A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 4.5

Chapter 4.5 – Just a little bit robophobic

Murphy was the first Bailey to really become attached to Tremayne.  He found the simbot’s cold metal exterior somewhat soothing to snuggle up to. Screenshot-1117Eventually it got to a stage where Murphy would only allow Tremayne to pick him up to allow him to blow out the candles on his birthday cake.  Screenshot-1122Although Judd did his best to put on a happy face, the fact that Murphy was forming such a strong bond with Tremayne upset him deeply.  He was a little bit robophobic you see.Screenshot-1121A few birthdays later, Murphy grew wise to his father’s hatred for robots, so started to avoid hanging out with Tremayne as much, although it was obviously a painful thing to do.Screenshot-1131He found ways to cope, however, even if they did reflect on a particular incident involving a certain Irish and her doll, Crissy, a couple of generations ago.Screenshot-1152The triplets had also aged up over the cleverly placed time transition.  Malibu was a fairly creative individual with a disciplined nature.Screenshot-1204Amaretto was said to be rather eccentric and hated to leave the comfort of her crib, let alone the house.Screenshot-1205And Jameson was just a bundle of pure energy combined with an artistic nature.Screenshot-1203Anyways, enough of the snotty nosed children and their personality traits.  Hayley had met a guy called Dale Peacock (actual true in-game generated name), and since she was getting on a bit and her ovaries were starting to shrivel up, she decided to get down on one knee and suck his propose to him.  Screenshot-1143Screenshot-1144Screenshot-1145Funnily enough, they decided not to move in together straight away.  Hayley was still enjoying being part of the legacy way too much to suddenly leave and become a forgotten entity.  She also saved Coco money by being a handy babysitter for the children. Screenshot-1146Since there is no actual other way to end this chapter, here is a scandalous photograph of Judd, dancing his little furry chest off in Sunlit Tides’ most (and only) notorious gay club.Screenshot-1008

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