A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1.4 – A family beyond help

‘I’m not certain, but I think we have a burglar,’ Alice whispered down the phone to the police.Life in the Bailey household was as normal as ever.

Young Fudge had grown up fairly quickly, and into a genius somehow despite his parents’ obvious lack of common sense.  He did inherit his dad’s succulent pouty lips though.  No doubt these would get him into trouble one day.  Hopefully not with the law.They were quite the happy family.  Even Ricky had come to terms that he could not escape from Alice, so thought he would just make the best out of the situation by entertaining his family with his pro mixology skills.  At least it stopped him from crying himself to sleep at night.Alice and Ricky were soon celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, much to the surprise of the regulars and the staff at Eugi’s Bar.

But, enough of those two for now.  Young Fudge was obviously next in line to carry on the legacy of the Baileys’.  Being somewhat intelligent, he studied hard at school and even took up scouting as an after class activity, despite his parents wanted him to take up ballet.  When he reached his teenage years, the good looks fairy was kind to him.  The hair fairy was not.Alice too had aged.  Not very gracefully unfortunately.Fudge enjoyed keeping fit, although he realised soon enough that he would not grow up to be a “Usain Bolt”. A few weeks later, when his parents went out of town to celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary, Fudge decided to do what most teens would do and invited his friends over for a party. Of course, he was worried that they would trash the place, but he was certain that they could do no worse to the apartment than Ricky did when he attempted to fry an egg last weekend.

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