A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 6.7

Chapter 6.7 Completely respecting her wishes

Many months later, it was rather obvious that Bounty had inherited pretty much all of her father’s facial features, except for his nose unfortunately.Screenshot-6610As was standard, Tremayne was given the task of looking after her whilst Cointreau and Jeffery attempted to progress in their desired careers.Screenshot-6618Tremayne thought it would a be grand idea to take Bounty outside whilst it was raining to teach her how to walk.  Consequently this was a rubbish idea seeing as electronics and water do not mix.  It was three hours until Bounty was taken back indoors by Jeffery, who had returned from a late shift at work.Screenshot-6619After that, Jeffery decided it would be safer for him to raise his own daughter, instead of entrusting her in the care of a mentally and emotionally unstable robot.Screenshot-6627As for young Aero, he was pretty much capable of looking after himself.  His parents were not around half the time due to their strange job hours, so he quickly learnt to survive by teaching himself to make waffles.Screenshot-6581Aero was also very fond of music and often went around pretending his was a DJ.  No doubt he would become yet another Bailey who would develop a musical orientated lifetime wish.Screenshot-6682Jeffery was rather chuffed with the two children he had produced with Cointreau so far.  One evening he suggested to Cointreau that they should add another baby to the brood.Screenshot-6644‘Yeah, about that… I was hoping we could wait until at least Bounty was a teenager before we expanded, y’know?’ Cointreau explained, shuddering at the thought of being torn open once more.Screenshot-6645‘Err, yeah, sure honey, I totally respect that…’Screenshot-6647A couple of months later, Cointreau found out she was pregnant thanks to Jeffery replacing the contraceptive pills in her packet with mint sweets.Screenshot-6601Naturally, she was not pleased.Screenshot-6614Jeffery, on the other hand, was a smug git and boasted to Aero about his genius method of getting mummy pregnant.  This traumatized the young boy, possibly for life.Screenshot-6621Around winter time, Cointreau calmly went into labour and made her way to hospital.Screenshot-6633She popped out another boy, who they called Twix since they figured they would keep up with the chocolate bar theme this generation.  Once Cointreau was sewn back up, they headed back home to enjoy many more months of sleepless nights and stress.  Hooray for parenthood!Screenshot-6639

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