A Bailey Legacy

Tis rather delicious

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2 – That girl needs a gaydar

It took Alice a few months to realise that she was, in fact, working at a gay bar.It still never quite clicked that Devin Ashton was a regular there for a reason, and her pursuit in winning him over continued since Ricky Bailey was always too busy to hang out with her outside their working hours.  She often went swimming with Devin instead, although she always mistook his looks of unease with looks of lust.Throughout her pitiful existence, the poor girl never understood why he always wore clothes and never slept under the covers with her when she invited him over for “sleepovers”.Despite Alice was now earning a living for herself, she wasn’t quite scraping enough together to pay the bills every month.  Her wage did mostly depend on tips, and Alice was now renowned for being the worst mixologist in Bridgeport.  Ever.

The inevitable happened anyways. Fed up with not having any luck with Davin, nor having a toilet or a bed, Alice decided to turn her attention back to Ricky since he had been flirting with her slightly.  Well, if lecturing her for not washing up the cocktail glasses counted as flirting.

So, that evening, she marched over to Eugi’s Bar, and of course, almost got crushed to the death by the elevator doors.

To her surprise, Ricky was just hanging around the venue in his normal attire, not a black bartender garment in sight.  Quickly, she rushed over to him, a saddened expression on her face.

‘Are you gay?’ Alice asked, somehow able to scope that Ricky was not quite an alpha male. ‘Is that why you’ve been ignoring my advances?’

‘No, no, sweetie, you’ve got me all wrong.’  He replied, raising his perfectly manicured eyebrows upwards, grinning as he fluttered his long, girly eyelashes.  ‘I’m bisexual!’

This was all the reassurance Alice needed.  Hearing her biological clock ticking away, she quickly leaned in for the kill and claimed Ricky as hers.  

Before long Alice proposed to Ricky.  He accepted because he liked sparkly things.  A lot.

As they stepped into the elevator to head to Alice’s floor, she placed a hand on his shoulder and said something about having a fiddle with his cocktail shaker.  It was then that Ricky realised that he had made a terrible, terrible mistake.

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One thought on “Chapter 1.2

  1. “It was then that Ricky realised that he had made a terrible, terrible mistake.” – Too funny!

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