A Bailey Legacy

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Princess Peach (Part 1)

Princess Peach (Part 1)

Ever since I was a baby, I’d been daddy’s little princess, despite being one of four daughters, I had been born first out of me and my twin sister Saffron, so maybe that’s why I’d always had a strong bond with my dad.Screenshot-3717It was no surprise that in the end I decided to study the same degree as him when I was encouraged to go to University.  Despite owning a race horse, who I trained with constantly, I had no athletic talents whatsoever…Screenshot-4760…And it showed.Screenshot-4759Still, after a few weeks of strength training, I became awesome at doing the keg-stand, which helped me make a few friends.Screenshot-4805Unfortunately, it never left me feeling great the following day.Screenshot-4656Soon enough I realised I had to buckle down and start taking my degree seriously. Screenshot-4657It wasn’t all about pumping iron or busting out jumping jacks, I had to learn about the human body too.  Muscles, bones, nutriment you name it.Screenshot-4694Often I would sit and study with Saffron since she too had to learn all this stuff (and more) for her Science and Medicine degree.Screenshot-4665She was such a little genius, not to mention stunning with her bright blue eyes and the plumpest lips (inherited from Grandma Coco).Screenshot-4666I had no issues with being the “ugly” twin, but I still hoped to meet my own Prince Charming one day.Screenshot-4667There was this one guy called Garry Cinder who Saffron and I bumped into at one of our favourite haunts.  I invited him over to our halls one afternoon, in hope I could muster up the courage to confess my attraction to him.Screenshot-4658However, as it turned out, he was way more interested in getting to know Saffron.Screenshot-4707I couldn’t stay mad at her for long though, it wasn’t as if she knew I liked Garry.  I don’t think she would have got with him otherwise.Screenshot-4717The weeks continued to fly by and I become more and more caught up in physical activity, sometimes with my room-mates, as bid to increase my confidence and fitness.Screenshot-4795 Screenshot-4792Screenshot-4794One day, after an early morning run, I returned to the house to grab some munch and bumped into Danny Harris.  He was one of those housemates who rarely seemed to be at home and would only return when he had to grab a fresh set of clothes.  He was supposedly studying the same degree as me too, but I’d only ever seen him attend a couple of classes over the semester.Screenshot-4664We ended up sitting in the dining hall together eating breakfast, chatting about the lecturers we loved and the ones we disliked as well as the other students.Screenshot-4786Jokingly, I ended up telling Danny about how Saffron somehow managed to unintentionally steal the attention of any straight man within a ten-foot radius, which made it difficult for socially awkward me to hold a guy’s interest whenever she was around.Screenshot-4790‘How does that work?’ Danny asked, eyes deadly serious, ‘you’re absolutely stunning.’Screenshot-4788In that moment I lost the ability to eat and almost managed to choke on my food.Screenshot-4789My cheeks burning, I swiftly finished off what food I could before I sat up and excused myself from the table, washing my plate up at lightning speed in the kitchen before hiding out in the garden until I was sure Danny was gone.  After that, I busied myself with attempting to repair the dishwasher, in hope to forget what Danny had said.  No guy (besides the ones in my family) had ever addressed me as stunning before.Screenshot-4791Still, later on that day, his words kept replaying over and over in my head, and I was disappointed when Danny didn’t turn up to our afternoon seminar.Screenshot-4755When I returned home that evening, I made an instant beeline for the trampoline in the garden.  Acting like a child was always a great way to alleviate any stress. Screenshot-4673 Screenshot-4674After dinner, I spent a bit of time reading in the study room before I decided it was time to try and get some sleep.  As I stepped onto the second floor landing I froze on the spot when the door opposite creaked open and Danny’s deep voice said my name. Shit.Screenshot-4710‘Hey, sorry if I crept you out earlier,’ Danny said, hands fiddling with his pockets.  My eyes analysed the chiseled features on his face as he gazed at me with his warm eyes.  Damn it, he most definitely meant what he said about me earlier.  Screenshot-4709‘Nah, truth is, I’m a little bit rubbish around people to be honest.  That’s why I own a horse,’ I explained, almost instantly kicking myself when I realised how ridiculous that had sounded out loud,Screenshot-4711‘Doesn’t bother me.  Hey, do you fancy going on a date tomorrow night?’ Danny proposed.Screenshot-4712I already knew what my answer was going to be, but still my cheeks flushed bright red and my chest tightened.  Taking a small, subtle intake of breath, I forced myself to answer before the awkward silence went by for too long.

‘I’d like that.’Screenshot-4821Whether it would become something serious was another question, but I was willing to find out all the same. 

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