12 Tattooed Zombies

Bounty decided to started developing her own online comic.  The story followed a mute man, convicted of murder, called Leigh who was sworn to protect a young orphaned girl called Satsuma during a zombie apocalypse.  She decided to name it “The Talking Dead”.Screenshot-7146The comic was a great hit, and before long Bounty was raking in the royalities, and there was even talks of a TV show and a computer game spin-off.Screenshot-7168Twix and Hershey, surprised by Bounty’s sudden success, started to knuckle down more than ever with their studying, determined to show their mother that were as equally as ambitious in hope they would be selected to carry on the blood-line.Screenshot-7148Tremayne was very amused by this as he knew Cointreau was actually powerless to decide which of her brood would front the next generation.Screenshot-7147Bounty was not too fussed about being chosen to pop out babies in name of the Bailey legacy.  More than anything she wanted to win over her mother’s affections.Screenshot-7182She hoped that by explaining the scale of her recent success, her mum would be proud.

‘I’ve sold more issues of The Talking Dead Volume one than Kickass one and two combined,’ Bounty bragged between mouthfuls of muffin.Screenshot-7187Screenshot-7188‘I knew I should have drowned you whilst I had the chance,’ Cointreau said, referring back to the times she had washed Bounty in the sink as a baby.  Needless to say, after this Bounty gave up trying to impress her mum.Screenshot-7186Elsewhere, Aero was focusing more on developing his “rock ‘n’ roll” image before he went off to University.  The first step of establishing this was by getting a few meaningless tattoos which he would regret later on in life.Screenshot-7189‘Please make me look like a rock God!’Screenshot-7195Screenshot-7193‘Don’t worry, I’ll make you look pretty,’ the tattoo lady promised, a warm glow in her trustworthy yellow-orange tinted eyes. Screenshot-7194Naturally, Aero was a little bit nervous, particularly upon noticing that his tattooist had turned invisible somehow.Screenshot-7196Considering this obvious handicap, she did a great job at inking him up.  The llama tattoo on his arm was most certainly his favourite.Screenshot-7200Being a secret fan of Twilight, he also asked for a werewolf tattoo.  This was placed on his back so he would not have to look at it everyday and feel embarrassed for his secret crush on Taylor Lautner.Screenshot-7201Fortunately for him, Adrianne found his inkings uber sexy. Screenshot-7241Screenshot-7242‘I’m so fricking lucky!Screenshot-7244Unsurprisingly, that night, Hershey was too traumatized to sleep thanks to the paper thin walls between his and Aero’s bedroom.

‘Please make the creaking stop.’Screenshot-7178Now, things are going to be a bit different during the transition into Generation 7.  First of all, the voting poll is going to be posted up before the usual University bonus chapters are posted up.  This is really only because there is quite an age gap between Aero and Hershey, so Aero will be pretty much an adult by the time Hershey has turned into a young adult, which is a bit rubbish for Aero if he gets chosen to front the next generation.

The voting poll will remain up for a week or two, during this time Aero’s and Bounty’s University chapters will be posted up.  After that, regardless of who the winner is, Twix’s and Hershey’s University chapters will be posted up.  Then, the Generation 7 chapters will follow.  Hopefully that all makes sense, and if not, well, you should understand as everything proceeds.

The poll will be up shortly.  Please stay tuned you wonderful people! x x x

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