A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 – Too sexy for his hat

A year later, Fudge was promoted to Gumshoe.  Despite the increase in his pay packet, all Fudge was really chuffed about was finally having his very own magnifying glass.  Screenshot-201Naturally, Fudge bought a rather dashing looking lab coat with his extra money so he could learn more about forensics and all that stuff, whilst looking stylish.Screenshot-204Of course, he could not be serious and studious all the time.

‘Wheeeeeeee!’ Screenshot-203From reading several other legacies on various blogging websites, Fudge knew he had to propose to his wonderful lady, Pippy at some point so their children would bear his surname.  That was why, one evening at one of their favourite haunts, he got down on one knee.

‘Is your foot ok?’ Pippy asked, her eyes focusing on the toes of Fudge’s right foot, which appeared to be bent back at an angle with suggested that he had very much broken them, horrifically.Screenshot-205Fighting back his tears of agony, Fudge whipped out a purple jewelry box, lined with luxurious velvet, out from his pocket.  Screenshot-208‘Quite frankly we are the most awesome couple ever.  It’s a sin, and it’s against the law, if we don’t get married, which is why I want you to be mine,’ Fudge announced, eyes shining bright with repressed pain.  Pippy hopped up and down, hands cupped over her face, as if her nose was about to fall off due to the pure excitement of the situation.Screenshot-206She promptly snatched the ring out from the box and, after sliding it on her finger, wrapped her arms tightly around her soon-to-be sexy husband.  Screenshot-210The soon-to-be-wed couple threw an engagement bash the following weekend, instead of looking to do something about their invisible kitchen walls.Screenshot-200Pippy thought it would be a great idea to mix a few drinks up, using an old top-secret recipe of Alice’s; it did save spending money on hiring a trained mixologist after all.Screenshot-216Regretfully, she did not anticipate that cyanide was pretty much fatal when consumed.  Screenshot-217Ricky Bailey’s death was a sad one, particularly because his hair appeared to change in ghost form to something rather hideous.Screenshot-215Not like it mattered.  He was shortly replaced by a Simbot called Tremayne anyways, since he had requested for such to happen in his will.

Hey Tremayne!Screenshot-218After grieving, Fudge was happy to discover that his friends from the police station had organised a bachelor party for him.  It was this day that Fudge discovered he looked bloody awesome in a top hat.   Screenshot-213That evening, when a baby pink limo arrived outside his door, Fudge was suspicious, particularly after his friends had protested they had ordered a bright green limo.  Still, he went along with it.  He liked the colour pink anyways, it brought out the colour of his eyes.Screenshot-222However, at the venue, as the party was in full swing, a male stripper showed up at the venue.  Once again, Fudge’s friends swore that they had hired  female lap dancers for him, so were baffled as to why a Baywatch wannabe had shown up.Screenshot-212Turned out that before Ricky had died, he had secretly made a few “alterations” to the bachelor party since he had never had his own, so was jealous.

Once a troll, always a troll.

‘Trololo, problem?’Screenshot-221

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2

  1. OMG, I just found this and I’m loving it so far, but I had to comment here to say . . . HOLY CRAP Ricky’s trolling just about killed me!!! I lol’d, so hard. For realsies. Okay, back to the awesome. 😛 *wanders off to read the next chapter*

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