A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5.3 – Breakdown

As the months continued to run on by, Jameson had become so in demand that he had secured a permanent weekly gig slot at Flying V’s coffee house.  Clearly he was elated by this news.Screenshot-3322He continued to juggle things, particularly really sharp swords, and eventually managed to stop slicing his arms apart with them.Screenshot-3336Everyone loved his acrobatic skills, particularly his family members who did their best to turn up to his shows and support him.  Of course, Coco still refused to show up, but not like he cared. Screenshot-3335Things seemed to be going swimmingly until one evening, when Jameson was about to do a bit of furniture rearranging with the aid of his parents.  As he reached the foot of the bed, his head started to cloud and his vision blurred.Screenshot-3303Then, without so much as murmur escaping from his lips, he collapsed onto the rug.Screenshot-3308A gasp escaped from Judd as he stared down at his son.  He wondered for a few seconds if Jameson had started drinking heavily again, but then came to the conclusion that the poor young guy had just passed out due to exhaustion.   Screenshot-3306Coco reluctantly called for an ambulance, after she had made a pizza delivery order of course, knowing now that she would not have enough time to cook dinner. Screenshot-3307By the following morning, Amaretto had head about the news, and so she instantly cornered Coco and accused her of allowing Jameson to overexert himself.  Screenshot-3316‘Honey,’ Coco replied, ‘Jameson is grown up, like yourself, and so he’s responsible for every action he takes.  I can’t be blamed for his stupidity now, can I?’  Screenshot-3319Amaretto stared at her mother with a deadpan expression.  Clearly Coco was so disillusioned that she was unable to recognize that she was a terrible human being, so Amaretto knew she had to tackle this issue on her own.    Screenshot-3309So, once Jameson was out of hospital and back on his feet, Amaretto settled down with him as they ate dinner to have a little discussion with him regarding his current occupation, and how the strain of it was obviously causing him more harm than good.Screenshot-3356‘So, you know, maybe you should look for an alternative career path, like becoming a business man or something.’ Screenshot-3358Jameson gazed at Amaretto in disbelief.  As if he was going to give up his awesome career for the sake of his health!   He politely explained this to Amaretto, trying his hardest not to smash his empty plate across her pretty face.Screenshot-3359Although sullen, Amaretto refused to give up so easily.  Using the time machine which Tremayne had built many years ago, she traveled forwards in time in hope to discover what would be done to solve the issue in the next chapter so then she could make sure it would definitely happen.Screenshot-3223All she now had to do was put the ball into motion in time for the next chapter to pan out in the same way she had viewed it. Screenshot-3224

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