A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 2.6

Chapter 2.6 – A bit of fire never hurt anyone

After Irish had murdered her Scout leader and his family, time whizzed by rather quickly. Before long she was a teenager who enjoyed pointing one of her fingers in an upwards direction.  Her index finger, obviously.Screenshot-335Of course, Irish still quite liked making fires once in a while, much to the dismay of her older sister, Minty.  The number of musical books and clothes which belonged to Minty that Irish burnt over the years was both impressive and worrying.  Screenshot-336Irish also loved birthdays since it meant candles, and candles meant potential fire hazards.   Screenshot-339Just seconds after this photo was taken, Fudge’s waist jacket caught on fire.  Sadly, it did not survive Screenshot-344Taking harsh measures, Pippy did not allow Irish to attend her birthday party a few months later, fearing that her favourite purple lace dress would follow the same fate of Fudge’s waistcoat.  Screenshot-352‘However, Irish still found a way to get inside the venue.  The building was evacuated shortly after this picture was taken.Irish is hereAfter Pippy’s birthday, Irish decided to confide in her best friend, Stacey, who at the time was going through a stage of dating boys (true in-game story people), regarding her pyromaniac tendencies.  Screenshot-348‘Why not join culinary school?’ Stacey suggested. ‘That way you can play around with fire and learn how to create delicious things at the same time for you and other people.  It’s a win-win situation!’Screenshot-349Stacey had a brilliant point.  Irish was a fantastic cook, so it seemed like an ideal path to pick.  To commemorate her decision, Irish made some yummy hot-dogs for the family and they all had a wonderful picnic.Screenshot-357 (Edit)Except for Tremayne because he was not invited.Screenshot-1219

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