A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 3.7

Chapter 3.7 – Bonjour! And all that French stuff

One morning Irish woke up and decided she wanted to go to France, for no actual real reason, it just sounded like a good thing to do.Screenshot-728And so she whisked the entire family off to France, except for Tremayne because robots are not allowed to travel on planes, obviously.  Screenshot-731Within the month that they stayed in the lands of France, they managed to find a typically dressed French bloke, which the typical French name of Pierre.  Screenshot-732Cookie, who had developed an interest in art over the years, from watching his father paint, decided to visit a few art museums.  They were not very fun, but he did meet a French woman called Colette, which is another common French name (at least in French language textbooks at school).Screenshot-730Coco enjoyed munching on french crepes.  Screenshot-739And Hayley was almost kidnapped by a French creep.Screenshot-737Before they knew it their time was up and the Baileys were soon back in sunny Sunlit Tides eating french toast and, in Coco’s case, doing the homework she had neglected whilst living the French lifestyle.  Screenshot-717Coco was pleased to receive a visit from Judd, her close friend, and crush, from school.  Since she had soaked in the romantic atmosphere and lingo from France, she did her best to try to flirt with him.Screenshot-719However, Coco should have kind of realised that Judd could not speak French, at least not as fluently as her.Screenshot-721Not one to give up, Coco decided it was time for Plan B.Screenshot-720Sometimes actions just speak louder than words!Screenshot-722Meanwhile, Hayley sat in the kitchen, playing a Phantom of the Opera song on her keyboard, like a pro.  Watching as Coco lead Judd into the room, she felt a pang of jealous pinch her chest.Screenshot-718Later on, Hayley signed up to matchmaker.org and made it her mission to find a guy on there who was not a pedophile.  Watch out, Hayley!

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One thought on “Chapter 3.7

  1. GAH! Pedo-bear cameo!!! *dies*

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