A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3 – The wedding and pregnancy chapter

Fudge and Pippy wedded on a lovely Spring evening, in their own back garden, because they were classy like that (well, actually, they were too stingy to hire out a fancy venue).  Of course, Fudge donned his awesome blue tuxedo he had worn on his prom night.  Screenshot-234Here is a closeup for your viewing pleasure. Screenshot-236Pippy was happy that Fudge relented and let her cut the lovely cyanide lemon flavoured wedding cake, made by the ghost of Ricky Bailey.Screenshot-246 Screenshot-245It was a smashing wedding, although there was one thought  that kept going through Pippy’s mind throughout the entire ceremony;

Is Fudge wearing make up?’   Screenshot-243‘Damn I’m sexy.  Guyliner rocks!’Screenshot-241Once the guests had left, Pippy and Fudge totally had their own little private celebration in bed.  If ya know what I mean 😉 Screenshot-224And in what felt like a day later, Pippy discovered she was totally pregnancy.  Like, totally.Screenshot-247Although she was pleased, she had to put her acting career on hold as her pregnancy progressed since she struggled to carry out the stunts in her action scenes.Screenshot-253Whilst Fudge was out doing his detective business, Pippy decorated the baby’s room; with help from Tremayne the simbot.  He suggested a space theme for the cot and the mobile hanging above it.  Fudge was responsible for picking out the logic building toy, and the doll’s house.  Screenshot-252Fudge could not get enough of Pippy’s baby bump.  He was fascinated by how she was carrying around a little human being inside her.  Being an inquisitive man, he was constantly investigating the development of her bump.Screenshot-256And he often made jokes about how edible it looked…Screenshot-250 …although he had to reassure her that, unlike his father, he had no intentions of actually trying to do so.

‘He was just an idiot, darling.’Screenshot-251Pippy’s water broke in the middle of the night a few weeks later.Screenshot-257Fudge remained calm and collected.Screenshot-258Several hours later, at the hospital, Pippy gave birth to a little baby girl whom Fudge insisted they called Minty.  Naturally, Minty Bailey was a delight to all.  Screenshot-260 When Fudge picked up the soft bundle of joy for the first time, after leaving the hospital, he stared blankly into her bright greens (inherited from Ricky, obviously) and puffed out his pouty lips.

‘I have no idea what to do with you.’Screenshot-267

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3

  1. Love the names. They make good drinks too.

  2. Hehe, they do indeed 🙂

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