A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 – Keep calm and be awesome

The Bailey family quickly fell in love with Sunlit Tides; except for Alice Bailey because she had enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city, for some bizarre reason.  Still, they had no choice but to move because of Ricky flashing his willy to almost the entirety of Bridgeport.  The-Sims-3-Sunlit-Tides-LagoonFudge decided to do a degree in Law to aid with the Detective career path he wished to pursue.   He graduated with first class awesomeness.  Screenshot-174To keep his Detective identity a secret, Fudge decided to take up chess as a hobby and also worked towards become a master of the game.  Screenshot-197 As for Fudge’s dad, Ricky, he soon gave up his ambition to become filthy rich after moving to Sunlit Tides and realising they were the poorest family there.  He decided to focus on becoming a Professional Author.  He started out writing yaoi stories on Fanfiction.net, and eventually progressed onto publishing some e-books on Amazon.Screenshot-158Alice continued to make cocktails, she hoped to one day become the owner of a swanky gay cocktail bar.  Screenshot-159Unfortunately, this never happened. Screenshot-191After his mum died, Fudge emerged himself in his detective work to bury his grief.  His current case was trying to find out who was responsible for stealing his client’s favourite phallic-shaped sex toy.Screenshot-181Sadly, Fudge was still finding it hard to grasp the concept of subtlety, particularly as he snooped through nearby mailboxes for clues.  Screenshot-183The next few years flittered by quickly,much like the pages of a Twilight novel.  One Saturday night, during his usual pixelated bath, Fudge realised that he had become so absorbed in his career and chess that he had been forgotten that he was also responsible for carrying on the Bailey legacy, using the fruit of his lions loins.Screenshot-171Because of his busy lifestyle as a small claims investigator, he decided online dating was his best bet to find a nice lady friend.  He set up a profile online, with the help of Ricky, who had been online dating since Alice had passed away.

The next day, when Fudge received floods of messages from attractive well-groomed guys, he realised that Ricky had tampered with his profile so that his sexual preference was set to “men”.Screenshot-161 Screenshot-167After editing his profile, Fudge received a flirty message from a red-headed girl called Pippy Joker.   She had only recently moved to the island and was an aspiring actress who had briefly dabbled with the porn industry. Screenshot-166As smooth as his name, Fudge announced that she reminded him of his late mum.  Luckily Pippy found him hilarious and adorable, so asked him out on a date.Screenshot-165They ended up going to a delightful poolside club where they played darts.  Screenshot-175Screenshot-177And later on that evening, they played darts again.Screenshot-192Our babies shall be very smexy, Fudge thought as he sat in his favourite armchair, contemplating on the general awesomeness of his life –  ignoring the concerning gaping hole in the ceiling of his living room.Screenshot-196‘I couldn’t agree more!’ Ricky said, because he wanted to be part of the last sentence in this chapter.

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