A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 2.4

Chapter 2.4 – Baby bait

‘The internet shall answer all,’ Fudge thought as he loaded up Google and typed in “awesome ways of raising up children”.  Screenshot-281The information he found must have worked somehow because Minty made it to her first birthday without too much emotional trauma.  Screenshot-275Pippy loved being a mum.  As well as all the child benefits, and the generously paid maternity leave, she enjoyed inflicting her thoughts and beliefs onto an impressionable young mind.  Screenshot-277 Screenshot-278When Minty was nearing her second birthday and Pippy had forgotten all about the horrific pain of childbirth, they decided to try for another baby.  Screenshot-280And soon enough, Pippy was pregnant and radiant as ever!Screenshot-283Since she did not want to be a fat and frumpy mother, she made sure to do plenty of exercise.  Dancing along to the “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” song was something she ended up doing on a daily basis, even after she had given birth.Screenshot-288Irish Bailey was born in a hospital, like Minty was.Screenshot-294Being a good child, young Minty completely doted on Irish. Screenshot-303They often played together with the strange voodoo dolls which Tremayne had found in the scrapyard.Screenshot-306Irish gained an unhealthy obsession with her doll, Crissy, which would later impact her adult life.Screenshot-307As for Minty, growing up into a child with an enthusiastic mum and a charismatic dad had also turned her into a right party animal.  Her love for pancakes remained a mystery, particularly since Fudge and Pippy preferred having waffles for breakfast.Screenshot-298 Minty threw her very first slumber party a few weeks after starting school.  Unfortunately, it was an awkward one.  Screenshot-305Fatherhood was a breeze for Fudge the second time round.  He thoroughly enjoyed looking after Irish since she was friendly and easily impressed.Screenshot-308He would often take her out for walks, and sometimes used her as bait to catch criminals or find new clues.Screenshot-309Fudge believed he was the most awesome father in the world, almost as awesome as he was at playing chess.Screenshot-337‘Hello? Earth to Fudge!  Are you there?  It’s your move…  Ah forget it, I’m going home.’Screenshot-338

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