A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 1.6

Chapter 1.6 – Detective Fudge ‘Caramel’ Awesome Bailey

After reading the entirety of his book – titled “How to be Awesome, without looking too Awesome”, Fudge thought that about becoming a superhero of some kind.  He did like the idea of saving damsels in distress, and wearing a fancy costume in the process.

As he out and about shopping for a costume, he heard screams coming from the nearby bookstore.  Rushing over, he saw a young lady from his school who had just graduated, clutching onto her rounded belly.  At first, Fudge thought she had eaten one too many pancakes, but he soon learnt that she was going into labour.  Being the noble woman man he was, he escorted her to the hospital.Screenshot-143Shenelle gave birth to a lovely boy.  Unfortunately, she was not sure who the father was.  Screenshot-144Fudge did feel a small sense of accomplishment helping Shenelle, but he did not think his stomach could take the sight of watching another woman give birth, ever again. Perhaps being a superhero was not quite the job for him.

A new curiosity had arisen within him though, besides wanting to know why all his friends and family seemed to wear the same clothes day in and out.  He had a strange urge to investigate and find out who Shenelle’s baby’s daddy was.Screenshot-145Fudge spent the rest of his teenage years trying to work out the riddle.  It was only when he blossomed into adulthood that he gained the perceptive trait and realised that the father was in fact the guy who Shenelle had married shortly after she had given birth. Screenshot-156Still, Fudge had solved a mystery and he was proud of himself.  Therefore, he started to solve more mysteries, until eventually the police contacted him and threatened to arrest him for partaking in illegal investigations.  However, using his charismatic charm – which he had developed as a teenager – he managed to sweet talk them into letting him into giving him a job as an Eavesdropper.  Screenshot-157And thus, Detective Fudge ‘Caramel’ Bailey was born.  He was so awesome, he even had a hat for his hat.  Screenshot-155 Ricky was so proud of son for choosing an awesome career path that he threw a party to celebrate and danced on a table.

You go, Ricky!Screenshot-152-editUnfortunately, that same night, Ricky got arrested for indecent exposure.  This meant that the Bailey family had to pack their bags and move away, since their reputation in Bridgeport was now tarnished.

They ended up in Sunlit Tides, which is where Generation 2 (and hopefully the rest) will be set.  Hooray!

P.S. For those who wish to download the awesome Fudge ‘Caramel’ Bailey, please click here.  I can not be held responsible for his actions within your game, sadly.

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One thought on “Chapter 1.6

  1. Zizi on said:

    “And thus, Detective Fudge ‘Caramel’ Bailey was born. He was so awesome, he even had a hat for his hat. ”

    this line made me laugh so much.

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