A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 5.9

Chapter 5.9- Winter Tails

Frangelico and Cointreau celebrated their leap into childhood a few winters later. Screenshot-4025Screenshot-4075Screenshot-4027Screenshot-4042Even Nina from Chapter 4.12 showed up to celebrate, although as soon as she realised how sexy Jameson had become, she regretted not being wooed by his cat videos and promptly proceeded to sob hysterically on his shoulder.Screenshot-4034She could not be blamed though.  He was more successful than ever, and had even managed to secure a gig at one of the biggest venues on the island.Screenshot-3982 - CopyHe was convinced there was a little something “wooden” about the audience, however.Screenshot-3977 - CopyStill, he didn’t care, and continued to play with fire, much like his grandmother, Irish, had done.Screenshot-3980 - CopyAs for Saffron and Peach, they  were now teenagers and had managed to grow into their noses somewhat.Screenshot-4085Anyways, since it was obviously Christmas, Jameson thought it would be a grand idea to invite all the other Baileys round for an awesome get together.  Even one-legged Paul made an appearance.Screenshot-4054Like father and daughter, Peach and Jameson kept an eye out for anything strange happening, or anyone acting inappropriate.Screenshot-4049Mika, however, questioned their abilities when, just a few hours later, she found a stray dog stood by the Christmas tree.Screenshot-4099The dog then proceeded to chew up all the presents still under the tree, one of which was a rather personal present Jameson had purchased for Mika.Screenshot-4069Turned out that Earl had somehow adopted the dog, named Pooka, from the pound, so naturally she gave him a good telling off.Screenshot-4089Still, they kept Pooka as he looked rather awesome and it had been a while since there had been any pets in the house.     Screenshot-4083Naturally, Earl was a very happy boy, and the evening only got better for him when he had pumpkin pie for dinner.Screenshot-4119Unfortunately, he quickly found out, after a couple of mouthfuls that the pie was no longer in date, so, as he spent the entire night glued to the toilet, he decided that his day had been mediocre, not awesome. 

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