A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1 – Make mine a double 

Thankfully, Crissy did not murder Irish in her sleep.  She got distracted by a nice young blonde man and claimed him as her own.Screenshot-475When she finally remembered, Crissy couldn’t believe that she had planned to kill Irish in her sleep.  Still, feeling a little bit bitter about Irish once wanting her dead, she decided to sneak into Irish’s room one night when she was sleeping and, somehow, surgically attached a plate of fish of chip to her hand.

Needless to say, Irish was not impressed when she woke up the next morning.Screenshot-481After having an extremely painful operation to remove the plate, Irish enjoyed a pleasant dinner of fish and chips, and a few weeks later she proposed to her boyfriend, Stacey, despite he clearly did not know how to dress or manage his hair.Screenshot-436‘Yeah, I like, don’t really want to sleep alone when I have a pyromaniac ex-imaginary doll thing that wants me dead, so please move in and marry me!’Screenshot-438‘Sure,’ Stacey said, ‘sounds legit to me.’Screenshot-439Irish swiftly gave him a makeover to make him more presentable to other human beings.Screenshot-442Being a bit of a loner, Stacey spent most of his time writing sci-fi stories.  He also liked painting, just so you know.Screenshot-470Shortly after Irish’s and Stacey’s engagement, Pippy had an unfortunate accident on the “slip ‘n’ slide” in the back garden after she and Fudge had been drinking rather heavily.Screenshot-449Sadly, it resulted in her death.Screenshot-455The Grim Reaper made an appearance.  He had hoped to join in with the drunken poolside mayhem, but was annoyed to find that he had to send a body off to the spirit world instead.

‘Curse thee!’Screenshot-456Needless to say, Fudge was devastated at the loss of his lovely wife.Screenshot-461Like, really devastated Screenshot-462Tremayne would have genuinely felt heartbroken for Fudge, if it was not for the fact he was a robot, so therefore lacked real emotions or a heart.  Screenshot-463The very next evening, Fudge decided to do something which he had always vowed to do if Pippy ever died before he did.  Screenshot-464No, not suicide… he actually went to visit the science research facility, and held the researchers at gun-point until asked the researchers to kindly clone him.Screenshot-465And thus, Caramel Bailey was produced, a child clone of Fudge. Screenshot-466‘Oh ma gawd!’ Fudge exclaimed, peering down at his younger self. ‘Pint-size awesomeoness!’Screenshot-468There was no doubt that Caramel was Fudge’s clone – not a random child that the researchers had snatched from the streets.  Caramel enjoyed being awesome, and also enjoyed sitting in the same armchair as Fudge.Screenshot-471(Yes, the one below is an old pic where Fudge still had his beloved waistcoat… RIP poor waistcoat)Screenshot-196

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