A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Earl’s Court (Part 1)

Earl’s Court (Part 1)

My name is Earl.  Sorry, had to be done!  My mum, in fact, had an obsession with herbal tea, hence my name.  I noticed from a young age how all my siblings had faintly ridiculous names relating to either food or alcohol.  It’s most certainly a Bailey thing, one I knew I’d grow to understand one day.  Or at least I hoped.Screenshot-5066I joined my older sisters at Uni when they were in their final year.  By then they had seen and experienced it all, so needless to say they were protective over me, Saffron in particular, worried I’d delve down all the wrong avenues.  Screenshot-5119I behaved though, to an extent.  Tiffany Angles was one of my housemates, cute and fun to be around.  We hung out a lot together.Screenshot-5094Tiff was studying Physical Education, so often volunteered to lift me whenever we were faced with a juice keg situation.Screenshot-5095Unfortunately, she wasn’t as strong as she made out to be…Screenshot-5096Screenshot-5098Screenshot-5099Needless to say, I was angry the first time she dropped me, but after the bruise on my head had eventually cleared I saw the funny side.Screenshot-5100When Saffron invited herself over for dinner one evening, I told her about how Tiff and I had gone bowling together with a few other jocks and how we had both blitzed the other team.Screenshot-5063‘Tiff’s amazing,’ I confessed, a small smile tugging at the corner of my lips.Screenshot-5062‘It’s sweet that you’ve found a girl you like,’ Saffron replied, eyes fixed across the room at one of my male roomies, who had just happened to walk into the room topless.  ‘Just be careful,’ she continued,  ‘Tiff hasn’t always been friendly to you, has she?’Screenshot-5064Saffron had a point.  Tiff and I hadn’t exactly got off on the right foot to start off with.  I’d stepped out into the hallway one afternoon, playing on my guitar when a door swung open at such a force it slammed against the wall, leaving a small indent in the plasterboard.Screenshot-5047‘One hour!  That’s all the sleep I’ve had since yesterday; one hour!  So shut the hell up and shove your stupid little guitar up your arse!’Screenshot-5157Screenshot-5156I can’t remember how it happened, but a day later we ended up sitting side by side in the living room playing computer games together, laughing and joking like we had known each other for years.Screenshot-5144I guess her mood-swings should have been a warning bell from the start, but since I had grown up a laid-back family (somewhat), a little bit of spice and conflict was actually somewhat refreshing.Screenshot-5147Quite simply, I knew from very early on that I wanted to marry this girl, warts and all.Screenshot-5146 

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