A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 6.4

Chapter 6.4 – Cake or Death?

Cointreau focused heavily on her fitness, after all, it was hard to look good and be evil without putting any effort into it.Screenshot-6182Pooka still did not approve of Cointreau and her evil ways, but now he was too old to do anything about it.Screenshot-6180All he could do was stare at her, in hope to distract her enough so that she’d fall off the treadmill and break her neck.  One day he hoped to succeed.Screenshot-6179As Autumn approached, Jeffery decided to propose to Cointreau, and chose to do so at a swanky gay bar downtown.Screenshot-6168‘Marry me, I’m delicious!’Screenshot-6170Naturally his proposal was met with a very warm reception.Screenshot-6169Cointreau was very fond of sparkly things, so she was very pleased with the ultra sparkly ring Jeffery had picked out.Screenshot-6171It matched the diamonds she had stolen the other night in a raid at the local jewelers.Screenshot-6173They hugged for a bit then headed off to the bar to get crazy drunk on fancy cocktails.Screenshot-6175Mika and Jameson were ecstatic to hear that this generation was finally making progress.  They were eager to watch Cointreau wed Jeffery and were even more excited to meet their future grandchildren, as and when they came along.  Nothing could prevent that.Screenshot-6098‘Oh, hey, Mika Moore, right?’ Screenshot-6115Well, nothing besides death.Screenshot-6105‘God dammit.’Screenshot-6108  Screenshot-6109‘Yoink!’Screenshot-6120Meanwhile, at the front of the house, Jameson was showing the guests inside as he and Mika had organised a party to celebrate how awesome live was, that and it was also Christmas time, which meant lots of lovely presents and cake.Screenshot-6131‘Wait, do I hear dramatic organ music and bells?’Screenshot-6121‘Oh, come on, really?’Screenshot-6123‘This has to be the most inconvenient time to die!’Screenshot-6125‘Yo, Jameson Bailey, your wife is waiting,’ The Grim Reaper said.Screenshot-6132‘But, what about the cake?’ Jameson whined.  Irish also agreed that this was a tragedy, but then quickly remembered that there was lots of cake in the afterlife and told Jameson about this.Screenshot-6127After that he willingly went off with Grimmy to learn the basics of being a ghost, and to also get some cake.Screenshot-6135And so, the gravestone collection grew once again.Screenshot-6150Even though Cointreau was evil, she was devastated.  Her parents had been rather cool after all, and now she had very little support to help raise her future babies.Screenshot-6143On top of all that, a few days later, Cointreau learnt that Jeffery had been secretly modelling for Calvin Klein.  Admittedly though, this cheered her up immensely and soon enough life resumed as normal.Screenshot-6158Minus the fact that Cointreau insisted that Jeffery did all the house chores in his underwear from that day on.Screenshot-6103

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