A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 4.8

Chapter 4.8 – ‘Class A’ Child Abuse

Coco and Judd continued to work out to aid with their lifetime wishes, and to keep their looks and bodies in mint condition since neither of them really had likable personalities (given one was robophobic, and the other was a complete and utter troll).  Screenshot-1332The children were starting to grow more into their own personalities and faces.  Malibu would literally approach and play with every cat she came across, which meant she often returned home covered in fleas and smelling of catnip.Screenshot-1318She also enjoyed painting, although she mostly only painted cats.Screenshot-1322Amaretto was not really into cats like Malibu was, but she still owned a pair of cat pajamas, because she believed she was the cat’s pajamas, plus Malibu had got them for her as a Christmas present so it was rude not to wear them really.  They were best friends after all…

‘If you don’t wear them, I’ll cut you!’Screenshot-1337Amaretto was also fairly creative.  She thoroughly enjoyed building things with oversized Lego bricks and was actually considering becoming an inventor when she was older.Screenshot-1321The boys, Murphy and Jameson, had a less catty relationship than the girls.  Although Murphy was nearing his teenage years, he still enjoyed spending time with his younger brother, attempting to guide him along the right path in life.

‘So, when you drown someone, you want to push down hard, like this.’Screenshot-1333He then proceeded to show Jameson how to dispose of a body, using a single pillow case.Screenshot-1328‘Just make sure you dump it before rigor mortis kicks in,’ Murphy advised.Screenshot-1330Although Coco loved all her children, like most mothers she had her favourites.  Unfortunately, Jameson was not one of these.

‘Amagawwwd, that Jameson is such a loser!’ Coco announced over breakfast one morning. ‘And he sometimes smells a bit funky.’Screenshot-1349‘Oh, hey, Jameson.’ Screenshot-1347‘So, yeah, he’s a bit of a strange kid really, unlike you, Murphy.’

‘I’m still here, Mum,’ Jameson said, although his voice went unheard since Coco was still continuing to slate him, Judd also joining in as he grabbed his breakfast cake from the fridge.Screenshot-1348If there was any child who would be likely to grow up into a serial killer, Jameson was probably your number one candidate with this sort of parenting and upbringing in general.  Screenshot-1352Meanwhile, upstairs, Tremayne was dancing, because he was practicing to enter “Strictly Come Dancing”.  Sadly, he would later find out that robots were not allowed to participate on the show.  Plus he did not have a  dancing partner, so that did not really do him a lot of favours either.  Better luck next time, old chap.Screenshot-1340

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