A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 5.13

Chapter 5.13 – Off you go now

To celebrate getting old, Jameson and Mika threw a party, as seemed to be a long running tradition in the legacy of the Baileys.Screenshot-4454 - CopyFrangelico and Cointreau, who were avid Game of Thrones fans, dressed up in medieval style gowns, and even managed to pull the image off without looking like they were complete weirdos.Screenshot-4440Screenshot-4443Whilst most people stood around outside, like they were having difficulties getting inside the building, Mika and Cointreau grazed greedily on the cookies from the buffet.  The fact that Cointreau was not even halfway through her teen years did not deter Mika from asking her if she had thought about getting married to anyone.  In all honestly though she had given up on Peach and Saffron finding anyone on the Island that was marriage worthy.  Screenshot-4450‘Just a warning, sleep around as much as you can beforehand.  Once you’re married, that all goes out the window,’ Mika revealed, glancing over at Jameson who was about to sit down on the empty chair next to Cointreau.  Screenshot-4451‘Hey!’ Jameson exclaimed, no doubt feeling useless and humiliated.  It was true, however.Screenshot-4453 - CopyA few years later, it was official, Jameson and Mika were losing the elasticity in their skin,  a clear sign that death was slowly approaching.Screenshot-4502As for Peach and Saffron, they were still fairly young and just days away from adulthood, so they decided it was time to start planning their birthday party.Screenshot-4432Peach mused  about what they could do during every meal time, since thinking was only a thing she could do when she was eating.Screenshot-4532‘Why don’t you hire out the nightclub across the road from us?’ Earl suggested.  ‘We’re filthy rich and all, so $1,500 isn’t going to go amiss.’Screenshot-4529‘Wait, I’ve got a great idea! We’re rich, we can rent out the nightclub across the road from us’ Peach said, completely disregarding that Earl had just suggested the exact same thing. Screenshot-4533Screenshot-4531And so, they hired out the club for the night using money they had never contributed towards earning.Screenshot-4543The girls instantly hit the dance floor, whilst Earl headed to the bar to drink despite he was still below the legal age.Screenshot-4546‘You’re a genius, Peach!’ Saffron complimented, whilst two old men, who had not been invited, eyed them up from afar.Screenshot-4548Peach grinned, although it was a known fact that she did not possess the genius trait.  Nor did Frangelico, but she was musically talented so this did not matter.Screenshot-4549Somehow, the party went down well, despite most the guests turned up several hours late due to standing around outside for not apparent reason.Screenshot-4558Saffron also gained a new secret admirer.Screenshot-4563A while later, and after a much needed change of threads to mark their step into young adulthood, Saffron and Peach were ready to head off to University.Screenshot-4565Peach more unwillingly as she only wanted to stay at home and make a living by using her horse in races and the such, but Jameson and Mika convinced her that moving away from home temporarily would help develop her personality further.  Hopefully.Screenshot-4568

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  1. Haha this is so awesome, i will be waiting for the next chapter :3

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