A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Princess Peach (Part 2)

Princess Peach (Part 2)

A Bailey always put their family first, that’s an actual fact.  I’d noticed that Saffron had been feeling down recently, and it was only whilst we were at the student union playing on the arcade machines that she revealed the reason why.Screenshot-5049Naturally it had everything to do with Garry Cinder.  When she’d proposed to him that they should change their relationship statuses on Facebook considering they had been seeing each other for way over a year, he winced and apparently shot her a look as if she had suggested they should go drown a bag of kittens at the local swimming pool.Screenshot-4911My body shook with anger when I heard the despair wrapped around her words.  She had adored Garry to bits, and he was clearly the biggest douchebag on earth.Screenshot-5051That evening, I marched straight round to his place and, well, let’s just say I didn’t hold back with what I had to say to that dick.Screenshot-4704A couple of weeks later, Saffron was beaming from ear to ear when we met up after our classes for a catch up.

‘Garry’s dropped out of University,’ Saffron revealed, ‘something to do with personal issues.’

‘Aw, what a shame,’ I replied, my grin perhaps giving the game away that I had just a tiny bit of involvement in the matter of Garry flunking out of his degree.Screenshot-4648Although I felt sad for my sister, I was glad that my boyfriend, Danny, was still as lovely as ever and not a complete idiot.Screenshot-4816Even Saffron recognized that he was awesome.  For his 21st birthday party she picked out one of her little black dresses for me to wear, a revealing little number to say the least.  I had never worn anything like it before in my life; not because I was shy or anything, I just preferred clothes that made me feel comfortable and warm.  Perhaps I would have worn something different if I’d known beer pong would be involved.Screenshot-4770As expected, Danny loved my dress, and by dress I mean my obvious assets that were partly on display.Screenshot-4766He could be such a kid in a candy store at times.  It was lucky I wasn’t hot-headed else he would have ended up with my high heel jammed where the sun doesn’t tend to shine for the amount of ogling he did that night.Screenshot-4767As usual, the months continued to roll by, and finally, after three years of learning about facts and life, I graduated with 1st class honors somehow.Screenshot-5161Despite I knew I wouldn’t be using my degree to its full potential, I couldn’t wait to return home to start a little kingdom of my own… hopefully.Screenshot-5160

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