A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 6.5

Chapter 6.5 – This generation is progressing, honestly!

Naturally, Cointreau threw an awesome hen do and even wore a wig for the occasion because the hat she wanted to wear did not go with her current hairdo.  All her sisters showed up, including Peach despite not being displayed in this picture.Screenshot-6209She spent most the night allowing Tremayne to spurt liquid all over her face.Screenshot-6220Her party was certainly more epic than Jeffery’s stag do.Screenshot-6194The stripper maids Earl had hired were not all that attractive, nor were they enthusiastic about their jobs.Screenshot-6190Overall, they were not as awesome as the firemen and magacian that appeared at Cointreau’s hen night.Screenshot-6210‘Boo!’ Jerry said, to reflect this.Screenshot-6191Their actual wedding was lovely, and made a change from the traditional backyard weddings the last few generations had celebrated during the Sunlit Tides era.Screenshot-6282Screenshot-6272Screenshot-6276‘We are now totally married,’ Cointreau said, patting Jeffery on the shoulder, as if he were a child who could barely comprehend things. Screenshot-6289Then they did the traditional cutting of the cake thing, whilst random strangers and gatecrashers stood round in hope they would be given a slice.Screenshot-6300Screenshot-6311Sadly, for Cointreau, the cake did not go down to well.Screenshot-6323And, well, it literally came back up.Screenshot-6327As it turned out, Cointreau was actually pregnant, which was great news for this generation as it had almost reached the halfway point, in relation to chapters.Screenshot-6341Unfortunately, with most chapters, this one would not end happily.  A few months after the wedding and pregnancy revelation, old Grimmy made an appearance in the kitchen, but not to serve breakfast.Screenshot-6357‘Pooka Bailey, your time in this legacy is up, as well as your life in general really.’Screenshot-6358Pooka gazed back at the cloaked figure standing before him, clearly not able to comprehend the situation, being a dog and all that jazz.Screenshot-6359‘Aw, come here and give us a hug!’ The Grim Reaper cooed, realising just how fluffy and awesome looking this dog was.Screenshot-6360Pooka’s eyes lit up and he galloped into Grimmy’s arms, quite literally.Screenshot-6362‘Ok, enough of that.  Fetch, boy, fetch!’Screenshot-6365Screenshot-6366And so, for the third time in Pooka’s life, he flew up into the ceiling, only this time into a green vortex which hopefully led to some sort of afterlife and not everlasting torture or a world with no cake (which is pretty much the same thing in all honesty).Screenshot-6367‘Nooo! Pooka was the only family member who truly understood me!’ Tremayne sobbed when he walked in, just in time to see Pooka’s arse disappear through the portal. ‘Please, bring him back!’  Screenshot-6370The Grim Reaper stood there, and although his face was concealed by his hood, it was obvious he was contemplating something.  Finally, after a few more seconds of silence he spoke.

‘You have a Playstation 3, right?  Can I play some Burnout?  Haven’t played that game in years.’Screenshot-6371Alas, The Grim Reaper played Burnout for many hours, whilst Tremayne hysterically wailed in the bathroom until his sounder card shorted out.  All in all, it was an average day.   Screenshot-6374

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