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Malibu’s Muse (Part 3)

Malibu’s Muse (Part 3)

As the months rolled by, I became more and more involved with voicing my views on racism and equality.  I even reached the stage where I would go from dorm to dorm with my megaphone, giving  inspirational speeches which I hoped even Martin Luther King Jr. would approve of. Screenshot-2821Spray painting in public places had also become part of my weekly habits.Screenshot-2833One day in particular I worked on the same mural until the sun had started to set, and most students were retreating back to their usual hangout zones.Screenshot-2835Gazing down at my handiwork, I realised that the fat bullet shaped head I had graffitied bared an uncanny resemblance to certain simbot I had grown up with.  A certain simbot who had often gone unheard over the past couple of hundred years.Screenshot-2836On my walk back to my accommodation, as I contemplated about the ways I could make Tremayne feel more included in our family, I was soon enough distracted by a tall and muscular figure running towards me.Screenshot-2840As I squinted harder, I realised the athletic guy was Jameson.Screenshot-2842For a moment I panicked, wondering if something awful had happened to Amaretto or Aaron, however, Jameson just directed a quick “hey, sis” in my direction as he zoomed on past me.Screenshot-2846‘Where are you off too?’ I asked in a firm tone, my over-protective nature taking hold.Screenshot-2845Jameson instantly stopped running and spun around to face me.

‘A party, apparently,’ Jameson announced, before he grinned and continued his journey, shouting out a hearty, ‘See ya later,’ as he disappeared off into the distance.Screenshot-2844Since Jameson was often rushing about to parties all over town, I thought nothing more about our brief encounter for the rest of the evening, until Aaron invited himself into my room  just after the clock had turned midnight.Screenshot-2964I briefly left him to get comfy on my bed as I quickly went off to brush my teeth.  As I had just left the bathroom and was crossing the hallway back to my room, Jameon’s bedroom door creaked open and out stepped Mika Moore, dressed in nothing but a flimsy nightgown, with a surprised expression on her face.

‘Err, yeah, this may look a little weird, but err..’ she stammered, clearly unsure on how to explain the situation, despite it was pretty obvious.Screenshot-2971‘Thing is, we’ve decided to give things another go… so…’ Mika continued.Screenshot-2970Standing there, feeling amused, I was close to grabbing her by the scruff of the neck and forcing her back into Jameson’s room.

‘It’s fine, Mika,’ I said, trying my hardest to keep a serious expression on my face, ‘I have no issues with you dating my brother, again.’Screenshot-2972‘Thank you,’ Mika said, bowing down to show her gratitude; for what exactly I wasn’t sure,  I just hoped she was aware that if she did ever break my baby brother’s heart again that I would not hesitate to make her life a living hell.Screenshot-2973Back in my bedroom, I told Aaron that Jameson had got back together with Mika, perhaps brimming with more excitement than I should have been.  The happiness of my siblings were what mattered the most to me though.Screenshot-2959‘I’m glad they worked things out,’ Aaron admitted, resting both hands on his toned stomach, ‘they’re a great match.’Screenshot-2955‘Just like us,’ he added, with a cheeky glint in his eyes.Screenshot-2958Knowing he was right, I couldn’t help but smile.Screenshot-2956

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