A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 2.7

Chapter 2.7 – To be honest, Jacob is better

Minty celebrated her transition into adulthood without fear that Irish would burn the venue down, or her waistcoat.   Screenshot-362It was after Minty had aged that Pippy realised that her and Fudge would need at least one of their daughters to carry on the Bailey Legacy.  Picking which one was not an easy feat.  Sure, Minty was a talented musician, and not an endangerment to their lives when it came to fires… Wait, scrap that, the choice was rather obvious in fact.  Screenshot-372In the end, Fudge and Pippy insisted that the two girls had a sing-off to decide who the next Generation heiress should be.  To most people’s surprise, Irish won.  It turned out that although Minty was great with instruments, her voice sounded somewhat like a cat with a severe throat infection.Screenshot-369Irish was so excited about her victory that she decided to meet her best friend, Stacey, at the local coffee house, to tell him the news.  Screenshot-377As she made her way over to the outdoor tables, she was instantly drawn to a well dressed man who was reading a Twilight book, maybe the first or second book in the series, Irish could not quite tell.  Screenshot-373Irish coughed loudly as an attempt to gain his attention, however, he was too engrossed with Bella’s love life to hear her.Screenshot-374Shrugging her shoulders, Irish took a seat opposite the man, placing her English homework down onto the table just to show him that she was all into literature and stuff.  Screenshot-375‘Excuse me!’ The man exclaimed.  He stood up quickly and rested an arm on his hip and pouted.  Irish could not help but think he looked a little bit like Edward Cullen.  Only a little bit.  Screenshot-376Just as Irish was about to ask the man if he fancied grabbing a coffee with her sometime, Stacey decided to pick the worst time to make his entrance. Screenshot-378‘Hey, Irish, how are you… Whoah, is that Robert Pattinson?’ Stacey cupped his hands over his face, like an excited school girl.

‘My name is Federico!’ The man revealed, throwing his arms out in frustration.  ‘And yes, I like Twilight… In fact, I love it!  Surely you do too, being a teenage girl?’

‘Er, no, not really.  I’m more of a cook book kind of girl.’

‘See, this is my problem!’ Federico sobbed.  ‘No girls like a man who’s a Twihard!’

As Stacey shifted awkwardly on his feet, an idea suddenly came to Irish.

‘My sister, she always plays that song Edward plays on the piano in the Twilight films,’ Irish revealed.  ‘She said she would be lucky to find a man who could put up with her playing  it.   I’ll set you two up!’Screenshot-379And so, Irish introduced Federico to Minty.  Screenshot-383It did not take too long for them to get familiar with one another, and to discuss their favourite Twilight moments.     Screenshot-386Pleased that her sister had found someone to spend the rest of her life with, Irish decided to bag herself a man too.  Screenshot-387So, that very evening, Irish ended up making out with Stacey at their prom night, despite he had clearly not made any effort with his attire.  I mean, three-quarter length combat trousers… come on!Screenshot-388

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One thought on “Chapter 2.7

  1. No one appreciates a guy Twihard. Classic line that needs to be used more often.

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