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True, Jameson (Part 3)

True, Jameson (Part 3)

As soon as the snow had cleared, I was practicing my acrobatic moves as often as I could.  I had several gigs planned, even a couple scheduled in back at Sunlit Tides, so I was determined to keep my skills up scratch in hope I would start making a name for myself.Screenshot-2878I even set up my own blog to promote myself, with the help of Amaretto.   Of course, I  couldn’t resist taking and posting up a few cheeky self-portraits.Screenshot-2991Despite throwing myself into all these distractions, I couldn’t help but think about Mika.  I still wasn’t sure what was happening between us.  We were talking and stuff, but I knew I couldn’t go on pretending that I still didn’t have feelings for her.Screenshot-2882A few days later, I received a call from Steve inviting me to a get together at the town’s hottest nightclub.   I knew what that meant; more pulling girls and comparing them to Mika, that’s why I told Steve that I wasn’t in the mood to go party.

‘Dude, Mika is coming too!’ Steve revealed.Screenshot-2830Well, that changed everything.  Excitement raced through as I ran full pelt, cutting across the University campus so I could reach my destination quicker.Screenshot-2839As my feet hammered against the paving stones, I spied a very familiar girl walking towards me with an inquisitive look on her face.Screenshot-2841I only realised it was Malibu when we were barely feet apart.  Shouting a quick greeting, I had no plans to stop until Malibu demanded to know where I was heading to.  Screenshot-2845Pausing quickly, I gave her the simple answer before I continued on my way to the awaiting dance floor, and of course my darling Mika.Screenshot-2843Stepping into the venue, disappointment instantly set in my stomach when I was greeted to a near enough empty room, besides a couple of cougars (who I instantly avoided making contact with).  With a pout, I basked in my sorrow for a few moments before I shuffled off to the bar, plotting revenge on Steve for his obvious prank.Screenshot-2856Cocktail in hand, I wondered if I was fated to live a loveless existence, or at least end up marrying some boring lass I had nothing in common with and have semi-decent looking children.  The latter didn’t seem too bad.Screenshot-2862‘Delicious!’ A gentle voice chirped above the music.  Spinning around, my heart jumped a beat.  There stood Mika with the exact same cocktail clasped in her hand with her lips curled up into a content smile. Screenshot-2860‘That sneaky bastard,’ my thoughts chuckled, realising that this must have been Steve’s intention all along to get me all alone with Mika.

‘What’s delicious; me or the drink?’ I tried my best to joke, although I’m sure Mika only giggled out of politeness.  Screenshot-2865We stayed at the bar for quite some time, drinking and discussing memories of when we had first started dating and how awesome things had been.  Our conversation growing more risque between every drink we consumed.

‘I miss being with you,’ Mika eventually confessed, arms wrapping around my shoulders.  Placing my hands on her waist, I lent forwards to catch her lips with my own.Screenshot-2863I’d never rushed home so quickly in my life.  Moments after flying through my bedroom door we were on the bed, springs creaking and headboard shaking.  My heart was still racing even afterwards when we were cuddled up together, wondering why we had even split up in the first place. Screenshot-2954Even when Mika got up to use the bathroom, I was unable to prevent myself from grinning.Screenshot-2963And, that morning, before Mika has awoken, I couldn’t resist doing a little celebratory dance in the fitness room.Screenshot-3029Screenshot-3030After that I vowed never to look back and to do all I could to keep Mika happy and by my side.

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