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Amaretto on Ice (Part 2)

Amaretto on Ice (Part 2)

It’s funny how some things turn out in the end.  For some reason, since my embarrassing drunken incident after Jameson’s party, Cade and I started to spend more time together.  Apparently she was the one who had helped me to bed that night, and had even delivered me breakfast in bed when I had finally woken up.  It was a relief to know that she hadn’t been freaked out by my revelation, but I still felt unnerved not knowing how she felt about it, given that we had not spoken about it since.Screenshot-2663One snowy day, when we were meeting up for lunch between classes, I decided it was time to test the waters.  Screenshot-2759 Leaning across I whispered in her ear that something crazy was about to happen.Screenshot-2757Then, before she could respond, I lent in and kissed her.  Much to my surprise, and delight, she didn’t resist or show any signs of unease.  After that, she slid her hand into mine and we headed off to the burger bar to grab some munch.Screenshot-2763 I returned home that evening with a grin on my face.  Cade went off to have a shower, so I decided to play a bit of online multiplayer Call of Duty, in hope to wind up some thirteen year olds.Screenshot-2737As I headed into the living area downstairs, shocked when I saw Jameson flirting with some big busted girl.  It hadn’t been too long since he had split up with Mika, but I’d assumed they would end up getting back together.Screenshot-2729A frown fell across my brow as the girl purred to my brother not to be shy, before mashing their faced together.  I quickly marched out the room, not particularly wanting to watch the events which were likely to unfold.Screenshot-2731The following evening, when Jameson joined me at the dinner table, I chose not to greet him, and as planned he instantly asked me what the matter was.Screenshot-2374‘Have fun with Tits McGee last night?’ I asked, without looking up from my plate.  It wasn’t as if I had to gauge his reaction.Screenshot-2376‘Tits McGee…?’ Jameson asked, momentarily puzzle by the “affectionate” (and arguably clever) nickname I had used.  ‘Wait, you mean Chloe?’

‘I saw you with her downstairs; you weren’t exactly being subtle,’ I revealed, tapping my fork against my plate.  Jameson shifted in his seat and rested his arms against the table.

‘It wasn’t what it looked like…’ He protested.  I arched an eyebrow. ‘Well ok, it was, but…’Screenshot-2377‘You’ve only just split up with Mika,’ I reminded.

‘Yeah, and I’m hurting!’ Jameson said, voice strained.

‘So that’s an excuse to start screwing around with random girls?’ I snapped, perhaps a little too sternly.  It couldn’t be helped though.  He’d been so smitten over Mika, to the point where he couldn’t stop talking to me about how awesome she was.Screenshot-2378Jameson raised his eyebrows as he glared over at me.

‘What I do is none of your business.  I’ll sleep with who I want, when I want,’ he said darkly, glaring at me as if I had implied he impotent.  Screenshot-2375‘I’ll leave you to it then.’ I sighed, pushing back my chair as Jameson turned his attention back to his mac and cheese, still fuming away like a toddler.Screenshot-2380Marching into the kitchen, I threw my plate into the dishwasher then hurried upstairs to my room.  Slumping down onto the mattress, I tried to brush all my thoughts aside as I threw the duvet over my body. Screenshot-2923I should have been ecstatic that I was finally with the girl of my dreams, but all I could keep thinking about was Jameson, terrified he was going to end up getting the reputation of a man slut or, even worse, would end up catching some sort of grotesque STD.

A few hours later, I eventually drifted off to sleep; however, I knew I had to do something with that boy before things grew out of hand. Screenshot-3025And so the next day I commenced my plan to get Jameson back together with Mika.Screenshot-2789

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